Lorca, a baroque city in the Murcia region

Lorca is a beautiful town in the Murcia region .
At the feet of a fortress it is a different way for you to meet the Spanish history.
In the past, in 1964 the  old center was declared a town of Historical and Artistic interest.
By many visitors ii is called the ” baroque city” .
Due to the large heritage of the baroque period.


Situation of Lorca

Lorca is located between the mountains of Calo de los Enamorados and Penarrubia.

It is a an hour drive from the city of Murcia. So a day trip to Murcia is worthwhile.

A day trip to Murcia for its fine buildings, riverside walks and excellent dining is worthwhile.

We went to Lorca for a weekend, and we enjoyed every minute of the 48 hours.

Adventuring in the countryside, visiting small towns and villages and sampling the local produce is a popular pursuit.
Also an hour drive to the beaches Cartagena or Mazarron and the blue Mediterranean Sea.
The beach of Aguilas is also very popular by the locals and a half hour drive from the city.

Furthermore, the lovely city is approximately 1.30 hour drive from the Airport of Almeria.
Or 1 hour 30 minutes from San Javier Airport Murcia .
And from Alicante, El altet airport  1 hour 45 minutes.

Lorca Baroque city
Lorca Baroque city


Indeed it is a typical Mediterranean climate.
The weather is splendid, it is the south of Spain.
The nearby coast is the Costa Calida, the warm coast.
So the winters are very smooth. The spring and the autumn are excellent to travel. The summer is very hot.
Nearly every day , there is the sun.
Also, it is protected by the surrounding mountains.
In 1986 the WHO recommended the climate as one of the most equitable in the world.


History of Lorca

From the roman times , till now a variety of cultures came to the town.
Now, the many archaeological sites are the witness. To sum up : The Milaria Column from the Roman Age, The Alfonsina tower, the San Antonio Porch or gate…

The medieval fortress.

The most impressive is the  medieval fortress.
The Lorca castle  has been for centuries the border between the Moors and the Christians.

So we recommend it  strongly to start your visit of the City with the castle.
The  entrance is 5 €. Including an audio guide in English, French, Spanish….
The opening hours are from 10:30 till 19:30 from Monday till Sunday.

Lorca Castle
Lorca Castle

In the old center of the town, the narrow cobbled streets and the many plaza’s are very popular.

The Archaeological Museum.

The town has a fine Archaeological Museum.
The three roman milestones are exhibited. You can also see the oldest reminds from the Paleolithic to the Medieval Times.
The entrance  is free .
The opening hours are from 10:00 till 14:00 and 17:00 to 19:00.
From Tuesday to Saturday.

Lorca Museo Arqueologico
Lorca Museo Arqueologico

Visitors center

Built on a the remains  near the medieval wall of Lorca is the visitor center.
Indeed, at the permanent exhibition you can learn more about the history of Lorca, its habitats, its traditions and its territory.
You can find everything to start to love the city and its spirit of baroque.

The palace of Guevara

The palace was built-in the 17th century. It constitutes one of the best examples of the Civil baroque Art of Spain.
The entrance is free.

And the opening hours are  from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 19:30.

Lorca Palace of Guevara
Lorca Palace of Guevara

 Las Alamedas

This garden is  the largest green area in the city. It is considered as one of the most important places in Lorca.

Lorca Alamedas
Lorca Alamedas

The Alamedas were created in the 18th century. It is a large walking garden with little bars and children play gardens.
Nearby the garden is the bullring and the railway station. This location shows the importance in the 19th century of the Alamedas gardens.
We did make several walks into beautiful garden to go to our hotel who was nearby.

Lorca Bullring
Lorca Bullring


Markets of Lorca

The markets are a part of the history of Lorca. In the past, in the 15th century the king granted a free market.  With even a pig market. Yes, pigs are popular is Spain , because of the excellent ” Jamon”.

Nowadays  the weekly market is every Thursday. There are also two food markets one at the Plaza de las Hortalizas and one at the Explanada de la Estacion.


Like anywhere in Spain , there are department stores of the Spanish branches. For example: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Cortefiel, Lefties, … You find them in the main street but also in the shopping center ” Parque Almenara”.
Of course there are also many fine boutiques and local arts and craft shops .

The countryside

For the lovers of walking and running there are in the countryside great opportunities.
We will try the “Ruta del Cajo de los Enamorados ” of the lovers .
If you are prefer easy cycling there are many quit rural roads in the countryside.
For the more trained ones , there are pretty routes up in the hills and the mountains with splendid views.
In the high mountain you can also hang gliding. If you want to try it, place to be is the top of the Penarubia.

Cuisine of Lorca

The Murcia region is fertile with a large range of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Rice is also very popular here. Rice is a basic ingredient for the region cuisine and gastronomy.
The Mediterranean Sea with the fish and sea food is just a drive away.
So take the mix of fish and  the meat of the mountains and you become the cuisine of Lorca.

To sum up some dishes : “Arroz Marninero” ( seafood ) , “Paelle Huertana ( vegetable paella ), ” Arroz con conejo” ( rabbit ).
Try also the “potaje ” a rich stew and  also the Caldo Murciano ( soup dish). The local caviar is called ” Huevas de Mujol. They are all culinary specialty of the Murcia region.

Lorca Huevas de Mujol
Lorca Huevas de Mujol






We went to a superb “Taberna” to enjoy a racion de Jamon with bread, a nice local wine  and the local olives. Furthermore the owner treated us also with free little home made tapa’s. Life is good at Lorca.

Lorca Jamon
Lorca Jamon


So, Lorca is a very nice city  and sure worth the visit.