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Cabo Roig

At Cabo Roig you will find everything for a splendid holiday on the Mediterranean Sea .
Cabo Roig is a part of Orihuela Costa .

Mil Palmeras Beach

Mil Palmeras Beach

The best is Orihuela Costa has several beaches. There are long sandy beaches but there are also rocky beaches and coves. It is up to you to discover.
To sum up :

First : Punta Prima and the playa of Punta Prima .
Then, Playa Flamenca with the beaches of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosca.
The next is La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and cala Cerrada.
Then, Cabo Roig with the beach of Cala Caleta en cala Capitan .
Further Campoamor with the beaches of Barranco Ruvio and Playa de la Glea.
At last but not least Mil Palmeras with Playa Mil Palmeras.
As we already mentioned for the other beautiful places, Cabo Roig is a part of the Orihuela Costa. In particular the word ” Cabo Roig”  means red cliff.

Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig

In the past, popular with Spanish holiday makers since 1970. But the Spanish propriety boom of the late 90 and the early  2000 changes Cabo Roig .
With an influx of tourist money and a new population.

How to get there

By air
This coast line  is located between the airports of Alicante and Murcia.
Alicante airport is 45 minutes drive from “Cabo Roig” , Murcia-San Javier airport is 20 minutes drive.

By road 
This nice sunny Costa  lies on the coast road the N332.


As Orihuela Costa is blessed with a good climate with more than 300 day of sun, it is the place to be.
It is a typical Mediterranean climate . Hot summers, mild winters.


Tip for trips .

During your stay at Cabo Roig, the place  is a good start-point for a beautiful trip to Orihuela city ,to the Roman theater of  Cartagena, the busy town of Torrevieja.
Furthermore  the capital of the Murcia region the city of Murcia is also worth a visit.
In addition  the city of  Alicante and it medieval castle is just a hour drive away.
Do you want to see pink flamingo’s than the Mar Menor is the place to spot them.

Mar Menor

Mar Menor

Indeed the Orihuela coast and the beaches are very popular for tourist from West and North Europe.

They come to relax during  their summer holidays. While the Spanish people take it for a  week-end break.
So, the  expats residents  are enjoying the Mediterranean  sun the all year round.

What to see  and do in Cabo Roig

Consequently in “Cabo Roig” there is a mix of many nationalities.

During the school holidays the place is very busy in the hot summer.  in contrast  of the  other seasons when it is still warm and a lot quieter.
If you chose the good places on  the beach , you can take a sun bath even on new years day !
Some have their BBQ at Christmas on the beach.

The beaches .

The scenery around the Cabo Roig , as you will expect is dominated by the Mediterranean Sea.
On the edge, the “Cabo Roig” watch tower is a must to visit.
In the past , it was used as watch tower against the pirates.
Now  the  “mirador” is a point of view over the bay area all the way to the Mar Menor and La Manga.
It is also a access point to the marina  and the beaches of Cabo Roig low down.

The watchtower is  also  the start of the cliff walk to La Zenia . This route will take you in about a half hour to the beach of La Zenia. Naturally with superb views on the Mediterranean Sea  and the Mar Menor. It is about a half hour walk to arrive in “La Zenia “with beach bars and restaurants.

Beach Bar

Beach Bar

Watersports or walking ?

If you are fit, you can also walk little bit further  to Playa Flamenca and the beaches.
After all this walk take you an hour. There you can take a relaxing rest with a” tapa” or a cool refreshment.

At the marina you can ask the local fisherman to have a sea trip on the crystal blue sea.
With the locals fishing is very popular. So skippers  can offer you a sea fishing trip.

The several beaches have the Blue Flag, So you can be sure of the beaches are clean and the water is of a good quality..
The beaches of Cabo Roig are “Playa Capitan” and “Playa La Caleta” .

Orihuela Cabo Roig Flyboard

Orihuela Cabo Roig Flyboard

The best,  you can take a relaxing rest by swimming in the beautiful blue warm water of the Mediterranean Sea even in Spring or Autumn. The beach of Cabo Roig is protected by cliffs.

