Ondara, Costa Blanca: what to discover.

First of all, Ondara is located in the province of Alicante. More specific , four kilometers inland of the coast of Denia.
Denia is situated in the Northern part of the Costa Blanca. It is also a very popular holiday destination.


Ondara, a little hidden germ.

Few tourist  at the Costa Blanca explore  Ondara.  But the little town has a very interesting  historical centre. But it is hidden by a busy ring road.
More popular is the shopping center.” Portal de la Marina”. Indeed, it is a large shopping center at the Avenida Costa  Blanca at Ondara.


So next time when you go to the shopping center, perhaps take also the time to stop in the lovely historical center.

Because it  has a beautiful old town.




First of all, in the middle town is the  Plaza de toros. Since ages this Plaza has been the meeting place for the locals.
Recent  renovation has discovered the original features and stones.

When the main entrance is close, you can still visit the bull ring.  Enter the bullring trough the terrace of the restaurant.

From here you can see  the whole complex.



Just across the road from the bullring, there is a large white house.

In the past, this long white building was the fresh foodmarket of Ondara.

Now it is a cultural space. Regular there are concerts or exhibitions.

From there you can cross the bridge ” Barranco de la Alberca”. So here you can discover traditional old streets. Take your time and relax.

By the same way, you arrive at the” Plaza del Convento “.
A nice town square with a beautiful fountain.


The town hall of Ondara is now in the Franciscan Convent . This Convent date from the 17 century.

Ondara Castle

In the past  the castle was built by the Moors. There are remains from the bell towers and the towers.
In the middle age the bell towers where important for the locals in case of invaders.
But als for festivities and fiestas.

The town of Ondara organised  many local and cultural activities and festivities.
Throughout the year for example there  are :  Art exhibition, a Street food fair, a book fair, a music festival, a jazz festival, a winter fair and of course in december a traditional ” navidad ” scene.

Ondara in the past

Since the stone age caveman lived in this place.
Also Roman remains were discovered.
The Moorish influence in the early middle age, has left  visible marks  ( the  castle and clock tower).
Also important to known is that the Moors introduces the irrigation system . It was very important for the grow of agriculture land.
You can still see the results.


How you can get to Ondara

Follow the old N 332. Or the motor way A 7.
The nearest airport is one of Alicante. 


Tips for trips

Read more about the nearby  Denia on our webpage : Denia

Denia Bous al mar
Denia Bous al mar

To end

As you can see, Ondara has much to offers beside the Shopping center.
We hope to give you some ideas and inspiration.
Enjoy your stay !