Elche, the city of Palms

Elche is most known as the city of the Palms.


The city is located in the south of the town Alicante. Alicante is a part of the province Alicante.
The city offers a nice place to live and to visit.
It was important trough out the history. has a large history and was importance  during the Moorish occupation.

The Palm tree park.

Fist, the Palm tree park is the largest “Palmeral Park” in Europe with 200 000 trees.
As a result that  the palm groves have an international UNESCO award.

Tourist information.

In the center of city you can find the tourist information office.
Make a visit to the office for a good map and the correct list of opening times of the different things to visit.
The opening hours and the prices of the museums are changing depending on the summer or winter season.
Naturally , do not forget that in Spain the shops and museums can been closed for the siesta .
They take their siesta normally between 14.00 and 16.00 or even 17.00

The tourist information employees will surely recommend the Elche city walking route.
The walking route is a great introduction.
Or take the small tourist train.This is easy and great way to see the best sights of the city.

This is a great and easy way to see the best sights

The Palmeral Park.

Again , the Palmeral park is a park full of groves of date palms.
At the time of the Muslim occupation in the 8th century the date palms were planted.
The Palmeral park, with a great irrigation system, is an oasis. It is an example of the Arab practices on the Iberian peninsula.
After all the Palmeral of Elche is the largest of Europa. Presently on the second place  is the  Palmeral of the city of Orihuela.
In fact the palm groves has over 200 000 palm trees.

Elche Palm Park
Elche Palm Park

During your visit of Elche  for the Palmeral Park you can visits the nice town  and offers you a various choice of museums.

Archaeological  and History Museum.

Indeed this  museum is an award-winning museum. In the museum you learn more about the palm trees. Besides the museum is interactive and you can learn more about the long history of the town with Muslim, Roman and Iberian influences.

Elche Shopping

The next best of Elche is that the town  has also fancy shopping malls.
One of the shopping malls is out-of-town and is called the l’Aljub.
In the town there is “El Corte Ingles” departemenet store.
One of the famous outlets for the locals,  is the outlet of the Salvador Artesano shoe factory, a real must for the shoe adepts. The outlet is the large as a football field.

Cathedral of Elche.

Also knows as the Basilica de Santa Maria .
If you climb the steps of the roof of the Basilica of the Santa Maria, you can get a beautiful view over wonderful Elche end his Palm Tree Park.
It is built on the remains of the old mosque. When the Muslims were conquered the mosque was considered to the Christian faith and became the Santa Maria church.
It was rebuilt in the Gothic- Renaissance style. The current building, dating from 17th century, shows the influence of the Baroque.

Huerta del Cura.

More specifically ,a beautiful botanical garden full with a large range of Mediterranean plants.
I fact, the Huerta del Cura , the priest garden, has an area of 12 000 m2.
Below in the garden there is a large collection of cacti and palms trees from all over the world.
The largest and the most splendid tree to see is the Imperial Palm.
The Imperial Palm is a  date palm with seven branches of the same trunk.
As a result that the beauty and the symmetry are unique.  After all, It is named an Imperial Palm tree after the Empress of Austria  “Sissi”.

Arab Bath Museum.

Presently , these Arab baths are a remains of an Arabic bathing house. These baths date from the 12th century. Each bath consisted of three rooms.The most popular rooms was the warm bath.
Now our saunas are built the same way today.
In the past it was made of stone slabs and supported by pillars between which hot air was passed.

Museum of contemporary art.

With a large selection of Spanish artists who are the representative figures of the vanguard of Valencian arts like among others Miro, Soria and Cronica.

La Alcudia Museum.

Now the “La Alcudia Museum” is situated where the Iberian bust of the “Dame of Elche” was discovered.
in fact  the Dama de Elche is a stone bust. The bust was discovered in 1897 on the archaeological site at l’Alculdia. The dame of Elche is dating from the 4th century.
It was taken to France after is was found and shown in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
During the  Franco’s government, Spain had to negotiate with the French government to return the bust to discovery place.
As a resilt that it was placed in…….. the Prado Museum in Madrid.
Meanwhile the people of Elche have asked for its return. In spite of  the citizens have to live with a replica.

Elche Dama de Elche
Elche Dama de Elche

Palm Grove Museum.

Again the Palm Grove Museum shows the Moorish origin and the culture of the  Palm Trees

Visitors house.

In brief , the visitors house is a presentation on the city  , its history, culture , festivals…..

Municipal Park.

In particular , a  beautiful park where you can enjoy the flora. Many locals come to walk , to talk and to relax.

Town Hall.

In fact , the Town Hall building is the oldest municipal house on this part of the Valencian province . So it is  worth a visit.

Beaches .

At last , he town is located in the south of the Costa Blanca nearby the Mediterranean sea .
As a result, that it  has around 10 km of shoreline with white sandy beaches.
Now, the beaches are surrounded by restaurants, ice cream kiosks, tapas bars and in the summer season  a street market.
Presently the farmers offer directly their excellent products .
Part of the beaches is occupied with style 1950 villa’s . In this villa’s are mostly restaurants and accommodation .

At the most beaches there is life guard vigilance, a large parking possibility and wooden gangways.Because this wooden gangways connect the access to the road with the beaches.
In fact , there is also a regular bus service between the several beaches of Elche.

During the summer season , this beaches are loved by the Alicante people.
Not only for the superb quality of the azulblue  water but also for it richness of the water fauna  and Flora.
Nearby  there  is a Nature Reserve a natural wetland nearby Gran Alicant.-/ Santa Pola.

South of the municipal , there are also impressive strip of dunes. This dunes has a  pine forest.