If you want , you can also walk beautifully  on the south side of “Cabo Roig”.
To enjoy  “Campoamor” and ” Mil Palmeras”.

Good to known is that  the seafront boulevard is renovated and unblocked between “Cabo Roig” and “Campoamor”.
Since Spring 2016 you can walk without leaving the seafront, and can enjoy the cooling sea breeze and the amazing beautiful view on the Marina.

“Campoamor” is a tourist resort with fantastic sandy beaches and amazing blue water.
Again, also in ” Campoamor” there are once again nice attractive beach bars and local restaurants.

The restaurants at Cabo Roig.

Naturally the restaurants are very varied to satisfy the many tourist. Almost any type of food local or international is available with a large choice to please everyone. As a result there are many cafes, bars with all sort of entertainment at the evening for adults and children.
Cabo Roig is famous for his “ strip”. This is a bustling, busy colorful strip of shops , restaurants and bars.
People of all ages and nationality s enjoying the nightlife a walk away from the quiet beach.


Golf courses

The best is that there are famous golf courses nearby: Campoamor, Las Ramblas and Villa Martin.




Cabo Roig and his Marina. 

We think that the Marina is one the beautiful of the South Costa Blanca.
The historical watchtower is now part of a restaurant with a superb view on the Marina and the Mediterranean Sea. On clear day you can see the Mar Menor and La Manga.
Presently at the Marina you can hire everything to do flyboard, a new experience of watersports for daredevils.

For the more relax people you can also take sailing lessons in the marina.
Last summer, we enjoyed the snorkeling at the beach of “La Caleta”  with the guides arranged by the tourist information center of Orihuela.
In particular, if you are interested in scuba diving you can dive under supervision of PADI professionals

Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig


Most of the tourist who come to Cabo Roig are renting an apartment of house on the Orihuela Costa.

Market and shops 

On Thursday there is a little market.
It is located along the seaside Calle Fuego. you can do the weekly shopping and enjoy a marvelous panorama.



The street market is every Tuesday and starts at about 9.00 and stops around 14.00

In “Cabo Roig”  there is a choice of bars, beach bars, restaurants, pharmacy, banks, supermarkets ( Consum, Aldi ) and souvenir shops.


To conclude

In short you can enjoy a beautiful sunny holiday on the coast of Orihuela at ” Cabo Roig”.

Orihuela Costa Restaurants

Orihuela Costa restaurants is content of this page.

Orihuela Costa restaurants.

The Orihuela Costa  known under the many sub areas . This sub areas are La Zenia, La Fuente, Campoamor and Playa Flamenca.  The Orihuela Costa  offers a wide range of restaurants.
First of all Spanish local restaurants.But also traditional British food including an English breakfast and Fish and chips till experimental and fine dining.
Indeed you can find any kind of restaurant in Orihuela Costa restaurants.
On this page we will feature our choice of Orihuela Costa restaurants and a list of other restaurants in or around Orihuela Costa .
The Orihuela Costa restaurants guide, also contains the areas of Playa Flamenca and La Zenia , La Fuente and Campoamor.

“Che Restaurante Argentino”    Zenia Boulevard.

Is a new Argentinian restaurant at La Zenia Boulevard offering an all you can eat formula for 12.95 euros and  rising to 16.95 at weekends .
Although drinks are not included but free refill on fizzy drinks for 2.95.
The staff is really friendly and the quality of the food is good .
You just order your vegetables and fries, rice or bread or even all of it.
Then the waiters will come to the table with different kinds of meat where you can choose from.
Even though having a buffet brought to your table is always special , and the meat was amazing.
Giant skewers of chicken, pork, beef were brought round by a very friendly and attentive staff.
Definitely this Che Argentinean steak house is a must for any meat lover and was great value for money.

Tip: don’t eat too quickly or too much from one dish.
Wait a little, because there is a lot of delicious meat that comes around.


“The Papaya Tree”           Playa Flamenca.

