Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa

To start : Playa Flamenca is one of the beach resorts of  the Orihuela Costa.

Blue Flag beaches at Playa Flamenca
Blue Flag beaches at Playa Flamenca

Indeed, the Orihuela Costa is a popular destination at the South Costa Blanca.
In the North, the Costa  Blanca starts  from Denia in the Alicante province down to Pilar de Horada in the Murcia region.

Furthermore, the Orihuela Costa has several beaches en resorts.

First in the north of the Costa  Punta prima and the Playa of Punta Prima.
Then , Playa Flamenca with his beaches  of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosca.
Next,  the well known urbanization  of La Zenia with the beaches of Cala Bosque and Cala  Cerrada.
Then, Cabo Roig with the beaches of Brranco Ruvio and Playa de La Glea.

Beaches of Orihuela Costa
Beaches of Orihuela Costa

In the south. At last not at least MIl Palmeras with Playa Mil Palmeras.

So, Playa Flamenca is an urbanization of Orihuela  and has everything  for the tourist.
Again, nice beaches with Blue Flags between the rocky cliffs , excellent weather  and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Furthermore nearby restaurants and bars with good food .
In fact, one of the restaurants is even number one at the Orihuela Costa  .
Read more about in Restaurants at the Orihuela Costa.

Cuisine Playa Flamenca

In the first place, the restaurants offer a great variety of food.
Of course, the Spanish restaurants are proud to serve the several rice dishes.
Like, the most popular dish : the paella .
Furthermore, there are also several good fish and seafood restaurants.
So, the choice of international cuisine at the urbanization is endless. For example : Chinese, Indian, Mexican, English, French restaurants.
As West European we are often surprised by the price of  the menu’s .
Overall, it is not expensive  to take the family on a dinner .

The beaches  of Playa Flamenca

Most important, the beaches are nice, safe  and clean . Some of them has received a Blue Flag. In short, this is an award of the cleanness of the beach and the good quality of the water.
Further , there are several beach bar . They are open from sunrise till sunset.

Cuisine Playa Flamenca
Cuisine Playa Flamenca

Naturally , In the summer season there are life guards at the beach.

For those who want it : snorkeling , diving, sailing .

Beach and bars Playa Flamenca

Since 2019,  the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.


More specifically , Playa Flamenca shopping center  and of course  La Zenia Shopping Boulevard.

Update June 2019

Nearby Playa Flamenca , there is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.
More especifique, in the the supermarket you can find  the most popular British household brands, the British food even Tetley’s teabags.
Fresh or frozen products.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

How to get there ?

First , by air
Important, Alicante airport is hour drive away.
Also San Javier Murcia is an hour drive .

Then , by car.
Again follow the toll highway AP 7.

By  car to Playa Flamenca
By car to Playa Flamenca

Instead, chose the free but busy  N 332 , the popular old road.

Tips for trips from Playa Flamenca

First, Orihuela city a 1/2 hour drive away. The historical capital of the Orihuela Costa.

Then Cartagena , nice  for shopping and Roman history.

Cartagena Casino
Cartagena Casino

Of course also Alicante . The capital of the Alicante region with his castle.

At last,  the most popular Benidorm . Two hours drive by the highway.


Nearby there are several golf courses nearby . More about them Golf  Villamartin, Campoamor, Las Ramblas and Las Collinas.

Golf Villamartin
Golf Villamartin

To end

Whatever you want for a nice holiday, you sure find it here.
To conclude , Playa Flamenca  has its sun, the Mediterranean sea and the nice cosy beaches between the coves and the cliffs.

Markets in South Costa Blanca

Spain is famous for its street markets.
We have put together a great selection of the most popular and best Markets in South Costa Blanca.
Presently, markets in South Costa Blanca are  taking place every day .
Nevertheless, to avoid arriving on the wrong day we made you a list .

Markets in South Costa Blanca
Markets in South Costa Blanca

The best, the markets are the meeting points for the expats and the Spanish people.
While, they are situated at nearly every town and village. In brief, if you want to meet the real Spanish culture. Then go to the traditional villages and towns and you will find what ever you want.
More specifically, try to combine a  visit to the market with the discovery of the village. So you can discover the typical bars and restaurants. As a result, you will have a great filled day out.