Elche Beaches
Elche Beaches


The best , the town  is just 20 km from Alicante and El Altet , the airport of Alicante.
Indeed it  is within the reach of major motorways like the AP-7.
As a result that it makes the access to and from the other cities like Murcia, Alicante, Benidorm, Santa Pola, Torrievieja, Orihuela …very easy.



Primark in the Costa Blanca

Primark in the Costa Blanca. Primark, the Irish fashion store chain is very popular in the Costa Blanca. There are a lot of Primark in the Costa Blanca.  Primark offers quality and style at an affordable prices.

The Primark fashion is a budget clothing chain. The company orders from the cheapest suppliers. The suppliers than make the clothes of simple design and simple substances.
With nearly 300 stores, the orders are large and it is easier to make deals with the supplier. The suppliers offers the chain the best prices. Other famous brands are spending a lot of money on flashy advertising. Primark doesn’t spend money on advertising leading to the cheap prices.

In fact , iIn the shops and also at the Primark in the Costa Blanca  everything is sold under its own brand name.

In addition, there are brands for certain types of clothing , like ” Cedar wood” , “Lounge”, “Atmosfhere”.
Some of the media are speaking of Primark mania or Primania.
For many shoppers and tourists the fashion store has an irresistible offering.
When you are on holiday and you are in need  of trendy sun clothes. Or evening dresses, under wear, shoes or make up at  an astonishing low prices? Then you find it at the Primark in the Costa Blanca.
It is like the feeling of shopping during the sales, but the whole year round. These low prices lead you to buy things faster, wear them a few times and then go back to Primark to buy other great value things.

The fashion store chain now has 40 shops in Spain. The fast fashion chain employs 7400 people.
The nearest stores of the Primark in the Costa Blanca can be found in Orihuela’s La Zenia shopping center, Alicante’s Gran Via shopping centro and  in Valencia in the Bonaire complex,

Primark in the Costa Blanca
Primark in the Costa Blanca

in the Nueva Condomina in Murcia  and in the L’Aljub precict in Elche.

The latest and biggest store of the Primark has opened in fall in Gran Via in Madrid. The store is in the middle of the city center.
The new store covers an area of nearly 12500 square meters, on several floors.

A strange thing to know is that the building in Madrid actually belongs to Amansio Ortega , the second rich man of the world. Ortega is founder of the Inditex group. The Inditex group is the group after brands like Zara , Mango, Cortefiel, Zara Home, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Lefties etc.

Orihuela ” La Zenia shopping Center ”
The Primark in the Costa Blanca at La Zenia was the biggest before the one in Madrid opened. It has been a huge success among the local people. People even drove from Benidorm to visit this Primark. It is located near the Grocery store of Alcampo.
Centro Commercial, La Zenia Boulevard.
Calle Jade , La Zenia, Orihuela Costa.

Reach the Primark in La Zenia by bus.
Stop Centro Commercial La Zenia with the line Torrievieja – Pilar de la Horadada.

Parking facilities:

opening hours :

Monday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Tuesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Wednesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Thursday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Friday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Saturday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Sunday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Open the years round.

Accept all mayor payments types.

Telephone Primark Orihuela Costa 0034 966 793 930.

Alicante’s Gran Via shopping centro.

Primark in the Costa Blanca Gran Via
Primark in the Costa Blanca Gran Via

Centro Commercial Gran Via.
Calle Jose Garcia Selles 2.
Alicante 3015.

Line 10 and Line 11 H . Direct lines to the Shopping center.

Parking facilities.
3 floors in the shoppingscenter.

opening hours :

Monday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Tuesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Wednesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Thursday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Friday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Saturday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Sunday: Closed.

24 June: Closed.
15 August: Closed.
9 October: Closed.
12 October: Closed.
7 December: Closed.
8 December: Closed.
13 December: Closed.
20 December: Closed.
25 December: Closed.
27 December: Closed.

Accept all mayor payments types.

Telephone Primark Gran Via.
0034 965 250 642.

Valencia in the Bonaire complex.

The Primark in Valencia is located in one the biggest Shopping centres of the city.
Centro commercial Bonaire.
Carretara A 3 km 345.

Valencia Primark in the Costa Blanca
Valencia Primark in the Costa Blanca

Direct Line 160 from Valencia.
Line 106 from Torrent.

Parking facilities.

opening hours :

Monday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Tuesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Wednesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Thursday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Friday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Saturday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Sunday: Closed.
9 October: closed.
12 October:10.00 till 22.00.
6 December closed.
7 December 10.00 till 22.00.
8 December:10.00 till 22.00.
24 December 10.00 till 20.00.
25 December closed.
31 December:10.00 till 20.00.

Accept all mayor payments types.

Telephone Primark Valencia Bonaire.
0034 961 921 093.

Murcia Nueva Condomina.

Centro Commercial Nueva Condomina.
Autovia A  7.
H 1 Planta Baja.
Murcia 30110.

Parking facilities.

opening hours :

Monday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Tuesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Wednesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Thursday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Friday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Saturday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Sunday: closed.

Accept all mayor payments types.

Telephone Primark Nueva Condomina Murcia.
0034 968 813 049.

Primark Elche L’ Aljub.
Centro Commercial.
Lokal 1030.
Calle Jacarilla 7.
Elche Alicante 03205.

Parking facilities.

opening hours :
Monday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Tuesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Wednesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Thursday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Friday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Saturday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Sunday: closed.

Accept all mayor payments types.

Telephone Primark Elche l’Aljub.
0034 965 460 409.

