Alpujarras, a valley near the Sierra Nevada

Jamon The valley of the Alpujarras is a must for the nature lover.
It is located in the  South of Spain . Nearby the Sierra Nevada.
It is a region of the well known white mountain villages.
While it is only two hours drive from Granada or Almeria .
Two city who are worth a visit.
In this area you find astonishing  views on the peaks , the gorges, the waterfalls.
Indeed, it is still the real rural Spain.



The white little villages who are clinging to the mountains.
Trevelez , well-known for his ham. More specifically , they dry  in clean open air in the mountains. As a result , the sweet tasting dry cured ham.
The way to the village is beautiful but narrow.
Trevelez village is on the hill top. As a result, it is the highest village in Spain and Europe.
it is located on 1476 meters high.
Trevelez is most famous for is excellent Jamon.


“Jamon de Trevelez” is world wide a synonym for quality.
We bought a mouth watering ham to take back at home with us.
Are you no convinced ?  Then try it yourself at themany tapa bars in Trevelez.
The Jamon are hanging from the ceiling.
While your are in Trevelez  do not stay in the most touristic section with bars, handicraft shops and BB .
But take a walk  to the highest part of the village too.
It worth he climb. This climb leas you to old platform with splendid views over the valley and the village.


Lanjaron in the Alpujarras

One of the nice village is Lanjaron.
A white village but also a famous natural spring water, bottled in the mountains.

Furthermore , not only the water of Lanjaron  and the jam of Trevelez  are famous, but also the wine.
Throughout the surrounding hills, the vineyards surrounds you.

Alpujarras valley

Take the time to  a nice trip to the  narrow roads of the “Alpujarras” and admire the beauty of  Andalousia.

Now, the white villages are the still the  silence witness of the Moorish influence.
In fact, the terraces with olives, chestnut , fig or pomegranate are beautiful.
The water comes from the Sierra Nevada.
In the present , it is even flowing trough the Moorish ancient systems.
As a result, channels are running along and through the terraces and the white villages.

Alpujarras white village
Alpujarras white village

Food in the Alpujarras.

The best is that the “Alpujarra ” food is local and traditional.
As a result , it is fresh and comes directly from nature.  Naturally it depends on the different season.

Jamon Alpurarras
Jamon Alpurarras

For example, the dishes that we did like where the “conejo”. It is stewed rabbit  in a tomato sauce.

There is also “Migas”. A sort of couscous. with a belly pork, beans, sausage,  and spices.

The most famous and important of the Alpujarras is the Jamon. On particular, the ham is dried in open air, who comes from the cold Sierra Nevada mountain. So,  try in the many bars and little  restaurants  an excellent plate of Trevelez Jamon.
And do not forget the superb local figs, the tasty almonds,chestnut, the specific pomegranate, the olive, the cheeses and honey.


If you are a hiker than you can discover the peaks of the Sierra Nevada National park.
One excellent base is the white village of Trevelez.
There is a good walking track leading from the village center into the mountains.
Also, Trevelez is the start point from another nice walk  to the ” Las Seite lagunas” :  Seven lagunas  in the Sierra.

Tips for trips

For instance, go visit Granada and the Alhambra. See our page on Granada.

Then, visit Almeria and the Moorish influence . Read our page on Almeria 

So reasons enough to explore the Alpujarras.

Almeria, the sunniest region.

Almeria is a province in the south of Spain.
In the North of the Costa Almeria  is located the Costa Calida. South, the Costa del Sol.


It is a popular place for a beautiful holiday.
Even in the spring and in the autumn you can live outside.
Most days are clear and sunny. And nearly no rainfall.

The popular places are  : the city of Almeria itself, Roquetas del Mar, Aqua Dulce, Vera, Mojacar, Aquillas.

Mojacar village
Mojacar village

Important, the Costa Almeria is the hottest place of Spain.
But also the driest region of Spain.

Even with several desserts.
For example Dessert of Tabernas , very popular by movie makers.