Now, the colorful markets are held at the most of the main town and villages. In fact,  trough out the province of Alicante.
As a result, all Markets in South Costa Blanca are visited by the local themselves. Indeed, the markets stalls offer a real taste of the Spanish life. In particular, you can taste the fresh local products. Indeed, there is numerous fruits, the great choice of vegetables. Side by side by a tempting selection of seasonal herbs. Naturally, also the jamon, the chorizo or the cheese.
In short, enjoy the color of the flowers.
Thus, the Markets in South Costa Blanca are the weekly appointment. In fact, feel the the vibrant atmosphere. Indeed,  the stalls are  full of various products .From household to fashion or clothing.
The markets are one of the best places to learn an become familiar with the Spanish diversity.

For the locals and the tourist the nearest local market becomes a weekly trip. It is a part of their lifestyle at  the sunny South Costa Blanca.
The local markets usually set up early in the morning, ready for the sell around 8 a clock.
The markets stops  around 1 pm in the afternoon, before the great heath of the sun.
It nearly never rains, so the stalls are always there.
Like every where else, vehicles have no access to the market place or streets.

The first, Torrevieja’s weekly Market is very busy.
The marker occupies five streets. The largest market in the area with space for over 1000 stalls .
In particular, the market is every Friday morning.

Almoradi has a large market. They selling plants, vegetables, fruits, craft and gifts. But also household items, clothes and shoes.
Situated at the plaza Constitution and the surrounding streets .
The market is every Saturday morning .

Playa Flamenca.
The largest and busiest in the area is the Playa Flamenca market.
Situated nearby many commercial centers and Zenia Boulevard.
Presently, the market is every Saturday morning

Outside Guardamar is the campo de Guardama. It is an inland area of the town.
El Raso is situated nearby Campo de Guardamar. El Raso has a very popular and busy market.
While local people called it ” the Lemon Tree Market” with at least 400 stalls.
Now,the market is every Sunday morning.

San Miguel de Salinas.
San Miguel de Salinas has a busy street market .
On top of the town,the market streets are above the pink Laguna de Torrevieja.
Indeed,take your time to discover the surroundings. After all, from the village you can get  a impressive view over the countryside. In fact, this landscape is  full of orange trees ” entre Naranjos” and the salt lake.
Now, the market is every Wednesday morning.

Markets in South Costa Blanca.

Formentera de Segura.
San Pedro del Pinitar.
Santa Pola.

Daya Nueva.
La Union.
Los Alcazares.
Mil Palmeras.
San Fugencia.
San Miguel de Salinas.


Callososa de segura.
La mata.
San Isididro.
San Miguel de Salinas.
Santiago de ribera.

Gran Alacant.
La Marina.
San Javier.

Los Montesinos.
Pilar de la Horadada.
Torrevieja. The location is changed since Easter 2017. See for more details Torrevieja 

Hondon Las Nieves.
Los narejos.
Guerdamar de Segura.
Playa Flamenca.
Torre Pacheco.

Campo de Guardamar.
Lo Pagan. And the La Sal Market on the third Sunday of the month.
Mil Palmeras.
Pilar de Horadada.
Santa Pola = second hand market on the first Sunday of the month.


La Zenia, Orihuela Costa

La Zenia , the best known urbanization of the Orihuela Costa.

First, La Zenia is a famous well-situated and loved resort situated on the Costa Blanca, forming part of the coast of Orihuela.

Next, there are several urbanizations at this Costa .
To sum up : Starting most north Punta Prima with the Playa Punta Prima.
Then, Playa Flamenca and the beaches of Cala Estaca and Cala Mosca.
The next is La Zenia with the beaches  Cala Bosque and Cala Cerrada.
Then Cabo Roig with the beaches of Cala Caleta and Cala Capitan.
Further Campoamor  with the beaches of Barranca Ruvio and Playa de La Glea.
And at  last Mil Palmeras with the Playa Mil Palmeras.

Naturally, all the this places are well known for their beaches.