Papaya Tree Orihuela Costa restaurants

Papaya Tree Orihuela Costa restaurants

First the restaurant is in a cozy and original decoration with nice and calm music playing.
Definitely the best Thai restaurant in the Orihuela Costa and the surroundings, I can’t just say anything bad about them.
The Thai cuisine is really good, combining a show of flavors and colors.
Starters are traditional and modern dishes combined prepared with the finest ingredients.
We did like the green curry (beware of the red chili pepper its hot).

The food is indeed lovely, offering a wide range of choice including “Season menu’s” or just one dish. The staff is super friendly and the price is good.The service is fantastic.
We were unable to get a table inside so had to sit outside on the terrace. In the main time the waitresses were so attentive and asked several times  if everything was alright, if it was not too cold. They also explained items on the menu for us.
As the food arrived, it was absolutely delicious Thai food. It was really a large-sized portion and we made sure we ate everything.
The Thai food is freshly cooked and very tasty.
Indeed we enjoyed this restaurant with very good food at reasonable prices.
Although the price is more expensive than the  several  “Wok’s ” , the food is incomparable much better.
In brief we will definitely return for a next visited.

It is always full of peopleso I recommend you to make a reservation.

Centro Commercial Flamenca Beach, 24-26. Orihuela Costa. Alicante Spain.
Tel: 965 325 105.

“The Cellar Door”     Playa Flamenca
(Our Favorite Orihuela Costa restaurants)

The Cellar Door La Zenia Playa Flamenca Alicante Restaurant Costa Blanca Goats cheese, caramelised beetroot, marinated orange and radish salad

The Cellar Door La Zenia Playa Flamenca Alicante Restaurant Costa Blanca Goats cheese, caramelised beetroot, marinated orange and radish salad

At first the cellar door is one of  best of the Orihuela Costa restaurants.
It is owned by the same owners of the Papaya tree.
Next  it ranks in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor for the Costa Blanca.
The restaurant offers a  modern European style cuisine.
With influences from the  English, the French cuisine and fine the Asian cuisine.

The restaurant is redecorated. In the past is was decorated  by using a mix of different kinds of chairs and offering full wood tables with a warm color.
In the present is more stylish.
There is a lovely atmosphere thanks the nice jazzy music that is playing.
Still the Service is great, they often check on you to make sure everything is all right.
The guest wife and her team make everyone feel welcome. They are very friendly on a natural way. When the guest wife is not in the Cellar Door, the atmosphere is different.

Price Range.
Now,  the Cellar Door offers 2 Menus.
An 8 courses menu for 40 €  and a 5 courses menu for 30 €.
The choice is still yours.
There is still an excellent house wine at 10 euro the bottle.
We took the 5 courses menu : Bread of the day, Amuse bouche, Tempura brie, Corvina fish, Mandarine and coconut granita and at last sesame ice cream.
The chef of the Cellar Door has eye for every ultimate detail. This reflects in the superb quality of the menu.
In brief, if you are the guest of this restaurant, it is a gastronomic experience that you will not forget soon.
The restaurant is very popular with North and West European tourist therefore it is better to make a reservation.
Telephone number to reserve in advance +34 688 41 83 67

“The Stray Sod”         Campoamor.

The Stray sod is an Irish bar /restaurant,  so keep in mind that you are eating in a pub.
As a result it has a great atmosphere with football matches being broadcast-ed on big TV’s .

In the past , we have eaten they’re several times now and still we have to say their menus are good value.
First one of the biggest advantages is that they work with fresh and seasonal products. Indeed this improves the quality of the food.
Besides “The Stray Sod” also offers some home-made pies.
My favorite dishes are for starters “Beer Battered onion rings” or “soup of the day” and as a main course a “Sirloin or Rib eye steak”.

Don’t order the biggest steak unless you are starving. Indeed a normal steak will be sufficient most of the times.
Equally important for the ambiance. Every night after 10 o clock there are some local bands that insure the ambiance.
From Irish pub music to jazz music every night there is another artist playing some music.

Found a great restaurant like us on Facebook and tell us and we will try to visit it.

“Asia Chic”       La Zenia.

Food is decent offering and wide range of Chinese food and Asiatic food for a decent Price.
The ” Asia Chic ” offers a good price /quality.
Offering  menus from 10 euro including a drink.
This restaurant offers great quality for an excellent Price.
Definitely worth checking out.

