Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa

To start : Playa Flamenca is one of the beach resorts of  the Orihuela Costa.

Blue Flag beaches at Playa Flamenca
Blue Flag beaches at Playa Flamenca

Indeed, the Orihuela Costa is a popular destination at the South Costa Blanca.
In the North, the Costa  Blanca starts  from Denia in the Alicante province down to Pilar de Horada in the Murcia region.

Furthermore, the Orihuela Costa has several beaches en resorts.

First in the north of the Costa  Punta prima and the Playa of Punta Prima.
Then , Playa Flamenca with his beaches  of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosca.
Next,  the well known urbanization  of La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and Cala  Cerrada.
Then, Cabo Roig with the beaches of Brranco Ruvio and Playa de La Glea.

Beaches of Orihuela Costa
Beaches of Orihuela Costa

In the south. At last not at least MIl Palmeras with Playa Mil Palmeras.

So, Playa Flamenca is an urbanization of Orihuela  and has everything  for the tourist.
Again, nice beaches with Blue Flags between the rocky cliffs , excellent weather  and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Furthermore nearby restaurants and bars with good food .
In fact, one of the restaurants is even number one at the Orihuela Costa  .
Read more about in Restaurants at the Orihuela Costa.

Cuisine Playa Flamenca

In the first place, the restaurants offer a great variety of food.
Of course, the Spanish restaurants are proud to serve the several rice dishes.
Like, the most popular dish : the paella .
Furthermore, there are also several good fish and seafood restaurants.
So, the choice of international cuisine at the urbanization is endless. For example : Chinese, Indian, Mexican, English, French restaurants.
As West European we are often surprised by the price of  the menu’s .
Overall, it is not expensive  to take the family on a dinner .

The beaches  of Playa Flamenca

Most important, the beaches are nice, safe  and clean . Some of them has received a Blue Flag. In short, this is an award of the cleanness of the beach and the good quality of the water.
Further , there are several beach bar . They are open from sunrise till sunset.

Cuisine Playa Flamenca
Cuisine Playa Flamenca

Naturally , In the summer season there are life guards at the beach.

For those who want it : snorkeling , diving, sailing .

Beach and bars Playa Flamenca

Since 2019,  the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.


More specifically , Playa Flamenca shopping center  and of course  La Zenia Shopping Boulevard.

Update June 2019

Nearby Playa Flamenca , there is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.
More especifique, in the the supermarket you can find  the most popular British household brands, the British food even Tetley’s teabags.
Fresh or frozen products.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

How to get there ?

First , by air
Important, Alicante airport is hour drive away.
Also San Javier Murcia is an hour drive .

Then , by car.
Again follow the toll highway AP 7.

By  car to Playa Flamenca
By car to Playa Flamenca

Instead, chose the free but busy  N 332 , the popular old road.

Tips for trips from Playa Flamenca

First, Orihuela city a 1/2 hour drive away. The historical capital of the Orihuela Costa.

Then Cartagena , nice  for shopping and Roman history.

Cartagena Casino
Cartagena Casino

Of course also Alicante . The capital of the Alicante region with his castle.

At last,  the most popular Benidorm . Two hours drive by the highway.


Nearby there are several golf courses nearby . More about them Golf  Villamartin, Campoamor, Las Ramblas and Las Collinas.

Golf Villamartin
Golf Villamartin

To end

Whatever you want for a nice holiday, you sure find it here.
To conclude , Playa Flamenca  has its sun, the Mediterranean sea and the nice cosy beaches between the coves and the cliffs.

Punta Prima, Orihuela

Punta Prima is a part of the Orihuela Costa. Orihuela Costa is very popular as a tourist destination.
More specifically , there are several beaches on the Costa Orihuela.
They all got the Blue Flag .
To sum up :   arriving from Torrevieja :  Punta Prima  with the beaches of “Playa of Punta Prima”.
Then, the famous beaches of Playa Flamenca. With the beaches of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosaca.
Then next is La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and Cala Cerrada.