Primark in the Costa Blanca Primark L'Aljub
Primark in the Costa Blanca Primark L’Aljub

Gran Plaza Shopping Centre

You can find the ” Gran Plaza Shopping Centre” in Roquetas de Mar.
First, Roquetas de Mar is a part of the province of Almeria. Read more about Almeria province on our other page
Indeed, Almeria is a part of the sunny Andalusia.
In the past , The Gran Plaza Shopping Centre has been one of the first big shopping centers in the Region of Almeria.

Gran Plaza
Gran Plaza

Now , it is a modern shopping complex with several shops and restaurants.
We think it is well wort a visit, when the sun goes down because it is open till 22:00.
When you want to shop in the hottest hours of the day. Indeed, the shopping center is air cool.
It contains both Spanish shops as international shops and has a Primark, Eroski and a Cinema.
Lots of fashion shops. Furthermore nice footwear shops.
We love the Massimo Dutti shop. A nice Spanish fashion shop with a beautiful choice for woman and men.

The shopping center has been open since 2002 and it was one of the biggest Shopping Centre in the Southern part of Spain. The Shopping Centre has two floors.
Beneath the shopping center , you gave  3000 free parking spaces.

Gran Plaza Shopping Centre Roquetas De Mar Almeria
Gran Plaza Shopping Centre Roquetas De Mar Almeria

The name of the Cinema in the Shopping centre is “Yelmo Cinema”.
In fact,  they are able to show movies in 3D.
Even though, all the movies are shown in Spanish, some with English subtitles.

Gran Plaza Shopping Centre : Opening Hours

The Shopping Centre is open every day from 10 AM till 10 PM .
On Spanish Holidays it is close.

Shops in the Roquetas de Mar Shopping centre.

There is a big supermarket “Eroski” .
In this market  you can find fresh and healthy food. They also have a section dedicated to local products.So if you are searching from some souvenirs this is a good place to buy. Some typical spanish olive oil like Castillo De Tabernas or maybe some Jamón de trevélez.

Beside the supermarket, there are also many other shops.
Like if shopping for clothes is your favorite you won’t be disappointed
To sum up :  there is a Pull and Bear, H&M, Zara, Desigual, Guess, Cortefiel… Even a Zara Home where you will find some nice items to decorate your home.

Gran Plaza
Gran Plaza

Also there is a “Worten” where you can buy all your electronics supplies like tv and other multimedia.
And for do it yourself,  you can shop till you drop in the” Leroy Merlin”.

Further, The gran Plaza has different nice shops selling jewelry and watches.
There is also a perfume store . Naturally also a shop with computer games.
Also a toy shop Toy R us and luggage store.


For those who like it fast food restaurants like a Burgerking, a Mc Donalds, a Pizza hut.

On the top floor , there  are a few bars and restaurants. For example : 100 Montadidos ( little sandwiches eaten as Tapas )

Shopping Centre Address

So, the Shopping Centre is in Roquetas de Mar.
More specific  :the road name is the Avenida Alicun 740 Roquetas de Mar, Spain.
You cannot drive past it,  without noticing it.
In fact, it is on the big road on Roquetas de Mar, in direction of the Harbor when coming from Aquadulce. 

Primark Roquetas de Mar

Seems like the Primark in the shopping center is very popular among locals and tourists.
Most tourist just come here to buy some cheap and nice clothes. But it’s also very useful in case you just forgot some clothes at home and want something nice to spend your holiday in.

Primark Opening Hours

So, the Primark is open from Monday till Saturday from 10 o’clock in the morning till 10 in the evening.


Nearby the Gran Plaza

Next door to the Gran Plaza is a large “Lidl”. The store  is know throughout Europe.

So indeed, also in Roquetas del Mar the shop has a choice of food and drinks  not typical Spanish. It is more like at home.

Next door is a large Lidl which has a choice of food not typicallyu offered by Spainsh shops. Lidl also has the best fresh orange juice in the whole area.

As a result that many shoppers come for a day trip   to Roquetas del Mar and the Gran Plaza when they are staying in Mojacar or Almeria.
Read more about  Almeria city and Mojacar on our page.

Murcia Shopping Centres

Murcia Shopping Centres.
The place to be is for shopping is Murcia. Because it offers lots of shopping center in the region and around the city.
In fact, there are even coaches that especially go to Murcia Shopping Centres. Find out more here on Your Spain.
Indeed, Murcia is the biggest city and shares its name with the province.
While, Murcia is about an hour and half drive from Torrevieja. And one hour from Orihuela La Zenia.
The city is perfect to visit when the weather lets you down or more often if  you just want to escape the heat.
Also worth checking out is Orihuela Costa : La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre. It is one of the biggest shopping centres in the area. It is bigger than the Thader Shopping Centre and has a Primark and Alcampo.

List of Murcia Shopping Centres.

Nueva Condomina Murcia.

This Murcia Shopping Centers is located on the north side of Murcia.
In fact, the shopping center is very popular among the British population.They love to visit the Irish Primark.

Centro Commercial Nueva Condomina.
Autovia A  7.
Murcia 30110.

Parking facilities.

Opening hours :
Monday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Tuesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Wednesday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Thursday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Friday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Saturday: 10.00 till 22.00.
Sunday: closed.

Accept all mayor payments types.

Primark Murcia.

Now, the Primark in Murcia is popular. Indeed, low prices of clothes and big choice.
In fact , this often joined by tourists with the Ikea and Murcia City Centre.
Side by side with the Primark is located in the Nueva Condomina Shopping Centre.

Primark Opening Hours.

The openings-hours of the  Primark  are :  daily from 10 in the morning till 10 in the evening.
Instead it is closed on Sunday and other Spanish holidays.
Check the Spanish holidays for 2016 .

Centro Comercial Aguilas Plaza.

