Benidorm, the most popular.

First, Benidorm is one of the most famous places at the Costa Blanca.
It is really the Sunny coast tourist capital and destination for many West European holiday seekers.

Benidorm city
Benidorm city


The city has a typical Mediterranean climate.

In fact, this means warm hot summers. With  temperature who  can be really hot . With maximum from 29 to 35 degrees.
SO, the minimum temperature ( night) in summer are mostly  between 19 and 23 degrees.
Even the winters are mild .
So even in the winter, you can make a walk in t-shirt on the promenade who is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Indeed, the temperatures at noon range from 17 to 21 degrees.
The best is that the city enjoys of more than 3 000 hours of sun a year.
While the  average annual temperature is  19 degrees.


Naturally, there is an incredible choice of restaurants and bars. From fine dining to tapas.
Indeed, a wide range to please all nationalities who are coming to the most popular city of Benidorm.

Benidorm Cuisine
Benidorm Cuisine

How to get there

By air
Now, most people are coming from Alicante airport El Altet.
This airport  is an hour drive.

By car
The highway AP 7
Or the old way ; N 332

By car
By car

More over renting a car ?
The renting of a car in Spain on our website : car rentals.

By bus
Mostly booked with your travel agency.

What to see in Benidorm

First the historic old quarter is worth a visit. There are still some Moorish influences and accents .
It is in the middle of the beautiful promenade along the Mediterranean Sea.
In fact, the old quarter is famous for his three plazas.
From one of them you have a really astonished view  on the two beaches. But also on the skyline of Benidorm.


In the old town there is also a weekly market.

Nightlife in Benidorm

First of all, people come to this city for the nightlife.
As there is a hug selection of every sort of  bars, disco bars, entertainment, cabaret shows and nightclubs.
For example “Benidorm Palace” is very popular for his great shows and dinners.

Golf courses

There are three golf courses in Benidorm. For the lovers: a 18 hole to a 9 hole pitch.

But good to known , the whole Costa Blanca is a golf player paradise.
There are many 18 golf courses.
The best is that  there are nearly all around 100 kilometers drive around Benidorm. Some say that they are ranked amongst the top of Europe.


Water and animal parks in Benidorm

The best, there are several w ater parks and theme attraction parks in Benidorm.
There are even two who are selected as the best of Europe.
Those who like to splash in the water, we recommended sure a visit to Aqua Natura or Aqualandia
Those who prefer more nature and wildlife and dolphins.
Then you can chose between Terra Natura and Mundomar.

One of them is Mundomar, famous for the dolphins . See our page on Mundomar.

Then, there are is an animal parks who are really worth the visit it is Terra Natura. It one of the new generations zoo’s.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

Next for those who like attractions mixed with ancient history of Egypt and Rome the go to Terra Mitica.
Read more about this very nice park on our webpage Terra Mitica.

Benidorm Mundomar
Benidorm Mundomar

Then when the water of the Mediterranean Sea is not enough there is also a fantastic water park Aqualandia  next to Mundo Mar nature park.
Are you interested ? Read more about it on our page Aqualandia.

Beaches of Benidorm

The best is that there are two beautiful beaches.
The first is the beach of “Poniente” ( where the sun goes under), the other is the beach of ” Levante” ( where the sun goes up ).
The Poniente is popular by Spanish tourist. The sandy beach of  Levante is most popular by the Belgian and the English tourists.
The beaches have a beautiful walking and strolling boulevards. Also a small but nice  harbor and Marina.

All of the beaches have a Blue Flag. The Blue Flag means the maximum quality standard for the water and the beaches.


Every Wednesday and Sunday large open air market .
Do you like markets ? See our page Markets at the Costa Blanca 

Indeed with everything you want to buy. To sum up : fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes, toys, souvenirs, jewelry….

Benidorm markets
Benidorm markets

Tip for trips

For the shoppers but just out-of-town : a nice shopping center is the “ La Marina Shopping center .

In fact, you find this center between Benidorm and Villajoyosa.

