Terra Natura, a zoo in Benidorm

Terra Natura is one  the many family attraction in Benidorm.
To sum up : Terra Natura, Aqua Natura , Aqualandia, Terra Mitica, Mundomar….

The city of Benidorm is a very popular place for many tourists at the beautiful, sunny Costa Blanca.






Terra Natura

The best , in this theme park you sure can spend an all day with the family.
If you like nature and wildlife , it is the place to be.

Terra Natura
Terra Naturait is the place to be.

In other words, you learn more about all the different animals in the zoo, their habitat, their life style.
To start, Terra Natura is divided in different continents to explore . To sum up : Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

So, you can walk from one continent to the other. Explore the  different animals and wild life.
Furthermore, if that is not enough there are also all sort of shows and activities .
Naturally , it up to you to decide how to spend your day.

Some say, that Terra Natura in Benidorm  and Murcia are the next generation zoo’s.

Indeed, with it large collection of wild life, the shows, the  architecture and the amazing landscape it is the worth the visit.
It is an absolute must when you are staying in Benidorm or nearby at the Costa Blanca.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

In particular, make sure with children to plan your day . So they have enough time to explore the whole zoo.
To sum up : Elephants , pythons, water buffalo, scorpions, monkeys, black panthers,…



How to get there

By air
The airport of Alicante- Al Altet .

By car
Follow the high way AP 7. Or the old main road N 332.
Then, exit Terra Mitica.
Side by side is “Terra Natura” and ” Aqua Natura“.
More about Aqua Natura ?

Aqua Natura Slide
Aqua Natura Slide


By Taxi
After all, they know the way.

By bus
Take Line 1

Tickets price

Now, the prices are  :Adults = 30 euro. Children and senior = 25 euro

In addition, you can combined with tickets of the other water park nearby  “Aqua Natura” . Then the price are:  Adult =39 euro and Children = 31 euro.

Opening hours

Also check the hours before going to Terra Natura.
They change according the seasons.

In fact, the park is open the all year round.
From 10:30 till 17:00. In summer season till 20:00.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

Nice to see en enjoy other family attraction

First, Mundomar : the meeting place with sea lions and dolphins. A nice nature park with even a parrot show.

Mundomar Dolphins
Mundomar Dolphins

Then, Aqualandia  One of the oldest water parks.

Next, Aqua Natura : splashy water fun on the slides for every one.

At last not at least = Terra Mitica .
An adventure and theme park, where you can discover the old civilizations of Rome and  Egypt .


To conclude

In brief, it is up to you decide where you are going to. We think it depends on your age and the age of the children.
But they are all worth a visits and the money.

Aqua Natura La Cresta
Aqua Natura La Cresta


Benidorm, the most popular.

First, Benidorm is one of the most famous places at the Costa Blanca.
It is really the Sunny coast tourist capital and destination for many West European holiday seekers.

Benidorm city
Benidorm city


The city has a typical Mediterranean climate.

In fact, this means warm hot summers. With  temperature who  can be really hot . With maximum from 29 to 35 degrees.
SO, the minimum temperature ( night) in summer are mostly  between 19 and 23 degrees.
Even the winters are mild .
So even in the winter, you can make a walk in t-shirt on the promenade who is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Indeed, the temperatures at noon range from 17 to 21 degrees.
The best is that the city enjoys of more than 3 000 hours of sun a year.
While the  average annual temperature is  19 degrees.


Naturally, there is an incredible choice of restaurants and bars. From fine dining to tapas.
Indeed, a wide range to please all nationalities who are coming to the most popular city of Benidorm.

Benidorm Cuisine
Benidorm Cuisine

How to get there

By air
Now, most people are coming from Alicante airport El Altet.
This airport  is an hour drive.

By car
The highway AP 7
Or the old way ; N 332

By car
By car

More over renting a car ?
The renting of a car in Spain on our website : car rentals.

By bus
Mostly booked with your travel agency.

What to see in Benidorm

First the historic old quarter is worth a visit. There are still some Moorish influences and accents .
It is in the middle of the beautiful promenade along the Mediterranean Sea.
In fact, the old quarter is famous for his three plazas.
From one of them you have a really astonished view  on the two beaches. But also on the skyline of Benidorm.


In the old town there is also a weekly market.

Nightlife in Benidorm

First of all, people come to this city for the nightlife.
As there is a hug selection of every sort of  bars, disco bars, entertainment, cabaret shows and nightclubs.
For example “Benidorm Palace” is very popular for his great shows and dinners.

Golf courses

There are three golf courses in Benidorm. For the lovers: a 18 hole to a 9 hole pitch.