In addition, Aguilas plaza is one of the other Murcia Shopping Centres . It is a very nice shopping center with even a cinema in the shopping zone.
As a result, that this make the mall ideal for a nice evening of shopping. And then end it  the day with a nice movie.
In fact, shops are open 365 days a year.
Stores are open from Monday Till Sunday from 10 o’clock till 22:00.

 El Corte Ingles.

Naturally, El Corte Ingles is probably one of the best known Murcia Shopping Centres . This shopping mall has many branches in Spain and is the biggest department store of Europe. As they offer a range of products from Perfume to Electronics. In fact, it is simular  with the french “Lafayette”.
The best is, there are two Corte Ingles department stores in Murcia. They  are even located on the same road.
In particular, the department store offers a range of branches located across the floors.

Opening Hours : From 10 in the morning till 22. Closed on Sunday.
Avenida de la Libertad, 1  Murcia.

 Ikea Murcia.

Ikea Murcia Shopping Centres
In particu Ikea Murcia Shopping Centres


Indeed, the Swedish retailer Ikea has opened an enormous store in Murcia near the Thader Commercial Park. Lots of people go to this Ikea because it is the only one in the region.
Even buses advertise and organize special trips to Ikea, allowing passenger to carry some of their shopping on the bus.
With a collection of more than 12.000 products to choose from and serving delicious meatballs in their restaurant it’s definitely worth a visit. In fact,  chances are small that you leave without buying something.

It’s also worth buying an Ikea Family card . In other words this give you a free coffee and discounts on lots of furniture and meals.

The shop also offers a delivery service. After all, this is handy when you don’t have a big car and bought some big furniture. Prices of delivery are reasonably cheap and are more interesting than renting a truck for yourself.

Ikea Address: Thader Commercial Park Avenue D. Juan de Borbón, s / n30110 MURCIA.

Opening hours: Monday till Saturday from 9:00 till  21:30  but beware of the holiday and banking days in Murcia.

There is also an Ikea in Valencia and they will build an Ikea in Alicante.

Other shopping centres in Murcia.

Thader Centro Commercial.

Thader Murcia Shopping Centres
Thader Murcia Shopping Centres







The largest mall is Parque Comercial Thader .This is one of the biggest of Murcia Shopping Centres. With a size of 67.000 square meters of shops and offer 8500 parking spots. Thader has a cinema located in the Shopping centre.
You find the mall next to the Ikea. So it is perfectly possible to combine both.
In the Thader Shopping Centre is also an Alcampo. There is also various sport shops like the Intersport or the Decathlon.
For instance, Murcia Shopping Centres Thader also offers a place for electric vehicles to recharge.
In the past, during the financial crisis many shops went bankrupt in Thader or moved away.
Now  there are many new shops.

In brief, its is still one of the better Malls in Murcia.

Thader Opening Hours:
09:00 till 22:00. Closed on Sunday
Address :  Avenida Juan de Borbón, Churra, Murcia.

Dos Mares.

Furthermore, Dos Mares is also a Murcia Shopping Centres. You find it  in the Murcia region nearby the San Javier Airport.
The nearby Decathlon is open 365 day a year .
The supermarket that you can find in Dos Mares is an Eroski.
The mall “Dos mares” has about 70  shops and about 16 restaurants. Furthermore a cinema and bowling.
In fact, the restaurants located in the Shopping Centre are the same as in the other centre. To sum up, there is a Burger King, 500 Montaditos and a Lizarran. In addition , there is also an large electronic store called “Worten”.

Dos Mares Cinema.

Again Dos mares has one cinema with 8 rooms with digital and 2 with 3D. They have Spanish movies with English sub titles.

 Dos Mares Bowling.

In addition there is also a bowling.
Address: Mares Dos-37 Exit 777 N-332 30730 San Javier (Murcia).

Telephone number :968 547 047.

Also in the new Paramount Theme park Murcia there will be a shopping centre.

Nearby  Murcia is also “Centro Comercial Y De Ocio Águilas” Plaza, Avenida del Hornillo, Águilas.

Parque Comercial Y De Ocio Almenara, Camino de en Medio, Campillo, Lorca.

One other “Centro Comercial Y De Ocio Las Velas”, Calle Catamarán, 1, Los Narejos, Los Alcázares.

Then there is “Centro Comercial Vega Plaza”, Avenida de Granada, Molina De Segura.

Also the ” Centro Comercial Atalayas”, Calle Molina de Segura, Murcia.

And the ” Centro De Ocio Zigzag”, Avenida Juan Carlos I, Murcia.

Further on the Parque Comercial La Noria (Outlet), Centro Comercial La Noria Outlet Shopping, km5, La Ñora, Murcia.

The Shopping Centre of La Noria is an Outlet Murcia Shopping Centres. It is opened from Monday till Saturday from 10.00 in the morning till 22.00 in the evening.
The Restaurants are kept open until midnight.
In the Outlet center the brand products are heavily discounted.
It can also be  reached by  public transport like the bus and tram. The buses that drive to la Noria are Lines 47,44 and 78. For the tram only tram line L will ride till la Noria.


Ikea Alicante

A new Ikea Alicante store.

In Alicante a new Ikea Alicante  Furniture store will open it doors in 2015.
That was a promise of IKEA…….
The Ikea will be located in Rabasa Alicante.
There shall also a new shopping center will be build.
Also next to this, there will be a new construction site. On this site will include housing beside the shopping center.
Up to 13.500 houses are planned to be build next to the shopping center.
The new Ikea Alicante will occupy 300 000 square meters. The Ikea will provide for 9000 direct and indirect jobs in the city.