Presently , it has four floors.
The underground floor is the free parking. Then two large floors full of shopping possibilities .
For example: Jysk, El corte Ingles, Sport Zone, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Benetton, C&A, H&M…
But also the nice shops of “Tous” and “Desigual”.
So it is an ideal place , when the sun goes down.
Or when the sun is to warm between the hours of the siesta.

Another nice trip is Alicante city . Read more about on our page Alicante.


Or a trip into the mountains , to the lovely town of Guadalest and the beautiful waterfalls of Algar.  You can see more on our page Guadalest 

Benidorm Guadalest
Benidorm Guadalest

To end

In brief the city has something for any one .
To sum up : Beaches, shops, promenades, bars, restaurants, a splendid climate.
Furthermore : Award winning family attractions
Then, the nightlife : you hate it or you love it .

As a result , Benidorm is surely the Costa Blanca most popular place.

What to do in Torrevieja

What to do in Torrevieja ? One of the most popular place on the Costa Blanca.

In fact, Torrevieja is a popular destination among tourists. To sum up for its wide range of attractions from the Shopping centers to the Waterparks and Nightlife.
Also its one of the  perfect places to start exploring the rest of the Costa Blanca.
For instance  take a mud bath in Lo Pagan . Or enjoy a historical walk across Cartagenas Roman Amphitheatre.

What to do in Torrevieja :Torrevieja Shopping.

Furthermore, Torrevieja has some typical Spanish shops in the downtown city center.
But  most tourists immediately go to one of the Shopping Centers just across town.


What To Do in Torrevieja go shopping in Habaneras Shopping Centre
What To Do in Torrevieja go shopping in Habaneras Shopping Centre.


First, Habaneras is quite and nice shopping center on the outside of Torrevieja.
The mall has 3 levels of shopping streets, and is surrounded by other stores and cinemas.

More info about Habaneras Shopping Centre

What to do in Torrevieja =Torrevieja Markets

Main Market

Visit the Friday market : “Mercadillo Estacio de autobuses de Torrevieja “.
From 8:00 to 14:00.
The market of Torrevieja is one of the largest markets in Spain.
About 1200 stalls offers you: shoes, clothes, fruits, vegetables or curtains.
But also handbags, accessories, Spanish ham and sausages. And of course towels, bars, churros, gifts ….and much more to buy.

Torrevieja market
Torrevieja market

A new Location.
Torrevieja most busy Friday street market is going to move to his new location before Easter.
Stall holders have already been visit  the new location. They know exactly where and how to sit up their stalls.
The new location  is the “Antanio Soria” park. Close to the sport facilities of the city.
Nearby the public transport with the C line .There will also be a taxi parking at the market site.
There will be enough parking place  for the shoppers but also for the  stall holders.
Shoppers and Market traders will be impressed with the amount of space.

There will be improvements. For instance, to the security with the pick pockets.  Indeed , there will be a permanent police present at the market place. And the police will be helped by volunteers from the civil  protection.
So the regular pick pocketing on the markets will not be reported. Because of the increased visible presence of police and civil protection.
The location has rooms for 630 stalls  and is 5 000 m2 large.

So this will be the end, for the problems for the residents on the old location with a market on their front door .

The number of buses will increase on Friday.Due to the the demand for this service.

Evening Market at Torrevieja boulevard

Every Evening.
From 8pm till midnight (20 – 00).
Located at the Paseo de la Libertad (The Promenade of Liberty).
It has about 100 stalls


What to do in Torrevieja :Torrevieja Water Parks.

Torrevieja Water park has 3 water parks if you also count Quesada as part of Torrevieja the most famous one is of course Torrevieja aquapark or Aquopolis in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja waterparks
Torrevieja waterparks


We have a website dedicated to these water parks and their location and opening hours.
Torrevieja Water Parks

What to do in Torrevieja =Culture and Museums.

La Mata Nature Park

La Mata is a nature park in Torrevieja we dedicated a full article about la Mata at  La Mata natural Park

Isla de Tabarca

If you want to spend a day on a boat cruising the Mediterranean sea or you want to a trip with one of the sea excursions the Island of Tabarca can be easily visited from Torrevieja or Santa Pola  The Island of Tabarca is an old Berber pirate island. Isle of Tabarca.