Interesting places nearby La Zenia

To sum up the other interesting places : Playa Flamenca, Los Dolses, Villamartin, Campoamor, Cabo Roig.  In addition La Zenia is a coastal location 10 kilometers from Torrevieja.

Furthermore, La Zenia is famous  for the many sporting activities, cultural events, festivals and of course : shopping.
Especially the recently opened “La Zenia shopping boulevard“.
Like a huge American style shopping mall. But this Mediterranean  mall has more than 160 000  square meters in open air
Of course, on the ground floor there are shops. Likewise, the second floor of of the large mall has a choice of restaurants and children activities area.

How to get in La Zenia.

First of all , the location from “La Zenia” is great .
As a matter of fact, it  is located between the airports of Alicante and Murcia.

By air :
North of the region is Alicante El Altet  is 45 minutes drive from La Zenia.
South of it is  Murcia-San Javier airport and only is 20 minutes drive.
Both of these Airports are well-connected with the rest of West and North Europe.
In particular, on the Airport of Alicante many budget airlines like Ryanair or Norwegian or Easyjet fly.

By car :
Above, “La Zenia” itself lays on both sides of the coast road the N 332.
Meanwhile , La Zenia is also well-connected by the Highway of the AP-7 . But, on the highway  you will need to pay a toll .
Coupled with , that the AP-7 Connects the north of the Costa Blanca with the South.

From Murcia San Javier Airport to La Zenia you don’t need to pay any toll if you exit at the motorway at Cabo Roig , Campoamor.
The cost of the motor way when you drive from Alicante Airport is around 4-6 euros depending on the season.


In fact, the weather is mostly fantastic. After all ” La Zenia” as part of the Costa Blanca.
Important : this Coast offers you at least 300 days of sunshine a year, a low humidity and mild winters.
Naturally the summer can be very hot up to 35 degrees and higher.
Instead , the spring and the autumn are warm and dry.
While , the winters are still very good.   For example : you can celebrate Christmas on the beach. As a result : Christmas at the beach  becomes even a yearly tradition for locals and expats..

In the past, in 1986 the WHO recommended the climate of the area as one of the most equable in the world. Not to hot in the summer, not to cold in the winter.

The beaches of La Zenia.

The beaches of La Zenia offers great facilities for families with children, but also for the water sports lovers.
The main beach is La Zenia beach near La Zenia hotel, at the end of the Avenida de la Playa.
The mostly sandy beaches have a Blue Flag. A blue flag  is the a proof  that the  water is very good and that the beaches are excellent.
It is an European standard for water quality and safety. But also for environment education and information.

Beach and bars La Zenia

Since 2019,  the beaches of Orihuela Costa, have  new beach bars.
In particular at Punta Prima, La caleta, Cala Capitan, Cala Bosque, Cala Cerrada  and La Glea.

In brief, the new beach bars have a new structure and a modern design.
So, they match the new lifeguard huts.
Also important the beach bars have been adapted for users of wheelchairs.
In fact, wooden walkways make them accessible.
In particular for people with mobility problems it is a good.
Also worth to mention that the menus are available in braille.
Furthermore, the terrace stands on a wooden platform.


During your stay in “La Zenia” you can make a trip along the coastal road the N 332 to Cartagena, the nearby city of Torrevieja, Murcia, to Orihuela town, or Alicante.


While, in  ” La Zenia” there is good range of bars, restaurants, pharmacy, bank, supermarkets ( Consum, Lidl, Mercadona) and souvenir shops.

Update June 2019

There is a new British market store in Cabo Roig.
More specifically : Overseas the stockist of Iceland and Waitrose.

Adress of the Overseas store  : Lomas de Cabo Roig, Calle Cantabrico 1 Orihuela Costa .

Orihuela Resort Complex

By walking distance is the” Orihuela Resort Complex” with includes an Olympic sized swimming pool, a gym, a tennis court, a squash, a bowling and a bar and restaurant.

Orihuela Costa La Zenia Resort
Orihuela Costa La Zenia Resort

Golf Courses.

Nearby La Zenia there are three golf courses at the Orihuela Costa : Villa Martin golf club , Campamor golf, and Las Ramblas golf club.