The Ikea is estimated to bring around 5 million customers each year to Alicante. So this would definitely be a major boost for the entire region.  The Job opening will be directed at mostly people from Alicante. So that  is more environmentally friendly. The employees will drive easily to their nearby work each day. Till now all this is just a rumor.

The Ikea in Alicante will be closer for most people than the newly build Ikea in Valencia  or the on in Murcia.

The commercial site will also include an  120 000 square meters for restaurants, offices and commercial buildings.

Other planning ?

Unfortunately some false rumours have surfaced of the IKEA being built across La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre in Orihuela Costa.
Although this would have been a great place to build an Ikea.

Ikea in La Zenia Shopping Boulevard 

Now in 2023 there is a little shop of IKEA in La Zenia .
It is more a place were you can order or ask for some help.
But important , what you have order you cab pick it up  some days later in La Zenia shopping boulevard.

Ikea Zenia Boulevard
Ikea Zenia Boulevard







In Alicante it can simply attract more tourist from the North side of Costa Brava like Benidorm and Calpe. So people from Orihuela Costa will have to choose either drive 30 minutes to the Shopping Centres in Murcia and visit the Ikea there.
Or go to Alicante which takes you around 45 Minutes.

For the moment people can visit the Ikea in Valencia or the Ikea in Murcia.

This article will be update as soon as we hear more news.

Update Ikea Alicante.

 After years of struggle  for Ikea a final decision could be close to a solution in the nearby future.
The mayor of Alicante  and the company admitted  that they were negotiations.
But nothing has been concreted till now.


A new Ikea Alicante store ????

Still rumors …..

Ikea Alicante
Ikea will open a new furniture store in Alicante





Orihuela Costa What To Do ?

Orihuela Costa is divided into small sections. The best known are
Cabo Roig, La Zenia, Dehese de Camoamor, Playa Flamenca.

Orihuela Costa Beaches.

Orihuela Costa Vieuw
Orihuela Costa

The most important, Orihuela Costa has beautiful beaches and is ideal to go with the family. Its becoming one of the hotspots of the Costa Blanca.

Because the Coastline of the Orihuela Costa stretches over a more than 16 km.
Since years, the Beaches are popular among the Spanish people. They are coming from Madrid, Orihuela and mainland Spain.
Recently more European visitors have also discovered these lovely  and beautiful beaches.

Now, every Beach of Orihuela Costa is certified with its Blue Flag. In other words, this label stands for the clearest water and properly maintained beaches.
In fact, with over 14 sandy, sunny beaches this region offers a wide range of choice.

The best known and biggest beaches are La Zenia and Campoamor. On both beaches there are beach bars or restaurants.

Tip: in summer times a parking spot is easy to find around 10 AM.

 La Zenia Beach also known as Cala Bosque.

The beach of la Zenia is smaller, but has more of a cozy feeling.
It’s the most famous beach of Orihuela Costa.
Important, it is accessible for the disabled people with reserved parking spots.
Indeed, it is easy reached by following the n332 till the round a bout for The Zenia Boulevard and turning in the direction of the beach.

As the beach is cleaned daily and has a blue flag, it is very recommendation.
While, it’s also the start of a Beach Promenade which leads to Cabo Roig and beyond.
The Beach has some excellent spots to go snorkeling.
Now it also has a Children play area and a place to practice your volleyball skills.
Starting from the Easter holiday, you can also rent a sunbed and sunshade to relax.
While, during  the  summer season jet skis and pedalos are also available.

Close to the sea, there is a Beach Bar. This bar offers a small range of foods like Pizza and sandwiches.
To the left of the beach is a restaurant called “La mirada” . This restaurant offers a wide range of food from Spanish food till Pizzas. In fact , the view is splendid, the prices ok.

Next to “La Mirada”  is a Hotel from Servigroup ” La Zenia”.


La Zenia Beach


La Zenia Beach
Orihuela Costa


Campoamor/Orihuela Beach La Glea Beach.

Also know as “Dehesa de campoamor”.
First ,is quite a lot bigger than “La Zenia” and feels not so crowded due to its size.
Further, It is also cleaned daily,  even during the winter period.
Sometimes there is a lot of seaweed that washes on the shore. Naturally ,seaweed means that the sea is very healthy. Although for swimmers it feels a little bit strange.

Besides, “Campoamor” beach is accessible for the disabled people. The town offers a amphibious chair.

Naturally , it has a number of restaurants nearby and several beach bars.
During the summer season  “Las Colinas” beach club is open. In fact, for us it is one of the most beautiful bars around the Orihuela Costa. The bar offers sunbeds and  an infinity pool. In the Summer it  opens a restaurant which offers Sushi.

On the edge of the beach, Jet skis and Pedalos are available in the summer season.

Again there is a nice beach bar with a choice of drinks and snacks. We enjoyed the cocktails and  the salads.
Side by side , the sunbeds and red sunshades are available from the Easter holidays till November.

To conclude , “Campoamor” also has a small Marina. Indeed, with a little restaurant and bar.


Orihuela Costa Beach




Orihuela Costa Beach
Orihuela Costa


Punta Prima.

In brief,  “Punta Prima” is about 234 metes of beach  and has elevator access which ensures good access for the disabled.

Cala Mosca.

In short, is near the “Playa Flamenca” and is a small beach.

 Playa Flamenca.

In particular, “Playa Flamenca” is popular due to its bars and shops, restaurants nearby.

Cabo Roig.