Furthermore  in this region is situated the Sierra Nevada.
With the highest peak from Spain. More specific the “Mulhacen” at 3 478 meters.
So, in this province you can go to the very best ski resorts in the morning and go to desert in the afternoon.

What to see in the region

Running along the Sierra Nevada are the valleys with the famous white villages.
The valleys are  known as the” Las Alpujarras”.
Las Alpujararras are well worth a visit. It is the place to be for very spectacular panoramas and great walking routes.


Granada is a nearby historical city.


With around 320 days of sun a year, Almeria is sure Spain’s sunniest place to be.
The winters are very smooth, the temperature begins to rise around April.
So Almeria is popular for an eastern vacation with an average temperature of 20 degrees.
In the summer season the temperature is regular above the 30 degrees.
Luckily, the Mediterranean Sea breezes is nice and cool.


Most important is the Sierra del Cabo de Gata.
We love this place, it is a protected area. It is a volcanic Sierra or mountain. Full of sharp cliffs and narrow roads.
We love the many hidden coves for snorkeling. We think it is one of the beautiful places of Spain. The waters are clear and the beaches sandy.

Almeria Cabo de Gata
Almeria Cabo de Gata

Desert of Tabernas

The Tabernas desert  is the setting for many famous western films. The most of the Spagetti Western films with Clint Eastwood were shot at the desert. To sum up : The good the bad and the ugly, A fistful of Dollars…..
Spain was cheaper than the Usa.
So in the desert of Tabernas  you can find a theme park called ” Mini Hollywood.
At this theme park you can see the original decor . Furthermore , you and the children can enjoy  the gunfight and the western Shows.

And, Tabernas is also very popular for his excellent olive oil.

Almeria city

Is a nice city with an old history. The fortress of the Moors , the “Alcazaba” is very impressing.
The city is also the capital of the province.
For most tourist the city is the gateway to the other destinations. Due to the location of the international airport.
We like the Alcazaba, because it is a large Islamic fort. Very beautiful restored with splendid views.

Almeria Alcazaba
Almeria Alcazaba

The city also has it own harbor to Africa.
The beach is nice and sandy.

There are many nice  shops in the city.

Nearby in Roquetas del Mar is the well known shopping center ” Gran Plaza“.

Golf  in Almeria 

For instance, there are excellent golf courses in this region. As often in Spain, the golf courses are built with luxury hotels and villa’s nearby. For example,  the golf lovers, you can step out of your hotel into the golf resort.
In the past, nine golf  courses gave  opened in the region. Indeed, it is an ideal location for a golf and spa break.
Best is that the golf courses are cheaper than the more traditional golfing destinations of the Costa  del Sol.
Some say, that climate is the best for all year round golf.
The best known is the ” Desert Springs” golf course with hotel and Spa.
And the ” Valle de l’Este” golf resort.

House in the sun?

The good thing, the property prices are lower than the Costa  del Sol.
So, the Costa Almeria is growing as second home in the sun. The many urbanization’s are fast growing.
For instance, popular places: Roquetas de Mar, Vera, Mojacar , Aguillas, Auqua Dulce…
But there are not so many airlines who flies to Almeria.
They prefer Malaga or Murcia Or Alicante airport.

Getting there to Almeria

Low-cost airlines go to  Almeria International Airport.
The best, the airport is a 10 km from the city .

So, the nearest beach resort is Aqua Dulce and Roquetas del Mar.

To end, there is much to explore at the Costa Almeria.

Tips for trips Almeria

First, Almeria city and the Moorish influence. Read about Almeria on our page.

Then,  Granada and his superb Alhambra  and the valleys of Alpurajas. See our page Granada.

Further Vera a little renaissance town. Read or page  about Vera.

Then, Mojacar the white village at the coast . See our page on Mojacar .

To Conclude

So, Almeria region is the sunniest region of Spain.
The region with a Moorish history and culture.
But also with beautiful beaches.
To end, Almeria is the place to be for a excellent holiday.