Orihuela Costa Golf
Orihuela Costa Golf

There is just a drive away from the beaches .

Nice walks or cycling paths.

First,  “La Zenia” countryside is in the middle of orange and lemon trees. So it is worth to leave the beach for a afternoon between orange trees.

Nearby, a nice walk by the sea, is the cliff walk to  “Cabo Roig” with amazing views on the rocks and the sea.
Further, the walk has breathtaking scenery as you walk along the coast under the overhanging cliffs. In front,  looking out beyond the ever blue Mediterranean Sea to the boats and the ships in the distance.
It takes an hour walking from the Zenia hotel to the Cabo Roig harbor and beach. At the beach of Cabo Roig you can take a little tapa and refreshment in the beach bars or in the marina itself.

Cabo Roig
Cabo Roig

Similarly, you can also walk on the other side and take the direction of “Playa Flamenca”. There are two beaches on this walking trip with bars. In fact, in “Playa Flamenca” there are even more restaurants.

If you’re in a good condition, then make the beautiful walk further to “Punta Prima”.
A nice sandy walk road, with a beach for naturalist. At Punta Prima you find nice beach bars and nice restaurants.

Restaurants in “La Zenia”.

The best is that “La Zenia” is popular for holiday and residents from all over West Europe.
In the past,  it got a real boost with the opening of the La Zenia Shopping Boulevard.
As a result, that the choice of international restaurant is wide. Indeed they offers cuisines from around the world.

La Zenia
La Zenia

In fact, the local cuisine combines land and Sea, the Surf and Turf.
So, the food is healthy, rich in fish from the Mediterranean Sea, local vegetables, rice from Alicante, olive oil….
While , the seafood is a real must for the lovers of gastronomy.

Furthermore , there are many local restaurants who serve only dishes with rice, the “arrocerias”.
In fact, this delicious dishes are black rice ” Arroz Negro”, oven baked rice “Arroz al horno”, fish and rice “Arroz a banda” and also “Paella”.
Also don’t forget to check out our page dedicated to the Orihuela Costa restaurants.

Entertainment and night life La Zenia .

Side by side, is  the city of ‘ Torrevieja” with more options of entertainment and nightlife.
Nearby is the strip of Cabo Roig full of bars and musical entertainment.


Because there are no markets held in “La Zenia”, you have to go to the  several nearby.
For instance , at the end of the week, on Saturday  is the “La Flamenca” market. This market is on walking distance from “La Zenia boulevard”.


This is a large outdoor market with a street market  with traders of fruit, vegetables, tablecloths, leather goods, shoes, plants, pastries and other items that tourist like to buy.
Another nice little market is on Thursday in “Cabo Roig”.
In addition , in Torrevieja there is a large street market on Friday.

Alongside this beach  of Cabo Roig, there is a pleasant market on Thursday.
In front of the sea with local fruits, vegetables, food, mobile bars with “ Chocolate  y Churros “, local products and souvenirs. But most important with a amazing view on the” Mar Menor”.

Tips for trips

First, if you go in the direction of Alicante coming from La Zenia you will visit the city of Torrevieja. This place  is very popular among West European tourists, as a result that it’s also more busy.
If you prefer a more calm or prefer more Spanish tourists you can go in the direction of the “Mar Menor” and visit the cities of “Pilar de la Horadada“.

Orihuela Costa
Orihuela Costa
Orihuela Costa La Zenia Beach La Zenia Hotel
Orihuela Costa La Zenia Beach La Zenia Hotel

La Zenia Beach.

First, Playa La Zenia is one of the most popular beaches along the Orihuela Costa. In fact, it is a wide and calm beach with lots of family’s in the summer season.
Equally important , the beaches are cleaned every morning.
While ,  lifeguards are present during the all summer holidays.
Next to the beach after the “La Zenia” hotel they’re is a little beach. Most of the time, you can see surfers on this part of the  sea.
Of course , the beach itself is sandy so no need to worry about taking some sandals for little stone.
Instead  beware of the very hot , nearly toasty sand in the summer. In brief, bring some flip flops and good protection sunscreen with you.