On the edge of the beach, “Cabo Roig” has a Marina. In fact this is the biggest in the “Orihuela Costa”.
The beach is popular in summer and winter because is located in a bay.
The beach bar is popular for his excellent cocktails en the nice easy listening music.
At the end of the horizon you can see the “Mar Menor”  and the sierras.
Close to the marina there is a bar/restaurant .
On top of Cabo Roig there is another restaurant with a very nice terrace  with  splendid panoramic view.
As you can see a little hidden germ.


There are many shops in the countless commercial centers across La Zenia.
Everyone of them has an Asian supermarket, which sells about everything at a cheap price. Most of the time they also contain some small supermarket and some local shops and restaurants.

La Zenia Boulevard.



Orihuela Costa La Zenia


Opened on the 26th of  September.
La Zenia Boulevard is the biggest shopping center of the province of Valencia -Alicante.
La Zenia Boulevard has 150 stores including Zara, H&M.
Construction Area 175.000 M².
Sales area of the project is 80.000 M² (Including HyperMarket 14 000 M² Leroy Merlin (DIY) Decathlon (sports) 5 000 M².
It is owned by the Alcampo group which is more commonly known as group Auchan.

More Information  about La Zenia Boulevard.


Dos Mares Centro Commercial.

Dos Mares is a shopping mall on a 15 min drive from Orihuela Costa.It has most of the common Spanish stores like Jack & Jones,Bershka,Pull And Bear.


Orihuela Costa Dos Mares Centro Commercial

Going Out in Orihuela Costa.


Nightlife, Clubs , Dancing’s.





Bushwacka Bar Orihuela


Bushwacka (Cabo Roig).

Is an Australian themed pub-bar. It offers a big choice of cocktails at an honest price. At night the party is guaranteed by the local DJs’.

Xairo Campoamor.

A typical Spanish club with big stylish events.


Orihuela is well-known for it’s golf Courses that have been renowned around the world for their quality .


Orihuela Costa has lots of restaurants in the different centro commercial from the Centro Commercial in Playa Flamenca till the Strip on Cabo Roig. We have dedicated a page to the best restaurants in the Orihuela Costa.


Go karts

If you like speed, come enjoy the biggest circuit of go-kart. It is open the all year .
There are different circuits. More specialy  for cadets and  children. Already from the age of 3   your kids can enjoy driving the go-cart.
Furthermore  there is also a circuit of paint ball and excursions with quads to the beach.

Childeren get reduction, they pay the half price.
There is also a parking next to the cafetaria and terrace.

In summer
From 11 am  till 12 pm
In Winter  :
From 11 am till 10 pm.


What to do in Torrevieja

What to do in Torrevieja ? One of the most popular place on the Costa Blanca.

In fact, Torrevieja is a popular destination among tourists. To sum up for its wide range of attractions from the Shopping centers to the Waterparks and Nightlife.
Also its one of the  perfect places to start exploring the rest of the Costa Blanca.
For instance  take a mud bath in Lo Pagan . Or enjoy a historical walk across Cartagenas Roman Amphitheatre.

What to do in Torrevieja :Torrevieja Shopping.

Furthermore, Torrevieja has some typical Spanish shops in the downtown city center.
But  most tourists immediately go to one of the Shopping Centers just across town.


What To Do in Torrevieja go shopping in Habaneras Shopping Centre
What To Do in Torrevieja go shopping in Habaneras Shopping Centre.


First, Habaneras is quite and nice shopping center on the outside of Torrevieja.
The mall has 3 levels of shopping streets, and is surrounded by other stores and cinemas.

More info about Habaneras Shopping Centre

What to do in Torrevieja =Torrevieja Markets

Main Market

Visit the Friday market : “Mercadillo Estacio de autobuses de Torrevieja “.
From 8:00 to 14:00.
The market of Torrevieja is one of the largest markets in Spain.
About 1200 stalls offers you: shoes, clothes, fruits, vegetables or curtains.
But also handbags, accessories, Spanish ham and sausages. And of course towels, bars, churros, gifts ….and much more to buy.

Torrevieja market
Torrevieja market

A new Location.
Torrevieja most busy Friday street market is going to move to his new location before Easter.
Stall holders have already been visit  the new location. They know exactly where and how to sit up their stalls.
The new location  is the “Antanio Soria” park. Close to the sport facilities of the city.
Nearby the public transport with the C line .There will also be a taxi parking at the market site.
There will be enough parking place  for the shoppers but also for the  stall holders.
Shoppers and Market traders will be impressed with the amount of space.

There will be improvements. For instance, to the security with the pick pockets.  Indeed , there will be a permanent police present at the market place. And the police will be helped by volunteers from the civil  protection.
So the regular pick pocketing on the markets will not be reported. Because of the increased visible presence of police and civil protection.
The location has rooms for 630 stalls  and is 5 000 m2 large.

So this will be the end, for the problems for the residents on the old location with a market on their front door .

The number of buses will increase on Friday.Due to the the demand for this service.

Evening Market at Torrevieja boulevard

Every Evening.
From 8pm till midnight (20 – 00).
Located at the Paseo de la Libertad (The Promenade of Liberty).
It has about 100 stalls


What to do in Torrevieja :Torrevieja Water Parks.

Torrevieja Water park has 3 water parks if you also count Quesada as part of Torrevieja the most famous one is of course Torrevieja aquapark or Aquopolis in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja waterparks
Torrevieja waterparks


We have a website dedicated to these water parks and their location and opening hours.
Torrevieja Water Parks

What to do in Torrevieja =Culture and Museums.

La Mata Nature Park

La Mata is a nature park in Torrevieja we dedicated a full article about la Mata at  La Mata natural Park

Isla de Tabarca

If you want to spend a day on a boat cruising the Mediterranean sea or you want to a trip with one of the sea excursions the Island of Tabarca can be easily visited from Torrevieja or Santa Pola  The Island of Tabarca is an old Berber pirate island. Isle of Tabarca.