But good to known , the whole Costa Blanca is a golf player paradise.
There are many 18 golf courses.
The best is that  there are nearly all around 100 kilometers drive around Benidorm. Some say that they are ranked amongst the top of Europe.


Water and animal parks in Benidorm

The best, there are several w ater parks and theme attraction parks in Benidorm.
There are even two who are selected as the best of Europe.
Those who like to splash in the water, we recommended sure a visit to Aqua Natura or Aqualandia
Those who prefer more nature and wildlife and dolphins.
Then you can chose between Terra Natura and Mundomar.

One of them is Mundomar, famous for the dolphins . See our page on Mundomar.

Then, there are is an animal parks who are really worth the visit it is Terra Natura. It one of the new generations zoo’s.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

Next for those who like attractions mixed with ancient history of Egypt and Rome the go to Terra Mitica.
Read more about this very nice park on our webpage Terra Mitica.

Benidorm Mundomar
Benidorm Mundomar

Then when the water of the Mediterranean Sea is not enough there is also a fantastic water park Aqualandia  next to Mundo Mar nature park.
Are you interested ? Read more about it on our page Aqualandia.

Beaches of Benidorm

The best is that there are two beautiful beaches.
The first is the beach of “Poniente” ( where the sun goes under), the other is the beach of ” Levante” ( where the sun goes up ).
The Poniente is popular by Spanish tourist. The sandy beach of  Levante is most popular by the Belgian and the English tourists.
The beaches have a beautiful walking and strolling boulevards. Also a small but nice  harbor and Marina.

All of the beaches have a Blue Flag. The Blue Flag means the maximum quality standard for the water and the beaches.


Every Wednesday and Sunday large open air market .
Do you like markets ? See our page Markets at the Costa Blanca 

Indeed with everything you want to buy. To sum up : fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes, toys, souvenirs, jewelry….

Benidorm markets
Benidorm markets

Tip for trips

For the shoppers but just out-of-town : a nice shopping center is the “ La Marina Shopping center .

In fact, you find this center between Benidorm and Villajoyosa.

Presently , it has four floors.
The underground floor is the free parking. Then two large floors full of shopping possibilities .
For example: Jysk, El corte Ingles, Sport Zone, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Benetton, C&A, H&M…
But also the nice shops of “Tous” and “Desigual”.
So it is an ideal place , when the sun goes down.
Or when the sun is to warm between the hours of the siesta.

Another nice trip is Alicante city . Read more about on our page Alicante.


Or a trip into the mountains , to the lovely town of Guadalest and the beautiful waterfalls of Algar.  You can see more on our page Guadalest 

Benidorm Guadalest
Benidorm Guadalest

To end

In brief the city has something for any one .
To sum up : Beaches, shops, promenades, bars, restaurants, a splendid climate.
Furthermore : Award winning family attractions
Then, the nightlife : you hate it or you love it .

As a result , Benidorm is surely the Costa Blanca most popular place.

Guadalest and the Algar waterfalls

Guadalest and Algar waterfalls are a worth when you are in Benidorm.
In contrast of a day at the beach it is a day at a very quiet different Spain.

During  the summer season all the water parks and the attraction are open! Specifically, in Benidorm you find  Aqualandia  and Terra Mitica. Close to Aqualandia is Mundo Mar. Also a popular theme park.

But if you want a more relax environment, then the Algar waterfalls are a superb attraction. Both, Guadalest and Algar waterfalls are  about  15 kilometers inland drive from Benidorm. The roads are narrow and windy. So,  it take you a 30 minutes drive.
The best, the waterfalls are  a natural aquatic attraction. In fact, the waterfalls are 30 meters tall. In particular, they create a series of natural pools. So,  you can use them even as natural Jacuzzi’s. In fact, there is also a pool for a ” brave” a jump into the cold water. The water is very refreshing and stays around 18°C all year.

Guadalest and Algar waterfalls
Guadalest and Algar waterfalls

How to get from Benidorm to Guadalest and Algar waterfalls by Bus?

When you are staying in Benidorm, we got you another fantastic  day trip.
“Guadalest and the Algar waterfalls”.
The Algar waterfalls  are a real natural beauty spot.  Over the four summer months,  it attract thousands of tourist and locals.

From Benidorm, there is the Lorrente bus nr 18 . The bus start at the Benidorm station and goes to the Waterfalls
So if you don not have hired a car , the bus is a good solution.

Instead, different coach company also offer a trip to the Guadalest and Algar waterfalls.