Nearby  the beach , there is a restaurant  with a panoramic view on the beach and the blue sea. It is a popular place with a large terrace. . Not to mention the  several “beach bar” .

To the left of the Zenia beach, there are the beaches of the  “Playa Flamenca”.
Good to know is that the local post office “ Correos “ and the town Hal “ Ayumtamiento “ for the Orihuela Costa is situated  at this urbanization “Playa Flamanca.

Tip for the early risers:

Go and enjoy watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean  sea.  The view is just breathtaking and after you can have an Tostada with a fresh orange juice and perhaps some nice Thea or Coffee in the nearby bars or restaurants in Playa Flamenca.

Sunrise at the beach
Sunrise at the beach

 La Zenia Hotel.

The, if you need a hotel, you can try “Zenia Hotel “

In the first place, this  4 star hotel is focused on families with children and is an nice enjoyable hotel although it looks big.
After the summer season, the hotel is not that busy so is an ideal place to relax.
Also, the facilities in hotel include an outdoor and indoor swimming pool. As well an small gym and sauna. And some wellness facilities.

In the morning, the Hotel offers a buffet in the restaurant. So, this buffet has some nice international choices but also some Spanish dishes.
Additionally, during the winter holidays; they offer a Christmas and New Year menu which includes Wines.
So, the menus during the holiday periods are popular, so make a reservation early enough to avoid disappointment.

Furthermore , the hotel offers free wifi for clients.
The parking is not free but there is plenty of parking spots available in the area of La Zenia.
While, in the evening there are activities . So if you don’t like the noise just ask for a room at a higher floor, so you are sure of your night rest.

Otherwise in ” La Zenia” there is a great supply of rental accommodations.

La Zenia Orihuela Beach Handball tour

Important, the beach of Cala Bosque at La Zenia is the place to be for the annual Beach Handball Tour.
Furthermore , the tour runs from the last Friday of June until the Sunday Afternoon.
There are matches for young players and matches for seniors. Also for women Beach handbal and Men.
Besides ,the acces is free.
This events is annual.

Nearby La Zenia

Los Dolses.

Nearby La Zenia, a few minutes away, is Los Dolses. A small commercial center surrounded by resort and houses nearby the Golf.
In this urbanization there is a wide choice of supermarkets, a chemist, bank and a school.
As well a garden center and a computer store and many restaurants.

Playa Flamenca

First, a nice  and quiet urbanization. It is popular and lying between  Punta Prima and the Zenia.
Likewise, Playa Flamenca beach is sandy and got a nice beach bar.
Nearby there is a Mercadonna and a  go-cart and a tennis.

Punta Prima

As, this beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag. This means that they are clean.

Towards La Zenia, the beach has a new very nice promenade.
Furthermore, the street up to the roundabout and the  N 332 is full of shops  and bars and restaurants.
Equalli important, there is also a nice little shopping center ” Punta prima Marina ” .
Not to mention the  several restaurants,  a popular JYSK , a Mac Donald and supermarket.
It is situated 5 kilometers to the south-west of Torrevieja.


One of La Zenia sub urbanization  famous for its wold class golf course  . Again also Villamartin is popular with tourist and residents all year round.
With a large population of full-time residents of many nationalities.
So it means that the restaurants and the shops are busy ,no matter the season.
Besides, in Villamartin there is a beautiful designed commercial complex with mosaic, palm tress and a population of parrots.
So, it is known by the local as the Villamartin Plaza.


In the past, this Plaza was one of the first purpose-built leisure areas in the Orihuela Costa.
Now, it is next to the “Villamartin Golf Course” and the mansions makes it the place to go.

Fun in the sea

Or, do you love  parasailing or jetski or a banana boat or even a boat trip, than you are welcome at the activities of ” Mar Time”.
Also, good to known they have beach offices at different places at the Orihuela Costa
For instance in La Zeniabeach , you find them at  Cala Del Bosque.
In Campamor there are on the  beach of La Glea.
Furthermore in Pilar de la Horradada , you find them at the beach of Mil Palmeras.

To conclude

As you can see, “La Zenia” offers everything for a splendid holiday in the sun.
And it becomes more and more popular. Also for second houses in the sun.