Bus schedule Orihuela Costa: the blue and red line

First, there is a good connection between the several urbanisation of the Orihuela Costa . Their for we like to give the Bus schedule Orihuela Costa on this page.
The buses are used by the Spanish local people but also by the many tourists.
Orihuela Costa  becomes more and more popular. There are several projects  like La Zenia Shopping boulevard who gives the region a real boost.

Bus schedule Orihuela Costa
Bus schedule Orihuela Costa

The Costa Azul offer their bus service the all year round .
But the schedule change according the winter or summer season.
The route stay the same the all year.

The buses runs in the winter  from Monday till Friday  from 7:30 till 14:00 Then it is siesta time. And the drivers restart at 15:30 till 19:30.

In the summer season from june till september from Monday  to Sunday and from 7:30 till 14:00. Once again siësta time and from 15:30 till 20:30

In fact , there are two lines . The  red line and the blue line .
They gave a common point : the community house  of Orihuela Costa.

The price is 1,30 euro.

Bus schedule Orihuela Costa Route

First : the blue line 

Dehesa de Campoamor : pharmacy .
Then Dehesa de Campoamor : La Glea beach.
Futher Dehesa de Campoamor : Monteprieda restaurant.
Dehesa de Campoamor : church
Important stop = Centro Salud Agua Marine : nearby  the health center
La Regia : Formentera street .
The next is  Lomas de Cabo Roig :Aldi supermarkt.
Then  Lomas de Don Juan : Los Ocas urbanisation .
Furthermore  Lomas de Campoamor : La Fuente commercial centre .
Villas Costa  : Mercadonna supermarket.
Las Filippinas : El Galan shopping centre .
El Presidente  urbanisation.
Stop :Richard Wagnerstreet .
Villamartin urbanisation  :stop at the golf course .
Rioja – Los Dolses : at the shopping mall.
La Zenia : at the Consum supermarket.
Important stop at the  La Zenia  at the  La Zenia Boulevard Shopping center .
Then to Playa Flamenca.
And the last one at  Playa Flamanca : stop at the  Mercadona supermarekt.

Then ,  the Red line

Starts at  Torrevieja Hospital
Then   La Cinuelica urbanisation . At the de Mercadona supermarket .
Next at  Los Altos  stop at the  “Consum ” mall.
Later on two  stops.  One at   Dreamhill 1 and one at  Dreamhill 2.
At  La Florida  Urbanisatie  the bus stop is at the mall
Florida Urbanisatie : at the  Escorpio street .
The last stop in this urbanisation is  : Sagitario street .
Then the bus ride to Las Piscines at the  Gualpiles street and to the sport centre.
An important stop at Playa  Flamenca , at  Pintor Ribera street .  Can be important to go to the weekly marker  at Saturday.
The next stop is  the  Mercadona .
Then near Alameda del Mar Civic centre .
At last  La Cinuelica urbanisation at the mall

As you can see you can get the bus throughout Orihuela Costa.
The price for the bus is 1,30 € and you can change in between from one line to the other line.

The buses frequency is one hour.

We want to give the correct information. But it is possible  that the bus company changes the  schedule .
So it is better to inform yourself before  take the bus.

You can see the schedule also on their website Autocares Costa Azul.

Orihuela Costa
Orihuela Costa

Important Yourspain is not responsible for the changes  in route and schedule of the buses at the Orihuela Costa .

Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa

To start : Playa Flamenca is one of the beach resorts of  the Orihuela Costa.

Blue Flag beaches at Playa Flamenca
Blue Flag beaches at Playa Flamenca

Indeed, the Orihuela Costa is a popular destination at the South Costa Blanca.
In the North, the Costa  Blanca starts  from Denia in the Alicante province down to Pilar de Horada in the Murcia region.

Furthermore, the Orihuela Costa has several beaches en resorts.

First in the north of the Costa  Punta prima and the Playa of Punta Prima.
Then , Playa Flamenca with his beaches  of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosca.
Next,  the well known urbanization  of La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and Cala  Cerrada.
Then, Cabo Roig with the beaches of Brranco Ruvio and Playa de La Glea.

Beaches of Orihuela Costa
Beaches of Orihuela Costa

In the south. At last not at least MIl Palmeras with Playa Mil Palmeras.

So, Playa Flamenca is an urbanization of Orihuela  and has everything  for the tourist.
Again, nice beaches with Blue Flags between the rocky cliffs , excellent weather  and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Furthermore nearby restaurants and bars with good food .
In fact, one of the restaurants is even number one at the Orihuela Costa  .
Read more about in Restaurants at the Orihuela Costa.

Cuisine Playa Flamenca

In the first place, the restaurants offer a great variety of food.
Of course, the Spanish restaurants are proud to serve the several rice dishes.
Like, the most popular dish : the paella .
Furthermore, there are also several good fish and seafood restaurants.
So, the choice of international cuisine at the urbanization is endless. For example : Chinese, Indian, Mexican, English, French restaurants.
As West European we are often surprised by the price of  the menu’s .
Overall, it is not expensive  to take the family on a dinner .