Punta Prima
Punta Prima

Then, the cosy  beach of Cabo Roig with the beaches of Cala Caleta and Cala Capitan. .
At last the beaches of Mil Palmeras with  Playa Palmeras.

So as you see, the Punta Prima beach is the most northern beach of the Costa Orihuela.

Beach and bars

At the beaches of Orihuela Costa, there are new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

The new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
Wooden walkways make them accessible.
Also for people with mobility problems.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.

What to do in Punta Prima  ?

First , enjoy the beach and the water. Go swimming or snorkeling. Punta Prima is one of the beaches with many rocks and coves.

Then , you can go walking . Now, there is a new beach boulevard “Paseo Maritimo”  with several beach bars.
So at the beach bars , it is the place to enjoy a morning breakfast or tapas in the afternoon or cocktails in the evening.
On several occasion , you enjoy at the beach bars  musical entertainment.

Furthermore, there is also at the seafront a restaurant famous for its fabulous view over the Mediterranean Sea.
At the first floor of the restaurant, you can even enjoy a  souper with a fantastic panorama.
Of course there is a life guard service at the beach in the summer season.
In the summer season you can rent a parasol and d hammocks.

Commercial Center

Nearby Punta Prima there is a small shopping center” La Marina “. It is located  on the road N 332 at the roundabout. For example , there you can find a Mac Donalds, the Scandinavian Jysk , a newspaper shop , optician, a Consum . Also several little shop , bars and restaurants.
Below, in the main street from the roundabout to the beach there are several little bars and restaurants.

Further away from the roundabout following the N 332 there is also a Carrefour, a gas station , a bakery and  several restaurants  with local and international cuisine.

beach promenade
beach promenade

Of course , there is also nearby the La Zenia Boulevard shopping center .  When the sun is going down on the beautiful beaches , it is sure worth a visit.

Update June 2019 British supermarket

There is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

The climate at Punta Prima

Indeed a holiday climate .
It is a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, nice spring and autumn season and mild winters.

How to get there to Punta Prima

By air
Alicante airport is an hour drive  by the toll highway or also by the busy N 332.

By car
The highway A 7 or  N 332.
Imprtant  to known : the N 332 is very busy in the peak season.

Tips for trips

First Torrevieja  an 5 kilometers away from Punta Prima.
Furthermore , Orihuela city passing trough the salt lakes of Torrevieja.

Mud bath
Mud bath

So, if you like nature , flamingo  and mud baths then the Mar Menor is worth the visit.

To end

In brief , Punta Prima is sure worth a visit when you are staying at the Costa Orihuela.
Furthermore, it is a popular place for British people. Enjoy your stay.

Campoamor, Orihuela Costa

First, we want you to tell that the “Dehesa de Campoamor” or “Campoamor “is located in the Orihuela Costa.
It is one of the most southerly beach of the Orihuela Costa.
In fact Orihuela Costa is a part of the southern Costa Blanca.
Indeed, the best is that this part of the coast is only  a 30 minutes drive from Murcia Corvera airport on the N 332.

North of  Campoamor is Alicante airport, to Alicante El Altet airport it is a 40 minutes drive on the new  AP 7 highway.

Campoamor beach
Campoamor beach

In particular the urbanization  is popular for the Western European tourist because of the nice Mediterranean climate and its superb golf courses.


In addition the climate is perfect with more than 300 days of sun.
In fact, hot summers and good spring and autumn temperatures. The winters are very nice . The all year round there are nearly no rainy days.


Campoamor Marina
Campoamor Marina

Nearby the beach you can enjoy the excellent Spanish cuisine  in the restaurants. Or if you want it keep simple a simple snack at the beach bar or ” chiringuita”.