Fishing boat tourism

From now on you can do a trip with a fisherboat.
You can  see how the crew works, how the catch is being unlooaded at the dock of the fishermen port. And also how it is been sold in the auction house.
At lunchtime you can enjoy a fish stew.

This a very nice way to learn more about the fishing industry.


Spanish Horses and Flamenco show .

Go see a Spanish Horses and Flamenco show and enjoy the culture and the beautiful warms colors the  Spanish tradition .

There are several diners’ shows: Carmen, Flamenco and  Cabellos espagnoles .
The waiters speak several languages and the shows are splendid.

The Submarine museum.

The “ Delfin Muelle Pesqueroé de Torrevieja also known as the floating museums.
Indeed, the floating museums are a combination of 3 ships laying in the harbor of Torrevieja.
To sum up, the ships in the museum are a submarine, a patrol boat and a Sailing Ship.
The Submarine is called the” Delphin”,  which mean the dolphin. It is worth a visit, because  so you can feel in reality the claustrophobic atmosphere the sailors had to go trough.
For instance, the Submarine could stay submerged for about 30 days.
It’s a perfect introduction to the Submarine culture in Spain. While, they are still active in the harbor of Cartagena.
The Sailing ship is being renovated. It is a typical vessel. In the past, the ship transported goods from South America to Spain.

The Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from  9:00 till 21:00

The Salt and Sea Museum.

The Salt and Sea museum is a small museum. It is  located not far from the tourist Information center of Torrevieja in the Paseo Vistalegre.
The Museum has some small reconstruction of the old Harbor.
The museum focuses it on the history of the boats in “Torrevieja” and  its free to visit.
It is open from 10 till 14.00 and from 17.00 till 21.00


Torrevieja Nightlife and Nightclubs, Pubs.

Pacha Torrevieja , now OZ Discoteca OZ

In the past, the Pacha Torrevieja was popular but is now called OZ. It  still has the typical Pacha style like VIP area and roof terrace.
Its one of the bigger clubs in Torrevieja and has foam party’s in the summer.
It is located near Aquapolis Water Park. and not so far from Habaneras.
The minimum age to enter the club is 16.
Adress Avenida Delfine Viudes, s/n · 03183 TORREVIEJA (Alicante), Alicante

Torrevieja Disco
Torrevieja Disco

Love Discoteca.

Fist,  “Love Discoteca” has been open for more than two decades.
Night revelers can dance the nights away every weekend of the year.
It has themed and styled events and the minimum age to enter the club is 18. This is due to the “professional” dancers

Adress:  Polígono Industrial Casagrande, Calle Antonio Ruiz Coves, 26, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spai


Is a new discotheque in Torrevieja for 20+. It started in July 2016.
In the Summer planning there are several theme nights .

Such as the  Tuesday : Mojito night. Then Wednesday :  Salsa and Bachata night. Next Thursday Rosé Nuit. At last at Sunday : breaking Black night.
Open every day. Start at 11:30 till 08:00.

Velice Torrevieja
Velice Torrevieja

Velice discotheque is a new “discoteca” of a famous group in Spain. They try to line up the best DJ in the region. The discotheque has theme  animation . Furthermore several artists come to perform. While, the Gogo girl are present.
Those who know it , say that the discotheque is the place to be at Torrevieja.Even one of the best clubs of the Costa Blanca.
In sum, on the planning for the summer  there are  COYU, DJ Nano, Fonsi Nieto, Luis LOpez, B Jones., DJ Joswerk…..There are also special guests.
In fact, the Dance and night club got a garden with a capacity of 1000 persons. While inside there is place for 1500 persons.
At Friday and Saturday the entrance is 10 €. The other days of the week , the entrance is free.

Adress : Calle Estay 2 , Torrevieja .

Before the Aquopolis.


To end

To conclude , in Torrevieja there is something for every one.