The beaches  of Playa Flamenca

Most important, the beaches are nice, safe  and clean . Some of them has received a Blue Flag. In short, this is an award of the cleanness of the beach and the good quality of the water.
Further , there are several beach bar . They are open from sunrise till sunset.

Cuisine Playa Flamenca
Cuisine Playa Flamenca

Naturally , In the summer season there are life guards at the beach.

For those who want it : snorkeling , diving, sailing .

Beach and bars Playa Flamenca

Since 2019,  the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.


More specifically , Playa Flamenca shopping center  and of course  La Zenia Shopping Boulevard.

Update June 2019

Nearby Playa Flamenca , there is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.
More especifique, in the the supermarket you can find  the most popular British household brands, the British food even Tetley’s teabags.
Fresh or frozen products.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

How to get there ?

First , by air
Important, Alicante airport is hour drive away.
Also San Javier Murcia is an hour drive .

Then , by car.
Again follow the toll highway AP 7.

By  car to Playa Flamenca
By car to Playa Flamenca

Instead, chose the free but busy  N 332 , the popular old road.

Tips for trips from Playa Flamenca

First, Orihuela city a 1/2 hour drive away. The historical capital of the Orihuela Costa.

Then Cartagena , nice  for shopping and Roman history.

Cartagena Casino
Cartagena Casino

Of course also Alicante . The capital of the Alicante region with his castle.

At last,  the most popular Benidorm . Two hours drive by the highway.


Nearby there are several golf courses nearby . More about them Golf  Villamartin, Campoamor, Las Ramblas and Las Collinas.

Golf Villamartin
Golf Villamartin

To end

Whatever you want for a nice holiday, you sure find it here.
To conclude , Playa Flamenca  has its sun, the Mediterranean sea and the nice cosy beaches between the coves and the cliffs.

Punta Prima, Orihuela

Punta Prima is a part of the Orihuela Costa. Orihuela Costa is very popular as a tourist destination.
More specifically , there are several beaches on the Costa Orihuela.
They all got the Blue Flag .
To sum up :   arriving from Torrevieja :  Punta Prima  with the beaches of “Playa of Punta Prima”.
Then, the famous beaches of Playa Flamenca. With the beaches of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosaca.
Then next is La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and Cala Cerrada.

Punta Prima
Punta Prima

Then, the cosy  beach of Cabo Roig with the beaches of Cala Caleta and Cala Capitan. .
At last the beaches of Mil Palmeras with  Playa Palmeras.

So as you see, the Punta Prima beach is the most northern beach of the Costa Orihuela.

Beach and bars

At the beaches of Orihuela Costa, there are new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

The new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
Wooden walkways make them accessible.
Also for people with mobility problems.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.

What to do in Punta Prima  ?

First , enjoy the beach and the water. Go swimming or snorkeling. Punta Prima is one of the beaches with many rocks and coves.

Then , you can go walking . Now, there is a new beach boulevard “Paseo Maritimo”  with several beach bars.
So at the beach bars , it is the place to enjoy a morning breakfast or tapas in the afternoon or cocktails in the evening.
On several occasion , you enjoy at the beach bars  musical entertainment.

Furthermore, there is also at the seafront a restaurant famous for its fabulous view over the Mediterranean Sea.
At the first floor of the restaurant, you can even enjoy a  souper with a fantastic panorama.
Of course there is a life guard service at the beach in the summer season.
In the summer season you can rent a parasol and d hammocks.

Commercial Center

Nearby Punta Prima there is a small shopping center” La Marina “. It is located  on the road N 332 at the roundabout. For example , there you can find a Mac Donalds, the Scandinavian Jysk , a newspaper shop , optician, a Consum . Also several little shop , bars and restaurants.
Below, in the main street from the roundabout to the beach there are several little bars and restaurants.

Further away from the roundabout following the N 332 there is also a Carrefour, a gas station , a bakery and  several restaurants  with local and international cuisine.

beach promenade
beach promenade

Of course , there is also nearby the La Zenia Boulevard shopping center .  When the sun is going down on the beautiful beaches , it is sure worth a visit.

Update June 2019 British supermarket

There is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

The climate at Punta Prima

Indeed a holiday climate .
It is a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, nice spring and autumn season and mild winters.

How to get there to Punta Prima

By air
Alicante airport is an hour drive  by the toll highway or also by the busy N 332.

By car
The highway A 7 or  N 332.
Imprtant  to known : the N 332 is very busy in the peak season.

Tips for trips

First Torrevieja  an 5 kilometers away from Punta Prima.
Furthermore , Orihuela city passing trough the salt lakes of Torrevieja.

Mud bath
Mud bath

So, if you like nature , flamingo  and mud baths then the Mar Menor is worth the visit.

To end

In brief , Punta Prima is sure worth a visit when you are staying at the Costa Orihuela.
Furthermore, it is a popular place for British people. Enjoy your stay.

Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca

Bicycle tourism  at  the  Costa Blanca and the region of Alicante is very popular . Many professional cycling teams use the region for their training.
Indeed in the winter, you can find several well-known cyclist.

On this page you will find more about the cycling routes.
The whole regions becomes more and more popular by several large names in the cycling sport.
The even buy a house in the mountains. So that they can train often.


Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca
Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca

As known, the Costa Blanca has a sunny and warm climate .
Also in the winter , the climate is very good.
It has also perfect mountains for cycling.

So the Costa Blanca region offers a wide range of  cycling routes.
The routes are different about length and gradient.

The ” ciclo  turismo” is a development project in the region.  They promote the  Alicante province as a quality bicycle tourism destination.

The bicycle roads are fantastic.
If you follow the interconnecting routes , you will encounter very little traffic.


The Costa Blanca region is in the east of Spain . Getting there is easy, with a large number of airlines flying directly to Alicante.
The Alicante airport is very popular by west and north European visitors.

bicycle tourism
bicycle tourism

So the Costa Blanca is famous as holiday destination.  But more and more also as cycling holiday.
The province try to achieve  that  the region will be a quality bicycle tourism destination.
There is more than 1 000 kilometers of interconnected cycling routes.
So cycling tourist can discover every little hidden place of the province.

Low carbon footprint of the Bicycle tourism

Cycling is a form of tourism with a low-carbon footprint.
It has a potential grown in west Europa and Spain.
For this cycling can become an important form of national tourism.

Routes for Bicycle tourism

Important, there are many routes for cycling .
Some are for the professionals, some are for families.
Then, you find good information in the tourist  offices of different towns.
routes at the Costa Blanca are accompanied by a “wikiloc” link.
Thus, contains maps and topographic diagrams.
Also details of bicycle hire  and also repair shops. Accommodation where the visitors and their bike are welcome.
Furthermore cycle tour organizers. Even  taxi services with adapted to carry bicycles.


All in all, there  are nearly 25 routes discovering all the areas.
From Denia to Pilar de Horadada. In the countryside from Villena to Muro.
Important is that the most of the cycling paths are  nearly free of traffic.
Furthermore, the cycling routes are based on the Alicante stretch of the nearly 6000 kilometers  European cycling route network.
Which will run around the Mediterranean Sea  from Cadiz to Athene.

Some prefer that all the planning and the organisation has been take care of. Even the bike hire.
While, there are many organisation who organised cycling holiday. All include .
For example ” The Moorish Spain : Castle of the Levant.
in brief, this cycling tour is a combination of great cycling routes with fantastic historical sites in the Valencia region.


When you go on a bicycle tour plan your breaks for drinks and lunch.
So it easier to have a goal and also a stop.
Always carry some extra cash with you.
You are on the real Spanish routes.
Most Spanish little bar in the small villages on the Valencia  region they will not accept credit cards.

Coll de Rates

This is one of the most popular cycling route in the Alicante region. Of course is is a climb over the ” coll”. It is accessible from the popular Mediterranean sea town of Denia , Calpe or Javea.
The good thing is there is not one route over the coll de Rates. There are several different biking routes, all with a different challenge.
So it is up to you which is your goal. Some are quite gentle, other difficult.
In the winter season, January or February the professional teams are training this climb.
It is the place where you can meet Tom Boonen or Zdenek Stybar from Quickstep team.

bicycle tourism coll de rates
bicycle tourism coll de rates

The most popular climb begins from “Parcent” and is about 7 km long and a gradient of 5 %.
From the top of the” col of the Rates”, you are in the middle of the Alicante country.
This point connects many other climbs in the area.

A nice tour :

Start in El Campello ( Alicante )- Villajoyosa  -Benidorm- Altea -Calpe-  Benissa -Parcent -Tarbena – Callosa –Guadalest -Finestrat -Aiges and back to El Campelle ( Alicante). 190km

Guadalest bicycle tourism
Guadalest bicycle tourism

A more flat tour

Start from Calpe to Benissa-  Ondara- Oliva -Gandia  and back to Calpe. It is about 120 km.
You can easily go more north after Gandia  towards Cullera and for the brave even to Valencia city.

Calpe bicycle tourism
Calpe bicycle tourism

Orihuela bicycle tourism.

At the Orihuela Costa there is a bicycle lane  from La Zenia to Cabo roig . Then to Campamor and to Pilar de la Horadada

Bicycle Tourism
Bicycle Tourism

Bicycle tour La Matanza- Quesada

First, this bicycle tour is a circular route from Quesada to La Matanza.
It is a beautiful route, mostly flat with beautiful nature.
Indeed, with beautiful views on the surrounding mountains.

The trip

Start with leaving Quesada and go to Benijofar. There turn right at the town square. The street is cobbled. Then at the second roundabout turn left. You need to cycle over the bridge to go to the next roundabout. Follow the sign to the village of  Realengo . It is time for a stop , a tapa or a drink. Or  Turn right at the junction with the main road. Then cycle along the CV 904 over the bridge.
Then at the next roundabout turn left. Now take the road under the motorway( the A7). Now it is time to go to the village of Albatera. Also in Albetera  there are enough possibilities to take a snack.


Now that you have back your forces, cycle trough  Albatera . Then turn right heading for Los Vicentes and La Murada.
In La murada, the main street is full of bars and cafes.  Time for a break ?
Then up you go to Los Vincentes. Stay on the road till the town of Benferri.
Then take the road to La Matanza.  Time fo a coffee or a menu del dia.  Remember the tip of the extra cash.
After the break you can go for Orihuela. There you have to stay ay the ring roads otherwise you get  in the town center. Take the road to Bigastro.
And return now to Quesada trough Jacarilla, Algorfa, Benijofar.