Along the coast line there is a nice boulevard for a long walk with amazing views on the Mediterranean sea.
Further not far from Campoamor there is a shopping street full of bars and restaurants, also called the “strip”.
This part is  between Campoamor and  Cabo Roig.
Again at the Cabo Roig, there are many nice Spanish, Indian, Italian, Mexican or French places to eat.
One of the nicest is the “Bushwacka”, as a result that the bar and restaurant is  a meeting place for many expats.
The “Bushwacka” is a Australian themed bar, with a lot of drinks, good food and different sort of live entertainment.

Shopping at Campoamor

One  adress:  La zenia Boulevard shopping center .

But there are also a lot of little bars , restaurants ;, shops, supermarkets in Campoamor.

Update  Overseas  Iceland

There is a new British market store in Campoamor
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

Overseas Iceland
Overseas Iceland

Open in summer every day

The golf courses of Campoamor.

Presently “Campoamor” is one of the beach resort who is famous for its golf courses.
So Campoamor is proud to have a championship golf course. “Real club de Campoamor ” was completed in 2000 with panoramic views across the whole countryside.

The two most important golf courses are Las Collinas and Campoamor.
The next best thing is that “Las Collinas” is a golf course between beautiful nature,  hills and valley.
As you can see , it is a superb mix of nature and landscape and golf course.
The golf course is one of the top golf courses in Europe with 71 18-hole championship course.


In the past “Campoamor” golf course has been receiving golfers since 1988.  It was inaugurated as the “Royal Club of Golf Campoamor ” by the count of Barcelona, Juan de Borbon.
In fact the golf course is located in the beautiful nature around Campamor. Connecting two valleys  and surrounded by pine and orange trees. It is protected from the wind, so even in winter it is possible to play golf.
After all, for the experts it is 6.277 m round and par 72.

Campoamor beaches.

The last years the coast did great efforts,  to attract tourists. As a result the beaches of  this part of the coast have all a blue flag , an important indicator of the good water quality.
On the beaches there are very nice beach bars  for an instant holiday feeling.
So, this the place for a tapa  and a cocktail.
Furthermore there are nice restaurants and a splendid beach bar of” the golf of Las Collinas”.

The beach bar has a infinity pool. Now , it is open fir members but also non members.
The ideal moment to enjoy the luxury of it ?

Luxury beach bar
Luxury beach bar

The Urbanization  has a beautiful long sandy beach, who is perfect for a long walking along the seashore.

From the beach you can see the old N 332 who passes by a old viaduct bridge.

This little part of the old coast road brings you back to time this regions was only pine trees and beaches and beautiful amazing coastline.

At the end of the long beach, there are some nice fish restaurants and bars.

Beach and bars Campoamor

Since a while   the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.


A little bit on the hill there is a club house for the Marina. On the top of the Marina you can admire very good the  beautiful yacht boots.


From the club house, you can make a walk more to the south,  to the nice beaches of “Mil Palmeras”.

Additionally, Campoamor is a part of the “Aquamarina Natural Coastal Park”.
As a result that it  is perfect for snorkeling.

Walking the canal

Now, there is a  nice walk along the canal which goes from Campoamor to Las Ramblas Golf Club. As a result, that many joggers, walkers and cyclist are enjoying this walk along the canal.
so, if you follow the walk you arrive at “La Fuente”. This commercial center is the main shopping hub with a wide choice of shopping and international restaurants.

Tips for trips nearby.

First, you can discoverer Orihuela city its self.
In brief, it is the capital of the Costa and it is 30 km inland.
Indeed, a good half hour drive between orange and lemon trees.

Then,  the next neighbor at the coast Torrevieja.
In fact, this place is a popular town at the Costa Blanca .

South, there is  the beautiful Mar Menor .

In the first place it is a lagoon .

But also the place for a mud bath at Lo Pagan or a nice walk between the flamingo’s

A bit further away : Cartagena . It is a very beautiful city in the Murcia region.
Follow the AP 7. It take you in 1 hour and a half .