Guadalest Algar waterfalls
Guadalest and Algar waterfalls

The Waterfalls are located in the inland and it takes the bus around one hour and a half  trip to the countryside.

So this one hour and a half you can really enjoy the breathtaking views.
This trip is , even when you do not swim in the waterfalls, worth done.

The trip

The bus passes through different little villages , we call it the “real Spain”.
The road goes through orange and lemon groves. But also” nispero” groves, typical for the region.
You will be  amazed how the bus drives manage  the narrow streets of the villages and the tight bend of the countryside.
The bus stops at the waterfalls  and collect you again at the same spot.
Check the time on the time-table but also with the driver.
When we went there was only one bus back at 5.00 pm. So, you gave the all day to enjoy .
Before entering the “Algar waterfalls” you get the ticket  and the “obligatory” photo shoot.
On your way back in the afternoon, it is ready in a frame. It up to you, if you want to buy it.

Once after the entrance you have the climb up  to the waterfalls. It is really worth the effort.

In the center, you find a restaurant , where you can eat the “Menu del Dia” or little snacks. They serve also drinks and of course ice creams.
Most Spanish people take their picnic box. Because there are plenty areas to picnic and relax.

But we did not come to relax , but to jump in the cold running water!
At the Algar waterfalls  you can jump of a ply 10 meters into the river, an experience of our parents childhood .

The water in the falls have even in the summer season a temperature about 18 degrees. The water comes from the cold river.

Why we love it ?

We love the Algar waterfalls because  it is not commercialized  and relax. The waterfalls are full of people of all nationalities but most of all Spanish people.
But , do not be afraid. They have  watchers / guards and first aids patrolling to make everything is sure.
It is great, to watch that everyone have just so great fun. And is really exciting to jump into the river . It is breathtaking ! Or have water massage under the waterfalls.

We went back to the coast tired of this beautiful day trip.
We want to back as soon as possible!

The way back with the bus takes one hour, it downhill.

What to bring to the Guadalest and Algar waterfalls

  • Flat shoes or rubber soled swimming shoes (easy to buy in Benidorm)
  • Picnic box
  • Sunscreen
  • Reserve clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Towels
  • Your camera. You can take some Instagram worthy pictures here!

How to get there?

By bus.
Or by coach trip.
Also by car from Benidorm following the CV 70. Breathtaking !

Price .

Bus :   3.75 € per person, same price for adult and children.

Entrance of the waterfalls.
The entrance of the waterfalls is 5€ for an adult and 2 € for a child.

The price for adults drops to 4€ in low season (October to June)

Opening hours.
Open the all year round.
The opening hours depends on the months.
For example : Juni and September  from 9.30  till 19:00 . Then in July and August from 8.30 until 20.00.


Guadalest is a little further away from the waterfalls. Many coach trips  take the small village and the waterfalls as one trip.
Guadalest has become a very well-known and visited tourist destination for a day trip.
Of course is only a drive away from Benidorm and the coast. And it is a beautiful day off in the countryside.
We love Guadalest because is a small town on a top of a mountain. It is also very pretty. And from the top of this historic small town you can see spectacular views of the valley and the other mountains around.
One clear days you can see the sea.

Guadalest dam
Guadalest dam

Most of all Guadalest is famous for his castle. The Castell de Guadalest can be entered by taking a long tunnel carved out of the rock. That is also the security gate of the castle.
Once you walk out of the tunnel, you can explore the old village. Like time has stopped in the narrow streets . And wander around to see the old jailhouse ,  the restored houses and the  school.

Take your time and look the beautiful views of the mountains, the valley with in spring with almonds flowers. Also have a look at the and reservoir below with the blue azul colored water in it. The reservoir of water is called the  Embalse de Guadalest. On it is the water reservoir for the valley in dry summers.

One other  interesting building is the white bell tower perched on the mountainside .

Guadalest Castle
Guadalest Castle

On many of the Costa Blanca postcards , you see the image of Guadalest.

Worth a visit is also “Motorcycle museum Guadalest”
Intrested  ? read more about it on our page : the Motorcycle museum Guadalest .

Museo de Vehículos Históricos de Guadalest
Museo de Vehículos Históricos de Guadalest

How to get there?

First, by bus.
Or also by coach trip.
Then by car from Benidorm following the CV 70. And as we said : breathtaking!
Or for the sporty daredevils : by bike.

Price of the bus.
3.75 € per person, same price for adult and children.

Price of the coach.
30 € per person and 15 € for children

To end

Guadalest and the Algar waterfalls are sure wort a day trip.
It is a day  away from the hot beach into the “cold” water of the falls and a romantic walk into Guadalest town.

