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Another nice town: Denia

To start, Denia is in the North of the Alicante region. This region is a part of the Costa Blanca.
Thh most important, it has been elected as one of the nicest town of the Costa Blanca.
Nearby Denia is  the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.
West of the town,  there are the mountains of the  Montgo. This natural park is popular  for hiking.  From the top of the mountains, you can see the island of Ibiza.

“Bous al Mar” Fiesta

Indeed, Denia host many festivals or fiestas. For instance, the popular by locals and tourist :the running of the bulls fiesta. This fiesta “Bous al Mar” takes places  in July. It has even been declared as being of National interest.
Of course, bulls are involved.

Denia Bous al mar

Denia Bous al mar

The history of the bull running goes back to the  17 century.
Now, males young and older pretend to be  “toreros” for a moment. In brief, the bulls end up in the water, the “toreros” very often also.

“Las Fallas “

As nearly every where in Southern Spain, also Denia has it Fallas festival.
With parades and  huge bonfires of puppets in papier maché. The Fallas in Denia are in March.

What to see  in Denia ?

The watch guard over Denia is his  castle . In the past, the castle was built by the Moors. This was about the 11 century. Then , it was nearly a palace for the governor of the Moors .
As a result of its location it was later on a watch tower against the pirates. And it was used for military purposes.

The castle is the highest point in the city and you can get up to the roof for the best view of the harbour and also Montgo to the southeast.

From the castle , you have a splendid panorama over the Mediterranean Sea, the harbor,  and the mountains of Montgo.



The old town, with the narrow streets is very attractive. In fact, it is a waterside quarter that for ages has been the living place for the sailors and the fisherman.
The houses are in different colors. The many balconies are full  with red flowers.


The harbor and marina have a beautiful promenade.

The coastline of Denia is approximately 20 kilometers long.
So, there are sandy beaches but also rocky coves. East of the town the beaches become smaller and more with rocks.
For instance, ” Les Rotes” is the place to be for litlle beaches and coves and seafood restaurants.

Some of them has received the Blue Flag. An award for cleanness and quality of the water and the beach.
There are also many nice beach bars or chiringuito  . To take a snack or a breakfast or late in the evening a cocktail and tapas.




The beaches and the sea are also popular for watersport.

For instance, kite surfing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling.



On daily base , the fish market with the auctions. Worth to see.
The regular market is on Monday morning . The place to buy fruit, vegetables, fish, meats . Or holiday souvenirs.


Once again, the cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. With seafood and fish.
So, in Denia you find many seafood restaurants. The local paella is really excellent. In particular, the Denia prawn. It is really very good  if you want to pay the extra for it..
But if you prefer there are also restaurants with an international cuisine.

Tips for trips

For instance, take the tram south to Calpe.
Or visit Altea or the popular  Benidorm.
Furthermore , go visit the nice city of Alicante.

Likewise , take the ferry to Ibiza or Palma for a weekend stay. The departure of the ferry to the Balearic  islands is in Denia port.

To end

As you can read, Denia is worth the visit . Not only for his sunny beaches but also for his Bull Fiesta.

Dog friendly beaches Costa Blanca .

Costa Blanca has beaches for everyone. Even for our best friends, the dogs.
Find dog friendly beaches on this page.
Dog friendly beaches are the heaven on earth for your friend but also for yourself.
Let your dog enjoy the beaches, the sand and the water while he is on vacation with his owner.
At the Costa Blanca there are several dog friendly beaches to let your dog run around.

dog friendly beaches

dog friendly beaches

Relevant is that you don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and in addition a bowl.
Due to Mediterranean sun your dog can easily overheat.
Because not all the dog beaches have dog fountains .
As result that your dog is being thirsty.
So you can never be too safe at the salty Mediterranean sea.

Also as a dog keeper : “scoop your poop” and also use the rubbish bins.
Spending time with your dog at the Costa Blanca dog friendly beaches is a great way to relax and also enjoy the beautiful beaches.

But most of all,  enjoy the summer with your friend  and first of all read our top 6 of dog friendly beaches.

Alicante’s dog friendly beaches : Agua  Amarga

From 15 June till 15 September the Agua Amarga beach will have a dog friendly beaches.
The beach will be  an area full of amenities for dogs. This is really the best beach of all.