To conclude

As you can see, Campoamor is a lovely part of the Orihuela Costa, with the best elements of his location.
To sum up, beautiful beaches great walks and bars and restaurants not so far away.

Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa

Cabo Roig: in this part of Orihuela costa you will find everything for a splendid holiday on the Mediterranean Sea .

Mil Palmeras Beach
Mil Palmeras Beach

The best is Orihuela Costa has several beaches.

There are long sandy beaches but there are also rocky beaches and coves.
It is up to you to discover.

To sum up  the beaches and coves :

First :         Punta Prima and the playa of Punta Prima .
Then,         Playa Flamenca with the beaches of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosca.
The next,  La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and cala Cerrada.
Then,          Cabo Roig with the beach of Cala Caleta en cala Capitan .
Further       Campoamor with the beaches of Barranco Ruvio and Playa de la Glea.
At last but not least,  Mil Palmeras with Playa Mil Palmeras.

As we already mentioned for the other beautiful places, Cabo Roig is a part of the Orihuela Costa.

In particular the word ” Cabo Roig”  means red cliff in  Spanish.

Cabo Roig
Cabo Roig

In the past, popular with Spanish holiday makers since 1970. But the Spanish propriety boom of the late 90 and the early  2000 changes the beach town .
With an influx of tourist money and a new population.

How to get to Cabo Roig

By air
This coast line  is located between the airports of Alicante and Murcia.
Alicante airport is 45 minutes drive from “Cabo Roig” , Murcia-Corvera  airport is 20 minutes drive.

By road 
This nice sunny Costa,  lies on the coast road the N332.


As Orihuela Costa is blessed with a good climate with more than 300 day of sun, it is the place to be.
It is a typical Mediterranean climate . Hot summers, mild winters.

Tip for trips .

During your stay at Cabo Roig you can do different trips .
For instance  to Orihuela city .
But also to the Roman theater of  Cartagena.
Or to  the busy town of Torrevieja.
Furthermore  the capital of the Murcia region the city of Murcia is also worth a visit.
In addition  the city of  Alicante and it medieval castle is just a hour drive away.
Do you want to see pink flamingo’s than the Mar Menor is the place to spot them.

Mar Menor
Mar Menor

Indeed the Orihuela coast and the beaches are very popular for tourist from West and North Europe.

They come to relax during  their summer holidays. While the Spanish people take it for a  week-end break.
So, the  expats residents  are enjoying the Mediterranean  sun the all year round.

What to see  and do in Cabo Roig

Consequently in  there is a mix of many nationalities.

During the school holidays, the place is very busy in the hot summer.
In contrast  of the  other seasons when it is still warm and a lot quieter.
If you chose the good places on  the beach , you can take a sun bath even on new years day !
Some have their BBQ at Christmas on the  La Zenia beach.

Beach and bars Cabo Roig

Since a while,  the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.

The beaches of Cabo Roig  .

The scenery  as you will expect is dominated by the Mediterranean Sea.
On the edge, the  watch tower is a must to visit.
In the past , it was used as watch tower against the pirates.
Now  the  “mirador” is a point of view over the bay area all the way to the Mar Menor and La Manga.
It is also a access point to the marina  and the beaches of Cabo Roig low down.

The watchtower is  also  the start of the cliff walk to “La Zenia “. This route will take you in about a half hour to the beach of La Zenia.
Naturally with superb views on the Mediterranean Sea  and the Mar Menor. It is about a half hour walk to arrive in “La Zenia “with beach bars and restaurants.

Beach Bar
Beach Bar

Watersport or walking ?

If you are fit, you can also walk little bit further  to Playa Flamenca and the beaches.
After all this walk take you an hour. There you can take a relaxing rest with a” tapa” or a cool refreshment.

At the marina you can ask the local fisherman to have a sea trip on the crystal blue sea.
With the locals fishing is very popular. So skippers  can offer you a sea fishing trip.

