Markets in South Costa Blanca

Spain is famous for its street markets.
We have put together a great selection of the most popular and best Markets in South Costa Blanca.
Presently, markets in South Costa Blanca are  taking place every day .
Nevertheless, to avoid arriving on the wrong day we made you a list .

Markets in South Costa Blanca
Markets in South Costa Blanca

The best, the markets are the meeting points for the expats and the Spanish people.
While, they are situated at nearly every town and village. In brief, if you want to meet the real Spanish culture. Then go to the traditional villages and towns and you will find what ever you want.
More specifically, try to combine a  visit to the market with the discovery of the village. So you can discover the typical bars and restaurants. As a result, you will have a great filled day out.

Now, the colorful markets are held at the most of the main town and villages. In fact,  trough out the province of Alicante.
As a result, all Markets in South Costa Blanca are visited by the local themselves. Indeed, the markets stalls offer a real taste of the Spanish life. In particular, you can taste the fresh local products. Indeed, there is numerous fruits, the great choice of vegetables. Side by side by a tempting selection of seasonal herbs. Naturally, also the jamon, the chorizo or the cheese.
In short, enjoy the color of the flowers.
Thus, the Markets in South Costa Blanca are the weekly appointment. In fact, feel the the vibrant atmosphere. Indeed,  the stalls are  full of various products .From household to fashion or clothing.
The markets are one of the best places to learn an become familiar with the Spanish diversity.

For the locals and the tourist the nearest local market becomes a weekly trip. It is a part of their lifestyle at  the sunny South Costa Blanca.
The local markets usually set up early in the morning, ready for the sell around 8 a clock.
The markets stops  around 1 pm in the afternoon, before the great heath of the sun.
It nearly never rains, so the stalls are always there.
Like every where else, vehicles have no access to the market place or streets.

The first, Torrevieja’s weekly Market is very busy.
The marker occupies five streets. The largest market in the area with space for over 1000 stalls .
In particular, the market is every Friday morning.

Almoradi has a large market. They selling plants, vegetables, fruits, craft and gifts. But also household items, clothes and shoes.
Situated at the plaza Constitution and the surrounding streets .
The market is every Saturday morning .

Playa Flamenca.
The largest and busiest in the area is the Playa Flamenca market.
Situated nearby many commercial centers and Zenia Boulevard.
Presently, the market is every Saturday morning

Outside Guardamar is the campo de Guardama. It is an inland area of the town.
El Raso is situated nearby Campo de Guardamar. El Raso has a very popular and busy market.
While local people called it ” the Lemon Tree Market” with at least 400 stalls.
Now,the market is every Sunday morning.

San Miguel de Salinas.
San Miguel de Salinas has a busy street market .
On top of the town,the market streets are above the pink Laguna de Torrevieja.
Indeed,take your time to discover the surroundings. After all, from the village you can get  a impressive view over the countryside. In fact, this landscape is  full of orange trees ” entre Naranjos” and the salt lake.
Now, the market is every Wednesday morning.

Markets in South Costa Blanca.

Formentera de Segura.
San Pedro del Pinitar.
Santa Pola.

Daya Nueva.
La Union.
Los Alcazares.
Mil Palmeras.
San Fugencia.
San Miguel de Salinas.


Callososa de segura.
La mata.
San Isididro.
San Miguel de Salinas.
Santiago de ribera.

Gran Alacant.
La Marina.
San Javier.

Los Montesinos.
Pilar de la Horadada.
Torrevieja. The location is changed since Easter 2017. See for more details Torrevieja 

Hondon Las Nieves.
Los narejos.
Guerdamar de Segura.
Playa Flamenca.
Torre Pacheco.

Campo de Guardamar.
Lo Pagan. And the La Sal Market on the third Sunday of the month.
Mil Palmeras.
Pilar de Horadada.
Santa Pola = second hand market on the first Sunday of the month.


Guardamar Tapas Route

Guardamar organizes its third route of tapas. This time the theme is the Tapas with a history inspired by the ancient Arab culture.  The tapas route is from the 17th of October till the 9th November.  The Tapas including a drink cost 1 euro 90 so no excuses to not try them.

Guardamar Tapas Route
Guardamar Tapas Route

The route is organized by the Town Council and the theme had been choses due to the Islāmic History of Guardamar.  You can get the Map of the route at each of the participating restaurants or at the The Tourist Office , you can recognize the participating restaurant or bar by a moorish drawn person outside.  In total there are 14 places where you can enjoy a Tapa.

At each restaurant you can get a stamp which allows you to vote for your favorite tapa in the end and win a prize.  The maps should be deposited before the 11th of November if you want to take part in this prize drawing. Else you can just keep them as a nice memory.

Map Route Guardamar Plan
Map Route Guardamar Plan

Prizes for participating establishments :

1) Best Cover Award elected by popular vote from customers. The establishment winner will receive a plaque and a prize of € 200.00.

2) Participation in the course of the CDT of Torrevieja “Tapas and Pinchos”

Awards for clients and consumers

1) Award “Buy Guardamar.” 5 gift vouchers for € 100 in purchases, offered by the City of Guardamar, consume in any setting will be drawn Guardamar.

2) Popular Jury Award . Three meals or dinners (choice) for two people will be drawn, the maximum amount of 35.00 € per person. Entered to win those customers who have collected 6 different stamps and deposit the map-route sealed and filled in the Tourist Office until November 11, 2014 (inclusive), with all required data, otherwise it will be deemed null participation.

The draws will be public and will be held on November 14, 2014 at 12: 00h in the Hall of City Hall.

The awards ceremony will be public and will be held in the Council Chamber of City Hall, conveniently communicating the winners day and time.

Participating establishments:

THE BARRACA – C / Jorge Juan s / n Tel 671 03 May 44.
THE ÑORA -.. Avda Els Pins, Tel 96 672 58 54 70
HOTEL Guardamar -.. Puerto Rico Avda 11 96 572 96 50 Tel
GARDEN RESTAURANT ( SOUTHERN HOTEL) – Avda Llibertat, Tel 96 572 64 83 40..
PIL PIL – C / Gate of Cairo, 3 96 672 81 92 Tel.
KIOSKO PARK – Avda Cervantes s / n Tel 646 96 20 16..
MESÓN LAURA -.. Avda Las Dunas, Tel 96 672 35 59 41
Avda del Peru CASABLANCA, 2 Tel 96 672 58 22..
CAFETERIA HERNANDEZ -. C / San Jose, Tel 107 671 18 October 29
Arroceria Candela – C / Brasil 4 96 572 98 04 Tel.
YACHT CLUB -.. Avda Port s / n Tel 96 672 82 94
FOAM BREWERY – C / Blasco Ibáñez esq. Cartagena Tel 691 91 59 57.
CHEMA RESTAURANT -.. Avda Cervantes s / n Tel 96 572 85 12
MAR HOTEL EDEN – Avenida Mediterraneo, Tel 96 572 19 92 13..
HOUSE PACO – Mediterranean esq Avda.. C / La Paz Tel 96 672 55 56.
GALICIA RESTAURANT – C / Cartagena, 19 96 672 59 77 Tel.
MIGUEL -. C / San Pedro, Tel 644 29 25 53 38