Duration around five hours
Length of 90 kilometers.

To conclude Bicycle tourism.

Nevertheless the Costa Blanca is an excellent choice for your cycling holidays.
In the  winter season there are more professional riders and cycling training in the Valencia region than anywhere in South Europe.
Nearly more  popular than Tenerife with the Teide and Mallorca.
Indeed, the Costa Blanca offers a variety of routes nearby the coast or in the hinterland.
So, the weather is perfect in the winter: no to warm in summer , not to cold in the winter.


Also important affordable hotels and other accommodations. In winter most offer incredible deals. Which is great for cyclist.

Those are the important reasons of the popularity of the Costa Blanca for bicycle tourism.

Campoamor, Orihuela Costa

First, we want you to tell that the “Dehesa de Campoamor” or “Campoamor “is located in the Orihuela Costa.
It is one of the most southerly beach of the Orihuela Costa.
In fact Orihuela Costa is a part of the southern Costa Blanca.
Indeed, the best is that this part of the coast is only  a 30 minutes drive from Murcia Corvera airport on the N 332.

North of  Campoamor is Alicante airport, to Alicante El Altet airport it is a 40 minutes drive on the new  AP 7 highway.

Campoamor beach
Campoamor beach

In particular the urbanization  is popular for the Western European tourist because of the nice Mediterranean climate and its superb golf courses.


In addition the climate is perfect with more than 300 days of sun.
In fact, hot summers and good spring and autumn temperatures. The winters are very nice . The all year round there are nearly no rainy days.


Campoamor Marina
Campoamor Marina

Nearby the beach you can enjoy the excellent Spanish cuisine  in the restaurants. Or if you want it keep simple a simple snack at the beach bar or ” chiringuita”.

Along the coast line there is a nice boulevard for a long walk with amazing views on the Mediterranean sea.
Further not far from Campoamor there is a shopping street full of bars and restaurants, also called the “strip”.
This part is  between Campoamor and  Cabo Roig.
Again at the Cabo Roig, there are many nice Spanish, Indian, Italian, Mexican or French places to eat.
One of the nicest is the “Bushwacka”, as a result that the bar and restaurant is  a meeting place for many expats.
The “Bushwacka” is a Australian themed bar, with a lot of drinks, good food and different sort of live entertainment.

Shopping at Campoamor

One  adress:  La zenia Boulevard shopping center .

But there are also a lot of little bars , restaurants ;, shops, supermarkets in Campoamor.

Update  Overseas  Iceland

There is a new British market store in Campoamor
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

Overseas Iceland
Overseas Iceland

Open in summer every day

The golf courses of Campoamor.

Presently “Campoamor” is one of the beach resort who is famous for its golf courses.
So Campoamor is proud to have a championship golf course. “Real club de Campoamor ” was completed in 2000 with panoramic views across the whole countryside.

The two most important golf courses are Las Collinas and Campoamor.
The next best thing is that “Las Collinas” is a golf course between beautiful nature,  hills and valley.
As you can see , it is a superb mix of nature and landscape and golf course.
The golf course is one of the top golf courses in Europe with 71 18-hole championship course.


In the past “Campoamor” golf course has been receiving golfers since 1988.  It was inaugurated as the “Royal Club of Golf Campoamor ” by the count of Barcelona, Juan de Borbon.
In fact the golf course is located in the beautiful nature around Campamor. Connecting two valleys  and surrounded by pine and orange trees. It is protected from the wind, so even in winter it is possible to play golf.
After all, for the experts it is 6.277 m round and par 72.

Campoamor beaches.

The last years the coast did great efforts,  to attract tourists. As a result the beaches of  this part of the coast have all a blue flag , an important indicator of the good water quality.
On the beaches there are very nice beach bars  for an instant holiday feeling.
So, this the place for a tapa  and a cocktail.
Furthermore there are nice restaurants and a splendid beach bar of” the golf of Las Collinas”.

The beach bar has a infinity pool. Now , it is open fir members but also non members.
The ideal moment to enjoy the luxury of it ?

Luxury beach bar
Luxury beach bar

The Urbanization  has a beautiful long sandy beach, who is perfect for a long walking along the seashore.

From the beach you can see the old N 332 who passes by a old viaduct bridge.

This little part of the old coast road brings you back to time this regions was only pine trees and beaches and beautiful amazing coastline.

At the end of the long beach, there are some nice fish restaurants and bars.

Beach and bars Campoamor

Since a while   the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.


A little bit on the hill there is a club house for the Marina. On the top of the Marina you can admire very good the  beautiful yacht boots.


From the club house, you can make a walk more to the south,  to the nice beaches of “Mil Palmeras”.

Additionally, Campoamor is a part of the “Aquamarina Natural Coastal Park”.
As a result that it  is perfect for snorkeling.

Walking the canal

Now, there is a  nice walk along the canal which goes from Campoamor to Las Ramblas Golf Club. As a result, that many joggers, walkers and cyclist are enjoying this walk along the canal.
so, if you follow the walk you arrive at “La Fuente”. This commercial center is the main shopping hub with a wide choice of shopping and international restaurants.