The several beaches have the Blue Flag, So you can be sure of the beaches are clean and the water is of a good quality..
The beaches of Cabo Roig are “Playa Capitan” and “Playa La Caleta” .

Orihuela Cabo Roig Flyboard
Orihuela Cabo Roig Flyboard

The best,  you can take a relaxing rest by swimming in the beautiful blue warm water of the Mediterranean Sea even in Spring or Autumn. The beach of Cabo Roig is protected by cliffs.

If you want , you can also walk beautifully  on the south side of “Cabo Roig”.
To enjoy  “Campoamor” and ” Mil Palmeras”.

Good to known is that  the seafront boulevard is renovated and unblocked between “Cabo Roig” and “Campoamor”.
Since Spring 2016 you can walk without leaving the seafront, and can enjoy the cooling sea breeze and the amazing beautiful view on the Marina.

In fact, “Campoamor” is a tourist resort with fantastic sandy beaches and amazing blue water.
Again, also in ” Campoamor” there are once again nice attractive beach bars and local restaurants.

The restaurants at Cabo Roig.

Naturally, the restaurants are very varied to satisfy the many tourist. Almost any type of food local or international is available with a large choice to please everyone. As a result there are many cafes, bars with all sort of entertainment at the evening for adults and children.
Likewise, Cabo Roig is famous for his “ strip”. Because, this is a bustling, busy colorful strip of shops , restaurants and bars.
In brief, people of all ages and nationality s enjoying the nightlife. In the distance the quiet beach.

Golf courses

The best is that there are famous golf courses nearby: Campoamor, Las Ramblas and Villa Martin.


Cabo Roig and his Marina. 

We think that the Marina is one the beautiful of the South Costa Blanca.
At the present time, the historical watchtower is now part of a restaurant with a superb view on the Marina and the Mediterranean Sea.
On clear day you can see the Mar Menor and La Manga.
Presently at the Marina you can hire everything to do flyboard, a new experience of watersports for daredevils.

For the more relax people you can also take sailing lessons in the marina.
Last summer, we enjoyed the snorkeling at the beach of “La Caleta”  with the guides arranged by the tourist information center of Orihuela.
In particular, if you are interested in scuba diving you can dive under supervision of PADI professionals

Cabo Roig
Cabo Roig


Most of the tourist who come to Cabo Roig are renting an apartment of house on the Orihuela Costa.

Market and shops 

On Thursday, there is a little market.
Along the seaside,at the Calle Fuego. you can do the weekly shopping and enjoy a marvelous panorama.


It starts at about 9.00 and stops around 14.00

Furthermore, in “Cabo Roig”  there is a choice of bars, beach bars, restaurants, pharmacy, banks, supermarkets ( Consum, Aldi ) and souvenir shops.

Update Iceland Overseas

There is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.
In the the supermarket you can find  the most popular British household brands, the British food even Tetley’s teabags.
Fresh or frozen products.

In summer : open every day

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

Overseas Iceland
Overseas Iceland

To conclude

In short you can enjoy a beautiful sunny holiday on the coast of Orihuela at ” Cabo Roig”.


First, Torrevieja is one of the biggest tourist city’s of the Costa Blanca.
It is located in the province of Alicante. From the city of Alicante it is a 50 kilometers drive.
With a population in the region of 107 000 Torrevieja is for most of tourists, one of the place where the love with Spain began.

Because, Torrevieja is not only the town but greater Torrevieja include also La Mata.


Torrevieja Beach
Torrevieja Beach



In the past, the city was a small salt mining and fishing city.
This side industry of salt, was harvesting from the salt lakes nearby.
The salt manufacture was an important industry. This industry was the employer of many  citizens.
The salt was produced in the two salt lagoons, nearby Torrevieja. Nearby, there are two salt lakes where you can often see  flamingos.