“Old Asia”       La Zenia.

The Food server at Old Asia is delicious.
Their Sushi is excellent and fresh, it’s probably the best I ever had for the moment.

Even though “Old Asia”  its a bit more expensive than the normal Asiatic restaurants. But the quality is excellent.

Orihuela Costa restaurants some other Good Restaurants.

“The Nautilus”        Torrevieja

Orihuela Costa restaurants Nautilus restaurant Torrevieja

Orihuela Costa restaurants

First of all this restaurant has one of the best locations in the area, right next to the Mediterranean sea with fabulous views.
In the past we have eaten there several times, out of the summer season, and always had a good meal.
The staff was friendly from both Spanish and English waiters/waitresses.
Indeed we like the superb view on the sea from the restaurant.
The “Nautilus” offers a range of and international cuisine.
The fish dishes in particular are really excellent.
The prices are a little more expensive than some other restaurants . Are we paying for the view ?
Because the restaurant is located nearby the sea, the view is lovely especially upstairs.
Even or just for a drink or a cocktail ” The nautillus ” it’s worth a visit.

Special Mentioning restaurant, bar and club nearby the beach of Campoamor

“Las Colinas”      Beach Club  Campoamor.

Las Colinas Beach Club swimming pool

Las Colinas Beach Club swimming pool








The Beach club is open between March and October. There is a lost at the door.

Enso Sushi Restaurant.
There is both a Sushi restaurant in the main club as well as in the beach club although the one in beach club is only open in summer.

The Sushi Restaurant in the Golf Resort is open from:
Tuesday till Thursday from 13.00 to 17.00
Friday and Saturday from 13.00 till 17.00 and 19.30 to 23.00.
On Sundays we are open from 13.00 till 17.00 and its closed on Monday
It’s advisable to book a table their  phone number is  96 532 41 14.

“Poco Loco”        Cabo Roig

Activities and atmosphere

The “Poco Loco ” is a Tex Mex Restaurant, and at first this is the best choice to with big family and kids.
Even though this Mexican restaurant across the Cabo Roig strip is an awesome place to go with Kids.
Almost each night they have children activities planned.
So this makes it an unforgettable night for the kids.Meanwhile parents can enjoy their meal.
After this there is sometimes live music or other activities.

The Menu and food.
The Poco Loco offers a Menu for 12,99 and it includes starters, Main and a dessert.
While the food is mixed American and Mexican.
In addition,they offer huge Cocktails. so make sure you either have a sober driver. Or you can naturally can call a cheap Taxi to go home. After all it is holiday, and time to relax and enjoy.
At the” Poco Loco”food quality is good and is great value for the money.
At the top of the building, there is a nice terrace.
If you want huge portions check out the “à la carte” Menu.
Naturally you can share a starter with 3 persons and still have plenty of food.
After that there is a range of Mexican or American dishes.

First : good valued  and decorated restaurant.
Is perfect to go with kids and family.  Staff is super friendly and the place is nicely decorated. in the Mexican style.
But if you want to enjoy a calm restaurant, you might want to skip this place and head over to the” Cellar Door”.

Orihuela Costa restaurants worth Mentioning.

If you are looking to eat Indian food we could recommend “the Mumbai Blue” .
They have a wide range of curries and prizes are ok.

“Chapter One” offers a nice English menu with some fine dining options. But prices are a bit more on the expensive side in comparison to the other restaurants.


Because we loved the food in the Cellar Door, we went to the “Truffel” this fall.
The chef of the Cellar Door started this little restaurant in La Fuente.

It was a gastronomic experience thanks to chef Pascual and his team.
We chose different dishes and they were all delicious.
It is very difficult to chose between the lamb, the hake, the superb beef cheeks….
And the desserts ! I melt for the tasty picture on a plate.
A real high standard for the menu.
We took the menu of 18 € ! Amazing value for this price.
Everything was well presented.


Chef/owner Pascual loves his job and  got respect for the food itself. It reflects in everything.