Albir, Costa Blanca

Albir is located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca .

The little town of Albir is sandwiched between the popular Benidorm and Altea .
But also imported to known  is that it  is located between two important international airports.
Below in the south is Altet, the Alicante airport.
North of Albir is the  Valencia airport.

Indeed both airports have a range of different transport options : shuttle  buses, taxis and of course car rental.

Albir beach
The Beaches of Albir.

This town of Albir  is connected with the airport with the old N332 and the AP7 highway.

Albir is popular for it’s beaches and its Natural park of the “Sierra Heleda“.
There fore read also our article about this beautiful nature park.

The best of Albir is  is a very good Mediterranean  climate.
With more than 300 sunny days the town is a excellent stay for tourists .
In the same way the summers are hot and the springs very nice .
Finally the autumn and  the winters are mild.
In brief this part of Spain, the Costa Blanca has very little rainy days.
As a result the little village is an ideal holiday destination all year round for the all family.

Albir beaches

The main beach of Albir  is named” Playa de Raco de l’albir”.
This sandy beach is a nearly a kilometer of length. In the first place the beach is  famous for his splendid view of the famous “Penin de Ifach”,  in the nearby town of Calpe.

Calpe bicycle tourism
Calpe bicycle tourism

Because of the good location, in the summer season  the beaches and the town are very crowded.
During the summer months and september there are life guards  on duty. In fact, this is the case in nearly  all the beach resorts on the Costa Blanca.

Blue flag

Furthermore the beaches  has the “Blue Flag”, so indeed  the water is not only blue but also clean.
Besides on the beaches  their also two play areas for the children.
Furthermore toilets are located on the boulevard in front of the beach.

In the past Albir was a little fishing port and has been developed in the present  to a touristic resort.

Albir Cuisine

Due to the boom there are many bars and restaurants.
They are very popular by the Western and Northern Europeans tourist. But locals or tourist, both are  enjoying their tapa or fresh fish plate on the many terraces.
The restaurants are an international cuisine. Beside the Spanish restaurant there are  also English or Italian or French or Chinese or Indian.As you can see it is up to you to make your choice.
In the neighborhood there are several big supermarkets . Even if you rent an apartment it is easy for your daily shopping .



During the holiday season, there is a little market at the sea front.
Even if this market is mostly for tourists , it is very nice to visit it. On this market they sell local leather, jewelry and souvenirs.
Every Sunday there is a larger street market nearby the “Consum”. Every thing you want to buy, you can find it here.

The most important boulevard at Albir is the stars promenade or ” Pasea de las Estrallas”.
It is perhaps the place to look after the nights stars at the heaven but also other Stars.
In fact, Albir holds a national film festival.
This yearly film festival take places in the month of July. As a result  that on  the “Stars” boulevard, there are stones dedicated to national and international film stars. Come and look for Javier Bardem .

Tips for trips from Albir .

Nearby a 5 kilometers drive, there is the city of Benidorm.
Benidorm is also famous for it theme parks like Aqualandia, Mundomar or Terra Mitica.
First the “Terra Mitica” is a theme park based on the ancient world and the history of the Mediterranean islands with all sort of rides.
Second the “Aqualandia” is a water park for the all family.
Third, in Mundomar you can enjoy the dolphins shows and the nature of the Iberian island.

Further, Guadalest is a beautiful  trip to the mountains. Close to Guadalest there are the Algar waterfalls.

Next to Albir is the town of “Calpe“, it  is a 15 kilometers drive from Albir.
Calpe is famous for it amazing landmark. This landmark is the ” Penin de Ifach”, a gigantic rock of 600 meters high.

One of the nicest thing you can visit nearby Albir is the Parque Natural de la “Sierra Helada.
In particular the “Sierra Helada “is popular by the locals as the tourist for the splendid walk about and the amazing views. See our article about the Sierra Helada

Sierra Helada Albir
Sierra Helada Albir

How to get there

By air
The Airport of Alicante El  Altet . It is an hour drive.

By car
Take the highway AP 7 Exit Albir
Or the old road N 332.
More about car rentals ?   See our webpage car rentals 

By taxi
After all, they know the way (and the price).

By bus
When you come to the sunny Albir with a your travel agency.
As result, that the bus picks you up at the airport.

To conclude

In brief, Albir is a very nice little town at the sunny Costa Blanca. It is the starting point for your trips around the region. In particular, the place to be to discover Sierra Helada.
Besides, it also has beautiful sandy beaches, nice restaurants and bars.

Beach Bar
Beach Bar

And the weather is splendid.

Thus everything , you want for a nice holiday place.