The city stays famous for it salt.
Now, it has grown to a full size city with its own shopping center and cinemas. The city is a major tourist spot among the Costa Blanca.


Indeed, the climate is a typical Mediterranean climate. Its has a wonderful climate with more than 300 days of sun.
This climate got in the summer temperature of average 25 degrees and in the winter average 12 degrees.

During the summer many people go and visit the Water parks

The half of the 100 000 habitats are if foreigner nationalities.In brief, most of them are Scandinavians, Belgium, English or Russian. As a result, the center of the city is a cosmopolitan meeting point.
The town has developed into a multi cultural city. A city with many nationalities calling it their “place under the sun”.

What to do ?

While, the city is surrounded by golf courses it is very popular by British people.
Close to Torrevieja  are also the golf courses of Orihuela Costa.

The sea front includes a nice Marina and next to it a very nice long promenade.
This promenade is  popular with locals and  tourist.
Each evening , nearby the Torrievieja beach promenade and the Casino there are market stalls.
You gave a great  choice  at the market from the local craftsmanship.
Anything what the craftsman think than can interest a tourist.

Torrevieja streetmarket
Torrevieja streetmarket

For instance : leather handbags,silk  foulard’s, nice jewelry, watches, sunglasses, handmade craft , handmade arts.

The sea promenade is called the Paseo.  This walk in front of the seashore is approximately 1,50 km long.
Sure it is beautiful at night.
One of this excursions from the  Marina is to the island of Tabarca.
This beautiful  snorkeling paradise is only  a half hour from the coast.
There are every day leaving from the harbor.

Another nice thing to do is a museum.But not an ordinary museum but a  floating museum. The floating Museum is the “Albatros III . 
In the past , this  Submarine  was guarding the waters outside Torrevieja.
It is an unusual museum. The entrance is 2 €. So it is nice to take the children to this historical Memorabilia.

Thus, it’s a very vivid town. Many tourists have decide to become a resident and so are staying the whole year. On the other side you have tourists who only come in the holiday’s or rent their holiday homes.

As a result, Torrevieja is quite a busy town with a lot of traffic in the summer season.
There are thousand bars and restaurants to choose from.

The town infrastructure is all that you want hostels , hotels, apartments…
There is also an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Torrevieja Beaches.

First, the main beach of Torrevieja (Playa del cura) is a small beach.
But the beach is accessible for wheel chairs. See below.
In summer season, the beach is very busy.
But ,Torrevieja has a 20 km long coastline. North of  the city, you can find the longest beach with many beautiful dunes. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are often visited by the many families with children.
In the south of Torrevieja, we find lovely beaches and “Calas”. Indeed, much  rougher but the blue water invites you to swim and to snorkel.
The beaches  have a Blue Flag the award for cleanliness.

Blue Flag beaches
Blue Flag beaches

The promenade along the seafront in the city is popular by locals and the many tourists.
The paseo gives you marvelous views on the Mediterranean Sea , the large fishing fleet and of course the  harbor .

Due perhaps to the many  lovely bars, restaurants and little shops .
Furthermore, the sea boulevard is surrounded by palm trees.
A direct holiday feeling .

If  you are a beach-lover, you have to go to the north of city .
There you can discover the quieter splendid beach of La Mata. The sandy beaches are beautiful. But behind them, there is also a very nice nature reserve. In the reserve are different species of birds and waders.
The beaches have all beautiful names: Los Locos, Los Naufragos, La Mata , Playa Acequion, Playa del Cura.
Of course all beaches have his own character.
There is also a wide choice of sports available such as golf, football, tennis,  yoga, gyms…

Water sport

The town has been also promoting water sport  activities.
The trees marinas offer a large choice of nautical experiences.
To sum up : sailing, canoeing,cable ski, jet ski , Banana’s, pedalo’s ,  parasailing and fly boarding.
But also boat excursions.

In fact, the town has  an ideal climate  for the water sport. So they can be practiced all year round.