Restaurante “Los Cucalos”. Los Dolses

Adress: Monte Zenia, Urbanización Los Dolses, Orihuela Costa.
This is a very large, local restaurant. It is very popular by the Spanish local people.
This is the place where the local families go to eat. The staff is very friendly ans speak English.
First of all the place  is very good value for money. But it is not cheap food or ordinary is it is Spanish food. The chef has won several local competitions with his food.
The restaurant is a family restaurant, with a real Mediterranean food.

At the “Los Cucalos.” there is already a daily menu from 10 €.
At Sunday there is a special menu for 12 € ! But you can also chose  ” a la carte” .
We eat the paella , it was excellent.
Since the start the restaurant is also known for it great seafood.
If you want a favorite dish who is one the large menu, ask the staff and they will do all the possible to help you.
The restaurant is closed on Monday, because that is the fisherman day off.
The one negative point is that the location is a bit difficult to find.
To conclude , the  restaurant is large , 250 places,  with large windows.
It is ideal for family with children.So If the children are coming with you there is a separate play ground for kids .

Free wifi.
Free easy parking.

Rianxeira Restaurant        Cabo Roig.

Rainxeira Restaurants is a nice Spanish restaurant.
Excellent food and paella. Fantastic value  quality price . Nearly every night there is a good entertainment. It is sure a  place to enjoy with friends.
A lovely welcome and service by the staff.

Last time, we ordered  the 3 course set menu which included a half bottle of house wine per person. It was also the Flamenco evening, with a Spanish singer and Flamenco dancer.
For the three of us we paid a bill of only 45 € so we paid 15 € each.The menu include a salad , pan con aioli , a starter , a main-course, and a house made dessert. But also the half bottle of wine per person , so for us three one bottle and a half. And finally a coffee.

That ” flamenco “night,  at first we choose the home-made paella, second the main course was hake with e delicious sauce and potatoes  and  at last the dessert was a perfect  homemade apple cake ( tarte tatin ) with ice scream.
When you want to see the  ” animation” it is better to book your table. The restaurant has a steady flow of regular customers.
Their is always something to do at the evening: a Flamenco evening , a opera singer , a musical singer … Check the planning  at the planner in front of the restaurant.

“The French Touch”          La fuente Campoamor.

The restaurants at La Fuente are on a good location. The french touch is one of this restaurants.
It has the sun into the evening.  So there is a lovely setting for just a drink or for eating on the terrace.
The bar / restaurant has a great choice of food on the menu.
The staff is friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The patron wants to please his guests.
We enjoyed the daily fresh fish, it was well prepared and very tasty.
Our friends did try the fondue , they said it was very good.
The quality is good .
The restaurant have a “menu del dia” as well as ” a la carte “.
Give it a try to make up your own mind.

“Numbar 5” at the strip          Cabo roig.

The Cabo Roig  strip near the N 332 is a large boulevard of restaurants , bar and shops.
At this strip one of the good Orihuela Costa restaurants is the  ” Numbar 5 “.
At the menu there is plenty of choice. The portion size  are good. Not too much, so you are not stuffed at the first plate.
The” Numbar 5″ got a daily menu at 9.95 €.  A starter a main course and a dessert.
Last time we visited the restaurant is  the main was  f.e. a superb 6oz steak.
The food is delicious and made with love and respect for the food itself. That some times the different with other restaurant on the strip.
The dessert is  very tasty for example the chocolate mousse.
The service is quick but not hasty. The staff is efficient and attentive.
The “Numbar 5” is well worth a visit, so give it a try.


The Indigo is one of the  Orihuela Costa restaurants situated in La Zenia.
The restaurant Indigo serves Indian food.
The owner  end his wife is extremely welcoming.
The food is coocked by an Indian cook. You can see him work in the open kitchen.
It takes a little while, because everything is home-made.
We love the chutneys , the samosa’s with mint sauce and of course the curry’s.
The indigo offer also a take away service.
The flavours are excellent.
And the house wine is highly recommended .
So it is worth you visit if you like Indian food.
Adress: Calle Antonio Machado 7, La Zenia