Fishing boat tourism

From now on you can do a trip with a fisherboat.
You can  see how the crew works, how the catch is being unlooaded at the dock of the fishermen port. And also how it is been sold in the auction house.
At lunchtime you can enjoy a fish stew.

This a very nice way to learn more about the fishing industry.


Spanish Horses and Flamenco show .

Go see a Spanish Horses and Flamenco show and enjoy the culture and the beautiful warms colors the  Spanish tradition .

There are several diners’ shows: Carmen, Flamenco and  Cabellos espagnoles .
The waiters speak several languages and the shows are splendid.

The Submarine museum.

The “ Delfin Muelle Pesqueroé de Torrevieja also known as the floating museums.
Indeed, the floating museums are a combination of 3 ships laying in the harbor of Torrevieja.
To sum up, the ships in the museum are a submarine, a patrol boat and a Sailing Ship.
The Submarine is called the” Delphin”,  which mean the dolphin. It is worth a visit, because  so you can feel in reality the claustrophobic atmosphere the sailors had to go trough.
For instance, the Submarine could stay submerged for about 30 days.
It’s a perfect introduction to the Submarine culture in Spain. While, they are still active in the harbor of Cartagena.
The Sailing ship is being renovated. It is a typical vessel. In the past, the ship transported goods from South America to Spain.

The Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from  9:00 till 21:00

The Salt and Sea Museum.

The Salt and Sea museum is a small museum. It is  located not far from the tourist Information center of Torrevieja in the Paseo Vistalegre.
The Museum has some small reconstruction of the old Harbor.
The museum focuses it on the history of the boats in “Torrevieja” and  its free to visit.
It is open from 10 till 14.00 and from 17.00 till 21.00


Torrevieja Nightlife and Nightclubs, Pubs.

Pacha Torrevieja , now OZ Discoteca OZ

In the past, the Pacha Torrevieja was popular but is now called OZ. It  still has the typical Pacha style like VIP area and roof terrace.
Its one of the bigger clubs in Torrevieja and has foam party’s in the summer.
It is located near Aquapolis Water Park. and not so far from Habaneras.
The minimum age to enter the club is 16.
Adress Avenida Delfine Viudes, s/n · 03183 TORREVIEJA (Alicante), Alicante

Torrevieja Disco
Torrevieja Disco

Love Discoteca.

Fist,  “Love Discoteca” has been open for more than two decades.
Night revelers can dance the nights away every weekend of the year.
It has themed and styled events and the minimum age to enter the club is 18. This is due to the “professional” dancers

Adress:  Polígono Industrial Casagrande, Calle Antonio Ruiz Coves, 26, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spai


Is a new discotheque in Torrevieja for 20+. It started in July 2016.
In the Summer planning there are several theme nights .

Such as the  Tuesday : Mojito night. Then Wednesday :  Salsa and Bachata night. Next Thursday Rosé Nuit. At last at Sunday : breaking Black night.
Open every day. Start at 11:30 till 08:00.

Velice Torrevieja
Velice Torrevieja

Velice discotheque is a new “discoteca” of a famous group in Spain. They try to line up the best DJ in the region. The discotheque has theme  animation . Furthermore several artists come to perform. While, the Gogo girl are present.
Those who know it , say that the discotheque is the place to be at Torrevieja.Even one of the best clubs of the Costa Blanca.
In sum, on the planning for the summer  there are  COYU, DJ Nano, Fonsi Nieto, Luis LOpez, B Jones., DJ Joswerk…..There are also special guests.
In fact, the Dance and night club got a garden with a capacity of 1000 persons. While inside there is place for 1500 persons.
At Friday and Saturday the entrance is 10 €. The other days of the week , the entrance is free.

Adress : Calle Estay 2 , Torrevieja .

Before the Aquopolis.


To end

To conclude , in Torrevieja there is something for every one.


Cartagena Spain

Cartagena Spain
Cartagena Spain

Cartagena Spain  is a delightful port city.
It was and still is one of the famous naval station by the Mediterranean Sea.

Cartagena is located in the province of Murcia, in the South East of Spain.
The part of the coast of Spain  is called the Costa Calida.

Climate .

The best of the Costa Calida and Cartagena Spain is that the climate is hot and dry. In the most places of this coast ,  you can enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather. As result nearly the all year-long, warm summers and smooth winters.
Thanks to the proximity of the sea, Cartagena enjoys of a Mediterranean climate. Meaning : a  excellent weather and nearly 325 days of sun in a year.

Cartagena a hidden gem.

Cartagena is one of the oldest cities in Spain.
It has over 3000 years of history to its name. The City is one of the hidden gems in Spain.
In the recent years the city is renovated and modernized to attract more tourists.
As a result that the town is  a place worth to explore and to discover.

Cartagena is a multicultural city.
In the past  and   still  is a mix of several historical cultures. First there were the Romans, later on the Muslims, and finally the Spanish.
Now you can see the influence of this mix first of all  reflected in the museums.
Tourist also plays an import role in the local economy.  In particular the West and North European tourists are more than 50 % of the visitors. And finally more than 25% of the this visitors are British.

Start your visit.

To start a visit of Cartagena Spain make a visit to the tourist office. The place to be for more information about the churches, museums and monuments.
Remember that you are in Spain , therefore the most museums are closed on Monday.
Again do not forget the famous siesta . Even a large city as Cartagena is death between 14.00 and 17.00 in the summer. And  everything is close between 14.00 and 16.00 in the winter.