Torrevieja  mobility friendly beaches.

The first mobility friendly walkway was installed at the end of 2016.
This will facilitate the access to the sea for wheelchairs users.
In the future additional facilitates will be installed. Such as a special adapted shower and also platforms. This platforms with areas of shade so users can escape from the heath of the sun.

Torrevieja friendly beaches
Torrevieja friendly beaches


The beach with the  mobility friendly  walkways is the “Playa del Cura”.
This structure is not permanent and as stipulated in the Coast law of the Costa Blanca, can be dismantled. This can be the case with sever storms, like the one at the end of december 2016.
This initiative is making the beaches in Torrevieja accessible for every one. Also older people with reduced mobility.
A good initiative.

All those facility are already installed in Mil Palmeras a nearby town.


As a result from the many tourists, there are some Camping’s near and around Torrevieja.
Some are perfect for motor homes. If you are coming to the Costa Blanca see also our page : motorhome at the Costa Blanca.

“Camping Florantiles” is about 268 pitches big. The camping has its own swimming pool and super market. Each place is around 90 m2 and has electricity.
The Address of the camping is  CV-95, 95, 03186 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain.

Camping La Campana ,  Ctra Torrevieja  N 332 Alicante Cartagena a 4;5 km

Camping Mare Nostrum Ctra Guardamar Guardamar del Segura
n 332 Alicante – Torrevieja

Camping Marjal Crta Guardamar N 332 Alicante Guardamar .

Torrevieja La Mata nature park.

La Mata is a nature park in Torrevieja in one of the two salt lagoons. click here to read more about la Mata.
Now, these lagoons attract a wild variety of birds. Such as flamingo’s and  herons.

Mar Menor

But also a nice quieter suburb of the city.
You can find the museum of Sea and Salt  on the sea front.
This museum shows the history of Torrevieja and his salt industry throughout the ages.


Torrevieja celebrates many festivals and holy days.
Most of them are with very beautiful parades and events .

Torrevieja auditorium

On the programme a large  selection of  music, ballet, theater and opera.
For instance, the “Nutcracker of Tchaikosky”  with the classical Ballet of St.Petersburg.







Torrevieja Auditorium
Torrevieja Auditorium

But also  a balletshow ” El Amor Brujo by Victor Ullate.
It is a part of the Spanish culture, so enjoy it.


In the present, march 2018 the virgin del Carmen culture center from Torrevieja will act as a box office .
And this, every Wednesday from 11:00 till 14:00.

So, it will be easier  to purchase tickets.
But tickets are still available in the auditorium two hours before the spectacle.
For more information about the programme of the auditorium  you can  find more details on their website.

Ruta de las Tapas or Tapas Route

Each year in April  and October the city celebrates the  route of the tapas, small dishes :” Ruta de las Tapas “.
It is good is held twice a year.

Tapa Route
Tapa Route

Of course it was inspired by the business and restaurants associations. But is became a success by residents and tourist.
Sample the best of Torrevieja’s tapas!
During this dates you will able to try in many restaurants and bars a homemade tapas.
Enjoy a walking /eating tour of the city center.
A homemade tapa and drink is for you for 2:00 euro.
Some bars presents a Gourmet Tapa and drink at the price of 2:50 euro.
There are nearly 50 establishments  offering a selection of nearly 200 different tapas.
A free map of the participating bars and restaurants is available.
It is a nice way to discover Torrevieja in a relax atmosphere.
It remains fun and cheap way to sped an evening or afternoon  walking the center.
With the change to discover some of Torrevieja’s hidden bars and restaurants.
There is also a “Tapas Route card”  with official stamps.


How to get to Torrevieja ?