Tips for trips nearby.

First, you can discoverer Orihuela city its self.
In brief, it is the capital of the Costa and it is 30 km inland.
Indeed, a good half hour drive between orange and lemon trees.

Then,  the next neighbor at the coast Torrevieja.
In fact, this place is a popular town at the Costa Blanca .

South, there is  the beautiful Mar Menor .

In the first place it is a lagoon .

But also the place for a mud bath at Lo Pagan or a nice walk between the flamingo’s

A bit further away : Cartagena . It is a very beautiful city in the Murcia region.
Follow the AP 7. It take you in 1 hour and a half .

To conclude

As you can see, Campoamor is a lovely part of the Orihuela Costa, with the best elements of his location.
To sum up, beautiful beaches great walks and bars and restaurants not so far away.

Orihuela Costa What To Do ?

Orihuela Costa is divided into small sections. The best known are
Cabo Roig, La Zenia, Dehese de Camoamor, Playa Flamenca.

Orihuela Costa Beaches.

Orihuela Costa Vieuw
Orihuela Costa

The most important, Orihuela Costa has beautiful beaches and is ideal to go with the family. Its becoming one of the hotspots of the Costa Blanca.

Because the Coastline of the Orihuela Costa stretches over a more than 16 km.
Since years, the Beaches are popular among the Spanish people. They are coming from Madrid, Orihuela and mainland Spain.
Recently more European visitors have also discovered these lovely  and beautiful beaches.

Now, every Beach of Orihuela Costa is certified with its Blue Flag. In other words, this label stands for the clearest water and properly maintained beaches.
In fact, with over 14 sandy, sunny beaches this region offers a wide range of choice.

The best known and biggest beaches are La Zenia and Campoamor. On both beaches there are beach bars or restaurants.

Tip: in summer times a parking spot is easy to find around 10 AM.

 La Zenia Beach also known as Cala Bosque.

The beach of la Zenia is smaller, but has more of a cozy feeling.
It’s the most famous beach of Orihuela Costa.
Important, it is accessible for the disabled people with reserved parking spots.
Indeed, it is easy reached by following the n332 till the round a bout for The Zenia Boulevard and turning in the direction of the beach.

As the beach is cleaned daily and has a blue flag, it is very recommendation.
While, it’s also the start of a Beach Promenade which leads to Cabo Roig and beyond.
The Beach has some excellent spots to go snorkeling.
Now it also has a Children play area and a place to practice your volleyball skills.
Starting from the Easter holiday, you can also rent a sunbed and sunshade to relax.
While, during  the  summer season jet skis and pedalos are also available.

Close to the sea, there is a Beach Bar. This bar offers a small range of foods like Pizza and sandwiches.
To the left of the beach is a restaurant called “La mirada” . This restaurant offers a wide range of food from Spanish food till Pizzas. In fact , the view is splendid, the prices ok.

Next to “La Mirada”  is a Hotel from Servigroup ” La Zenia”.


La Zenia Beach


La Zenia Beach
Orihuela Costa


Campoamor/Orihuela Beach La Glea Beach.

Also know as “Dehesa de campoamor”.
First ,is quite a lot bigger than “La Zenia” and feels not so crowded due to its size.
Further, It is also cleaned daily,  even during the winter period.
Sometimes there is a lot of seaweed that washes on the shore. Naturally ,seaweed means that the sea is very healthy. Although for swimmers it feels a little bit strange.

Besides, “Campoamor” beach is accessible for the disabled people. The town offers a amphibious chair.

Naturally , it has a number of restaurants nearby and several beach bars.
During the summer season  “Las Colinas” beach club is open. In fact, for us it is one of the most beautiful bars around the Orihuela Costa. The bar offers sunbeds and  an infinity pool. In the Summer it  opens a restaurant which offers Sushi.

On the edge of the beach, Jet skis and Pedalos are available in the summer season.

Again there is a nice beach bar with a choice of drinks and snacks. We enjoyed the cocktails and  the salads.
Side by side , the sunbeds and red sunshades are available from the Easter holidays till November.

To conclude , “Campoamor” also has a small Marina. Indeed, with a little restaurant and bar.


Orihuela Costa Beach




Orihuela Costa Beach
Orihuela Costa


Punta Prima.

In brief,  “Punta Prima” is about 234 metes of beach  and has elevator access which ensures good access for the disabled.

Cala Mosca.

In short, is near the “Playa Flamenca” and is a small beach.

 Playa Flamenca.

In particular, “Playa Flamenca” is popular due to its bars and shops, restaurants nearby.

Cabo Roig.

On the edge of the beach, “Cabo Roig” has a Marina. In fact this is the biggest in the “Orihuela Costa”.
The beach is popular in summer and winter because is located in a bay.
The beach bar is popular for his excellent cocktails en the nice easy listening music.
At the end of the horizon you can see the “Mar Menor”  and the sierras.
Close to the marina there is a bar/restaurant .
On top of Cabo Roig there is another restaurant with a very nice terrace  with  splendid panoramic view.
As you can see a little hidden germ.