Dog friendly beaches Agua Amarga Alicante

Dog friendly beaches Agua Amarga Alicante

A company will take over the service  from the town hall.
The councilor wants a beach first of all adapted for the animals . Where users with their four feet friend will be able at the same time to ask for a snack but also for a drink at the beach bar.
As a result that the service will be first class and set finally the standard for other dog beaches on national level.
At the beach bar the dog owners will be able to buy  a new a lead  or a life jacket for their furry company.
Near the beach bar, there will be a space offering dog owners information on the dog related services such as shops and vets.
At the beach there is post to tie their mascots safely and give water and food.

The dog friendly beaches will include hammocks with umbrellas, so the dogs can escape from the heat of the sun. Even elevated platforms for when the dogs want to take a break away from the hot sand.
On the 250 squares meters of the dog beach there will be an area for the pets to do ” their business” . This place will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
All dogs must have their passport with vaccinations.
Seems like at Agua Amarga Alicante there will be a beach, where dog owners will able to enjoy together with their pet a probably a perfect sunny and relax day.

lovely dog friendly beaches

lovely dog friendly beaches

Villajoyosa dog friendly beaches :Playa El Xarco

The beach of El Xarco at Villajoyosa is a very quit pebble beach. The beach can be windy.
The access is only possible by car by Venta El Xarco on the main road.

Gandia, Playa Can. 
At Gandia the dog friendly zone  is sandy and located  at the end of the beach.
On the beach dogs must be on leads.
Except when the dogs are swimming in the clear water.

Santa Pola,  Calas del Cuartel.
This doggy beach is located  by the Santa Pola light house.
The dog beach is  a small sandy beaches with a little bit of pebbles.
At Santa Pola beach the pet owner is well come with maximum two dogs.
Dogs who are dangerous must wear  therefore a muzzle to avoid problems with other dogs.

The dog beach for Denia is the Playa de la Escollera Norte.

Elche, Playa El Pinet.
This beach in Elche has sandy dunes and also pine trees.
Same as at the beach of Santa Pola, there is a muzzle obligatory for the dogs who can be dangerous.
At the doggy beach of Elche, due to the Spanish law, all dogs must have their passport with vaccinations.

In the future, in 2018 Calpe , Torrievieja  and Beniisa  are thinking of opening also their dog beaches. So that your dog can jump into the Mediterranean Sea.

El Campello,
The best thing in Campello there are two dog beaches.
First : Playa de Punta del Riu.
At El Campello the dog friendly beach is located near by the dry river. Therefore the beach is a pebble beach.
At the beach there are natural rock pools, but take care of the currents while your pet is swimming .
Then Playa Barranc d’ aiges.

Altea has a beach where  the dogs are welcome. More specifically is the Playa Mar Y Monatana.


But at  last.

Finally at all beaches as an owner of a dog,  you must clean up after your pets.
Their fore the authorities  give heavy fines to foul the beaches.
By Spanish law, all dogs must be micro chipped. Your pet must be vaccinated yearly against rabies and your little darling need to have a pet passport. The authorities may demand to see “Max” or ” Lola” passport.


Checklist before taking “Lola” or “Max” on vacation to the Costa Blanca dog friendly beaches.

  • European passport filled with completed schedule of vaccination certificate, the vaccination against rabies and possibly the health declaration.
  • Necklace with tube with vacation address and telephone number.
  • Bench: ideal to transport your pet but also usually required in your holiday.
  • Eat and drink bowls.
  • Can opener for food.
  • Dog poop bags.
  • Photo of your pet if he would run away.
  • A first aid kit.
  • Toys for your pet.

Dog friendly beaches : a success.

Since it was opened in June 2016 more than 100 dogs a day where registered.
So Lola and max have been enjoying the beaches.

The city council said it has been an even more popular than they expected.Many pet holders have been coming regularly from all over the province. They prefer the beaches  to others nearby where the dogs are allowed.
The town hall checks  daily the quality of the water  the health controls of the pets , the identity of the dogs, the setting even the quality of the sand.
The council have received many congratulations for their initiative.
in addition the behavior of the dog owners and pets are excellent .