First, the nearest airports are Murcia / San Javier  ( 72 km ) and Alicante Airport ( 50 km )
Then, there are several buses from the airport of Alicante to Torrevieja. The bus stop is just outside the terminal. The ticket price is 7 € available by the driver. The buses leave nearly every hour.
Next, there also buses from Murcia Airport to the city. In spite of the bus the line is not direct.
The first change to Torrevieja is in the central station of Murcia. Therefore, it is better to rent a car, a taxi ( 60 €) or a private shuttle to Torrevieja.
Indeed, if you want to see the surrounding regions, it is better to rent a car.
Book in advance on the internet, but inform yourself about all the options and prices.


In Spain, most shops are open from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 21.00. Due to the heath in the summer season.
Nevertheless, in the large shopping malls like “Habaneras” and supermarkets like Carrefour are open all day.

Bars Restaurants 

Now, there is a large choice of restaurants and bars. So,calling the 300 restaurants by name is impossible.
Some are specialists in fish and seafood. While others in meat and rice.
As you can see, the restaurants are from over the all world. The tasty cuisine that can be found are Asian, American, Spanish, French or Belgian. but also Italian, British, Scandinavian or Russians. Some of them are excellent.
In the future we will try to put more details of the restaurants  on Yourspain.


A new Location
Torrevieja most busy Friday street market is going to move to his new location before Easter.
Stall holders have already been visit  the new location. They know exactly where  and how to sit up their stalls.
The new location  is the “Antanio Soria” park.  Close to the sport facilities of the city.
Nearby the public transport with the C line .There will also be a taxi parking at the market site.
There will be enoug parking place  for the shoppers but also for the  stall holders.

There will be improvements. For instance, to the security with the pick pockets.  Indeed , there will be a permanent police present at the market place.£And the police will be helped by volunteers from the civil  protection.
The location  has rooms for 630 stalls  and is 5 000 m2 large.

So this will be the end, for the problems for the residents on the old location with a market on their front door .


In the past the municipal swimming pool was closed.
Improvements have been made for important health and environment legistation.
A better heating systeem is also installed.
Now the pool is open the all week.
Saturday and Sunday open from 8:00 till 14:00.
On Monday it is open from 15:00 till 21:30.
Next, on Tuesday to Friday from 8:15 till 21:30.






You can find 20 hotels in different classes of prices. Or perhaps find a holiday home to rent.

Autobuses Torrevieja

In addition, autobuses are driven by Costa Azul and are running from the main bus station in the city.
The bus station is situated at the Avenida de Habaneras in Torrevieja.

Autobuses Torrevieja Costa Azul
Autobuses Torrevieja Costa Azul







Bus Schedules from Torrevieja:

To Alicante.
Monday till Saturday   :
7.15 7.35 8.30 9.15 10.55 12.15 12.50 14.05 15.15 15.50 16.05 17.15 18.25 19.45 21.40
Sunday and Holiday.
7.30 8.30 10.15 10.56 12.50 14.05 15.50 16.05 17.15 19.45 21.40.

Check out the Torrevieja to Alicante Airport Bus Schedule .

Direction Murcia.
winter schedule.
Every day  7.00 9.00 15.30 19.00.
Holiday  11.00 19.00.

Direction Orihuela city.
Winter schedule.
Every day :  7.00 9.00 12.00 14.00 15.30 19.00.
Saturday  : 7.00 12.00  15.30 19.00.
Sunday holiday : 11.00 14.00 19.00.

To Cartagena.
Every day  : 8.00 12.15 15.10  17.10 19.10 21.10.

To Elche.
Every day : 7.00 10.30 14.05 18.00.
Caution : on Sunday and holiday there are no bus services  to Elche.

To Hospital Callosa.
From Monday till Sunday  : 9.00 10.30 18.00.

To Quesada Rojales.
From Monday till Saturday  : 13.00.

To Almoradi.
From Monday till Friday : 9.00 10.30 14.05 18.00.

People often leave a same small change behind but it is not obligated .

Also Interesting

Important or useful telephone number and addresses in Torrevieja (Hospitals, Embassies, Pharmacies)