There are many shops in the countless commercial centers across La Zenia.
Everyone of them has an Asian supermarket, which sells about everything at a cheap price. Most of the time they also contain some small supermarket and some local shops and restaurants.

La Zenia Boulevard.



Orihuela Costa La Zenia


Opened on the 26th of  September.
La Zenia Boulevard is the biggest shopping center of the province of Valencia -Alicante.
La Zenia Boulevard has 150 stores including Zara, H&M.
Construction Area 175.000 M².
Sales area of the project is 80.000 M² (Including HyperMarket 14 000 M² Leroy Merlin (DIY) Decathlon (sports) 5 000 M².
It is owned by the Alcampo group which is more commonly known as group Auchan.

More Information  about La Zenia Boulevard.


Dos Mares Centro Commercial.

Dos Mares is a shopping mall on a 15 min drive from Orihuela Costa.It has most of the common Spanish stores like Jack & Jones,Bershka,Pull And Bear.


Orihuela Costa Dos Mares Centro Commercial

Going Out in Orihuela Costa.


Nightlife, Clubs , Dancing’s.





Bushwacka Bar Orihuela


Bushwacka (Cabo Roig).

Is an Australian themed pub-bar. It offers a big choice of cocktails at an honest price. At night the party is guaranteed by the local DJs’.

Xairo Campoamor.

A typical Spanish club with big stylish events.


Orihuela is well-known for it’s golf Courses that have been renowned around the world for their quality .


Orihuela Costa has lots of restaurants in the different centro commercial from the Centro Commercial in Playa Flamenca till the Strip on Cabo Roig. We have dedicated a page to the best restaurants in the Orihuela Costa.


Go karts

If you like speed, come enjoy the biggest circuit of go-kart. It is open the all year .
There are different circuits. More specialy  for cadets and  children. Already from the age of 3   your kids can enjoy driving the go-cart.
Furthermore  there is also a circuit of paint ball and excursions with quads to the beach.

Childeren get reduction, they pay the half price.
There is also a parking next to the cafetaria and terrace.

In summer
From 11 am  till 12 pm
In Winter  :
From 11 am till 10 pm.


Orihuela Costa Restaurants

Orihuela Costa restaurants is content of this page.

Orihuela Costa restaurants.

The Orihuela Costa  known under the many sub areas . This sub areas are La Zenia, La Fuente, Campoamor and Playa Flamenca.
The Orihuela Costa  offers a wide range of restaurants.
First of all Spanish local restaurants.But also traditional British food including an English breakfast and Fish and chips till experimental and fine dining.
Indeed you can find any kind of restaurant in Orihuela Costa restaurants.
On this page we will feature our choice of Orihuela Costa restaurants and a list of other restaurants in or around Orihuela Costa .
The Orihuela Costa restaurants guide, also contains the areas of Playa Flamenca and La Zenia , La Fuente and Campoamor.

“The Gong ”   or a.k.a. “The Papaya Tree”      Playa Flamenca.


First the restaurant is in a cozy and original decoration with nice and calm music playing.
Definitely the best Thai restaurant in the Orihuela Costa and the surroundings.
The Thai cuisine is really good, combining a show of flavors and colors.
Starters are traditional and modern dishes combined prepared with the finest ingredients.
We did like the green curry (beware of the red chili pepper its hot).

The food is indeed lovely, offering a wide range of choice including “Season menu’s” or just one dish. The staff is super friendly and the price is good.The service is fantastic.

The Thai food is freshly cooked and very tasty.
Indeed we enjoyed this restaurant with very good food at reasonable prices.
Although the price is more expensive than the  several  “Wok’s ” , the food is incomparable much better.

Centro Commercial Flamenca Beach, 24-26. Orihuela Costa. Alicante Spain.

“The Cellar Door” Playa Flamenca  Fine dining

The Cellar Door La Zenia Playa Flamenca Alicante Restaurant Costa Blanca Goats cheese, caramelised beetroot, marinated orange and radish salad

The Cellar Door La Zenia Playa Flamenca Alicante Restaurant Costa Blanca Goats cheese, caramelised beetroot, marinated orange and radish saladAt first the Cellar Door is one of  best of the Orihuela Costa restaurants.
It is owned by the same owners of the Papaya tree.
Next  it ranks in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor for the Costa Blanca.
The restaurant offers a  modern European style cuisine.
With influences from the  English, the French cuisine and fine the Asian cuisine.


The restaurant is redecorated. In the past is was decorated  by using a mix of different kinds of chairs and offering full wood tables with a warm color.
In the present is more stylish.
There is a lovely atmosphere thanks the nice jazzy music that is playing.
Still the Service is great, they often check on you to make sure everything is all right.
The guest wife and her team make everyone feel welcome. They are very friendly on a natural way. When the guest wife is not in the Cellar Door, the atmosphere is different.

Price Range.