Gran Plaza Shopping Centre

You can find the ” Gran Plaza Shopping Centre” in Roquetas de Mar.
First, Roquetas de Mar is a part of the province of Almeria. Read more about Almeria province on our other page
Indeed, Almeria is a part of the sunny Andalusia.
In the past , The Gran Plaza Shopping Centre has been one of the first big shopping centers in the Region of Almeria.

Gran Plaza
Gran Plaza

Now , it is a modern shopping complex with several shops and restaurants.
We think it is well wort a visit, when the sun goes down because it is open till 22:00.
When you want to shop in the hottest hours of the day. Indeed, the shopping center is air cool.
It contains both Spanish shops as international shops and has a Primark, Eroski and a Cinema.
Lots of fashion shops. Furthermore nice footwear shops.
We love the Massimo Dutti shop. A nice Spanish fashion shop with a beautiful choice for woman and men.

The shopping center has been open since 2002 and it was one of the biggest Shopping Centre in the Southern part of Spain. The Shopping Centre has two floors.
Beneath the shopping center , you gave  3000 free parking spaces.

Gran Plaza Shopping Centre Roquetas De Mar Almeria
Gran Plaza Shopping Centre Roquetas De Mar Almeria

The name of the Cinema in the Shopping centre is “Yelmo Cinema”.
In fact,  they are able to show movies in 3D.
Even though, all the movies are shown in Spanish, some with English subtitles.

Gran Plaza Shopping Centre : Opening Hours

The Shopping Centre is open every day from 10 AM till 10 PM .
On Spanish Holidays it is close.

Shops in the Roquetas de Mar Shopping centre.

There is a big supermarket “Eroski” .
In this market  you can find fresh and healthy food. They also have a section dedicated to local products.So if you are searching from some souvenirs this is a good place to buy. Some typical spanish olive oil like Castillo De Tabernas or maybe some Jamón de trevélez.

Beside the supermarket, there are also many other shops.
Like if shopping for clothes is your favorite you won’t be disappointed
To sum up :  there is a Pull and Bear, H&M, Zara, Desigual, Guess, Cortefiel… Even a Zara Home where you will find some nice items to decorate your home.

Gran Plaza
Gran Plaza

Also there is a “Worten” where you can buy all your electronics supplies like tv and other multimedia.
And for do it yourself,  you can shop till you drop in the” Leroy Merlin”.

Further, The gran Plaza has different nice shops selling jewelry and watches.
There is also a perfume store . Naturally also a shop with computer games.
Also a toy shop Toy R us and luggage store.


For those who like it fast food restaurants like a Burgerking, a Mc Donalds, a Pizza hut.

On the top floor , there  are a few bars and restaurants. For example : 100 Montadidos ( little sandwiches eaten as Tapas )

Shopping Centre Address

So, the Shopping Centre is in Roquetas de Mar.
More specific  :the road name is the Avenida Alicun 740 Roquetas de Mar, Spain.
You cannot drive past it,  without noticing it.
In fact, it is on the big road on Roquetas de Mar, in direction of the Harbor when coming from Aquadulce. 

Primark Roquetas de Mar

Seems like the Primark in the shopping center is very popular among locals and tourists.
Most tourist just come here to buy some cheap and nice clothes. But it’s also very useful in case you just forgot some clothes at home and want something nice to spend your holiday in.

Primark Opening Hours

So, the Primark is open from Monday till Saturday from 10 o’clock in the morning till 10 in the evening.


Nearby the Gran Plaza

Next door to the Gran Plaza is a large “Lidl”. The store  is know throughout Europe.

So indeed, also in Roquetas del Mar the shop has a choice of food and drinks  not typical Spanish. It is more like at home.

Next door is a large Lidl which has a choice of food not typicallyu offered by Spainsh shops. Lidl also has the best fresh orange juice in the whole area.

As a result that many shoppers come for a day trip   to Roquetas del Mar and the Gran Plaza when they are staying in Mojacar or Almeria.
Read more about  Almeria city and Mojacar on our page.