Now,  the Cellar Door offers 2 Menus. An  menu for 40 €  and a  menu for 30 €.
The choice is still yours.
There is still an excellent house wine at 10 euro the bottle.
We took the 5 courses menu : Bread of the day, Amuse bouche, Tempura brie, Corvina fish, Mandarine and coconut granita and at last sesame ice cream.
The chef of the Cellar Door has eye for every ultimate detail. This reflects in the superb quality of the menu.
In brief, if you are the guest of this restaurant, it is a gastronomic experience that you will not forget soon.
The restaurant is very popular with North and West European tourist therefore it is better to make a reservation.
Telephone number to reserve in advance +34 688 41 83 67

“Rustica” European Food

It is a little cosy restaurant with inside 20 places.
The food is fresh and good.
The guest wife and her team pay attention to every detail.
She give every visitor a warm welcome.
The lamb rack and the rib eye are fabulous.  We did not order the pork chop. Because you have to wait to 50 minutes.  But others sat that it is amazing. And defiantly worth the waiting for a excellent pork chop.
But the sea fish in papillote is also delicious.
As starter the mussels and the bruschetta are popular. The Rustica serves also daily specials.
There is one thing to mention. The portion are huge. So, we did not take a dessert.

Outside dining is possible even in the winter. The owners install overhead heaters.
The restaurant is very popular with the locals and the tourists.
Also children are welcome.
So it is recommended to make a reservation.

Adress :  CC Flamanca Beach
Orihuela 03189

“Truffel” restaurant  European  French food

The chef of the “Cellar Door” started this little restaurant in La Fuente.  It was a gastronomic experience thanks to chef Pascual and his team.
We chose different dishes and they were all delicious.
It is very difficult to chose between the lamb, the hake, the superb beef cheeks….
And the desserts ! I melt for the tasty picture on a plate.
A real high standard for the menu. We took the menu of 22€ ! Amazing value for this price.
Everything was well presented.
Chef/owner Pascual loves his job and  got respect for the food itself. It reflects in everything.

The “New Hong Kong” or the old “Asia Chic” La Zenia.

Food is decent offering and wide range of Chinese food and Asiatic food for a decent Price.
The ” New Hong Kong  ” offers a good price /quality.
Offering  menus from 10 euro including a drink.
This restaurant offers great quality for an excellent Price.
Definitely worth checking out.

“Old Asia”  La Zenia.

The Food server at Old Asia is delicious.
Their Sushi is excellent and fresh, it’s probably the best I ever had for the moment.

Even though “Old Asia”  its a bit more expensive than the normal Asiatic restaurants. But the quality is excellent.

“Che Restaurante Argentino”    Zenia Boulevard.

Is a Argentinian restaurant at La Zenia Boulevard offering an all you can eat formula for 13.95 euros and  rising to 17.95 at weekends .
Although drinks are not included but free refill on fizzy drinks for 2.95.
The staff is really friendly and the quality of the food is good .
You just order your vegetables and fries, rice or bread or even all of it.
Then the waiters will come to the table with different kinds of meat where you can choose from.
Even though having a buffet brought to your table is always special , and the meat was amazing.
Giant skewers of chicken, pork, beef were brought round by a very friendly and attentive staff.
Definitely this “Che Argentinean steak house” is a must for any meat lover and was great value for money. Family friendly.

Tip: don’t eat too quickly or too much from one dish.
Wait a little, because there is a lot of delicious meat that comes around.

One of the other Orihuela Costa restaurants : “The Nautilus”


First of all this restaurant has one of the best locations in the area, right next to the Mediterranean sea with fabulous views.
In the past we have eaten there several times, out of the summer season, and always had a good meal.
The staff was friendly from both Spanish and English waiters/waitresses.
Indeed we like the superb view on the sea from the restaurant.
The “Nautilus” offers a range of and international cuisine.
The fish dishes in particular are really excellent.
The prices are a little more expensive than some other restaurants . Are we paying for the view ?
Because the restaurant is located nearby the sea, the view is lovely especially upstairs.
Even or just for a drink or a cocktail ” The Nautilus ” it’s worth a visit.

Bar   “Las Colinas”      Beach Club  Campoamor.

Las Colinas Beach Club swimming pool
Las Colinas Beach Club swimming pool

The Beach club is open between March and October.  Enso Sushi Restaurant.
There is both a Sushi restaurant in the main club as well as in the beach club although the one in beach club is only open in summer.

“Poco Loco”    Cabo Roig  Tex Mex food

Activities and atmosphere

The “Poco Loco ” is a Tex Mex Restaurant, and at first this is the best choice to with big family and kids.  Almost each night they have children activities planned.
So this makes it an unforgettable night for the kids. Meanwhile parents can enjoy their meal.
After this there is sometimes live music or other activities.

The Menu and food.

The Poco Loco offers a Menu for 13,99 and it includes starters, Main and a dessert.
While the food is mixed American and Mexican.
In addition, they offer huge Cocktails. So make sure you either have a sober driver. Or you can naturally can call a cheap Taxi to go home. After all it is holiday, and time to relax and enjoy.
At the” Poco Loco” food quality is good and is great value for the money.
At the top of the restaurant , there is a nice terrace.
If you want huge portions check out the “à la carte” Menu.
Naturally you can share a starter with 3 persons and still have plenty of food.
After that there is a range of Mexican or American dishes.

First : good valued  and decorated restaurant.Is perfect to go with kids and family.  Staff is super friendly and the place is nicely decorated. in the Mexican style.

Orihuela Costa restaurants worth Mentioning.

If you are looking to eat Indian food we could recommend “the Mumbai Blue” .
They have a wide range of curries and prizes are ok.

“Chapter One” offers a nice English menu with some fine dining options. But prices are a bit more on the expensive side in comparison to the other restaurants.

Restaurante “Los Cucalos”                Spanish food

Adress: Monte Zenia, Urbanización Los Dolses, Orihuela Costa.
This is one of the Orihuela Costa restaurants who is very large and local  It is very popular by the Spanish people.
This is the place where the local families go to eat. The staff is very friendly ans speak English.
First of all the place is very good value for money.  The chef has won several local competitions with his food.
The restaurant is a family friendly restaurant, with a real Mediterranean food.

At the “Los Cucalos.” there is already a daily menu from 12 €.
At Sunday there is a special menu for 15 € ! But you can also chose  ” a la carte” .
We eat the paella, it was excellent.
Since the start the restaurant is also known for it great seafood.
The one negative point is that the location is a bit difficult to find.
To conclude , the  restaurant is large , 250 places,  with large windows.
It is ideal for family with children. So If the children are coming with you there is a separate play ground for kids . Free wifi. Free easy parking.

“Rianxeira Restaurant ”   one of the Spanish Orihuela Costa restaurants

“Rainxeira Restaurant”  is a nice Spanish restaurant at Cabo Roig.
Excellent food and paella. Fantastic value  quality price . Nearly every night there is a good entertainment. It is sure a  place to enjoy with friends.
A lovely welcome and service by the staff.

Last time, we ordered  the 3 course set menu which included a half bottle of house wine per person. It was also the Flamenco evening, with a Spanish singer and Flamenco dancer.
For the three of us we paid a bill of only 45 € so we paid 15 € each.The menu include a salad , pan con aioli , a starter , a main-course, and a house made dessert. But also the half bottle of wine per person , so for us three one bottle and a half. And finally a coffee.

So the ” Flamenco “night,  at first we choose the home-made paella, second the main course was hake with e delicious sauce and potatoes  and  at last the dessert was a perfect  homemade apple cake ( tarte tatin ) with ice scream.
The restaurant has a steady flow of regular customers.
Their is always something to do at the evening. Check  the planner in front of the restaurant.

“The French Touch”          La Fuente Campoamor.

The Orihuela Costa restaurants at La Fuente are on a good location. The french touch is one of this restaurants.
It has the sun into the evening.  So there is a lovely setting for just a drink or for eating on the terrace.
The bar / restaurant has a great choice of food on the menu.
The staff is friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The patron wants to please his guests.
We enjoyed the daily fresh fish, it was well prepared and very tasty.
Our friends did try the fondue , they said it was very good.
The quality is good .
The restaurant have a “menu del dia” as well as ” a la carte “.
Give it a try to make up your own mind.

“Numbar5” at the strip        Cabo roig.

The Cabo Roig  strip near the N 332 is a large boulevard of restaurants , bar and shops.
One of the better Orihuela Costa restaurants is the  ” Numbar5 “.
The” Numbar5″ got a daily menu at 15€.  A starter and  a main course.
We chose to eat  ” a la carte “The food is delicious and made with love and respect for the food itself. That some times the different with other restaurant on the strip.
The dessert is  very tasty.
The local wines are from Yecla and Jumilla.
Read more about this wines Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla 
The service is quick but not hasty. The staff is efficient and attentive.
The “Numbar5” is well worth a visit. It becomes more popular. So it is better to make a reservation.

“Indigo”                                 Indian food

The Indigo is one of the  Orihuela Costa restaurants situated in La Zenia.
The restaurant Indigo serves Indian food.  The owner and his wife is extremely welcoming.
The Indian cook is working in a open kitchen.The flavors are excellent.
So it takes a little while, because everything is home-made.
To start, we love the chutneys , the samosa’s with mint sauce . But also teh large choice in the different  curry’s.
Also important , the  “Indigo ” offer also a take away service.
So it is worth you visit if you like Indian food.
Also important, “The Indigo” is familie friendly. You can sit inside or outside on the terrace.
Adress: Calle Antonio Machado 7, La Zenia

“The Stray Sod”         Campoamor                Irish bar and restaurant

First , “The Stray sod” is an Irish bar /restaurant,  so keep in mind that you are eating in a pub.
As a result it has a great atmosphere with football matches being broadcast-ed on big TV’s .
First one of the biggest advantages is that they work with fresh and seasonal products. Indeed this improves the quality of the food. Besides “The Stray Sod” also offers some home-made pies.
Favorite dishes are for starters “Beer Battered onion rings” or “soup of the day” and as a main course a “Sirloin or Rib eye steak”. Don’t order the biggest steak unless you are starving. Indeed a normal steak will be sufficient most of the times.

Equally important for the ambiance. Every night after 10 o clock there are some local bands that insure the ambiance.
From Irish pub music to jazz music every night there is another artist playing some music.

To end the Orihuela Costa restaurants

There are to many restaurants to mention. Also important  ” les gouts et les couleurs ne se discute  pas” . Indeed every body has his own taste and flavors.

So if you found a great restaurant like us on Facebook and tell us and we will try to visit it.