The most popular sites are the Roman Forum and the Roman theater. But also the Conception castle, the “Casa de la Fortuna” and the fortress “El Fuerte de Navidad”.

Visit the museums to learn more about the Punic walls. These famous walls where build in the 3rd century before Christ. In the past this walls helps defend Cartagena Spain.

After all Cartagena is one of the most important cities in the region of Murcia.

Where to eat in Cartagena Spain ?

Near the Calle Real, there are many narrow streets. This streets are full of little cheap noisy tapas bars, nice restaurants and cafeterias. A nice way to discover this beautiful town.
In one of these cafeterias you can eat  the famous Spanish breakfast. Indeed bread  with tomates or  “Pan con tomate, café con leche y sumo de naranja”. It is simple, cost about 3 euro and is excellent. We love it. .
In the restaurants in the old quarter,  try a “caldero”. This is a fish stew with tomatoes, garlic, scorpion dish  and saffron. With bread and homemade Alioli.
At most restaurants  you can eat a daily menu for max 10 euro . You get  a 3 course menu, with drink and bread included !

A nice address is also the ” Mare Nostrum” at the eastern end of the harbor . On the first floor you are overlooking the  Marina. Try the specialty from the house ” the Caldero ” of Murcia.
You get it with wine and bread for approximate 25 €.

For this with a rental car, there is a free nearby parking. From there you can stroll towards the promenade and the town.

For the lovers of sweet liquor : Cuarenta y tres ( 43 ) is the specialty from Cartagena.
Do a tasting trip to the 43 liquor factory.
Besides Cartagena is the only place in the world where the sweet liquor is produced. This sweet temptation of the city is now  exported to more than 70 countries.

 43 liquor
43 liquor

Cartagena Spain Shopping

Besides the beautiful harbor and the ancient buildings, Cartagena is also known for its many shops.
In the pedestrian zone of the avenue Mayor, tourist can window shop from the “ayuntamiento” till the “Plaza de Espana”.

Side by side there are department stores such as Mango, Zara, Celio, Springfield and Pull & Bear.
But also the well-know Spanish clothing outlet  “Desigual” and ” Sfera” are  located in the Mayor street.

But Cartagena has also little characteristic old narrow streets. This are full with small bookshops, exclusive fashion boutique, jewelers, shoes and perfumes.
This part of the city is a pleasant area to walk and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and explore the many shops .

Cartagena  Spain Shopping Center Espacio Mediteraneo.

Outside the village, direction Torrevieja, there is 54,000 m² large covered shopping centers ” Espacio Mediteràneo ” .
In the shopping center there is a Cinema and a Bowling Park. The Center offers you restaurants and fashion. The branches are  Massimo Dutti , Zara, C&A, Cortefiel, Pull&Bear and others .
There is also a large Carrefour.

Useful address.

Centro Comercial Y De Ocio Espacio Mediterráneo, Calle Londres, Polígono Industrial Cabezo Beaza, Cartagena

El Corte Inglés, Alameda San Antón, Cartagena

Parque Comercial Y De Ocio Mandarache, Avenida Ronda Ciudad de La Union, 30, Cartagena

Cartagena Harbor.

The town takes a very important strategic position as a maritime enclave on the Coast of the Costa Calida.
First of all the harbor of Cartagena Spain has a history of naval constructions since ancient times.
For instance the harbor is well-known for the inventor of the submarine, Isaac Peral. This is considered to be the first torpedo-firing sub.

Furthermore a boat trip in the harbor explains the important of this port and the famous “Armada”. In the past the Armada had played a key role in several wars in the history of Spain.

During the 18 century the great wall around the old centre “ Muralla del mar “ was build.
Now the wall  can be seen when walking from the harbor to the Town Hall. The town hall itself is dating from the early 20th century.


Cruise ships.

Cartagena Spain is also booming as port of call for cruise ships.
This growth continues. A record of 150 000 cruise ships was arriving in Cartagena in 2015.
In the future this number will increase even further in the future .

Cruising in Cartagena.

A total of 150 cruise ships are expected on Cartagena.
This ships are going to bring around 230 000 tourist to the city and his region.

This number is more than ever.
Around 180 000 passengers  docked in the port in the year 2016.
Cartagena Cruise

Indeed, Cartagena becomes more and more popular
Besides, Cartagena will welcome larger boats , meanly carrying  German and English tourist.
But  there will also be French passengers, Italian and even Asian tourist walking trough Cartagena city.
As a result that the Port authority  will expand  the cruise terminal and improve the services for the visitors
Since 2016 there is more infrastructure and staff available to help the many passengers.
The main attractions involve visiting the Roman monuments.
But also shopping and enjoying the Spanish way of drinking and eating.  Tapas are very popular.

Cartagena Historical.

The people of Cartagena are very proud of the history of the city.

They even organize a photography  contest to honor their heritage. Contestants send in photographs  that focus on the Cartagena  area’s archaeological heritage.
The objective of the contest is to give information about the extra ordinary historical and archaeological heritage that the area is home to.

The city has over 12 museums, many buildings of interest, nice churches and a lots of monuments. Especially relevant are the archaeological sites.

Time to discover.

In the past, Cartagena became great during Roman times.
But was also the base for the Spanish Navy since the start of the 18 century !
Take your time to discover the old town with the characterful streets.
Relax en enjoy at one of the many restaurants and bars in the old town .

Cartagena town
Cartagena town

Roman theater in Cartagena Spain

Near the town hall are the remains of the Roman Theater.
Good to known is that this   theater is one of the most important in Spain.
The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena  is discovered by chance in 1987. Since then is theater has been restored and is now a jewel .

The “Casa Fortuna” is a museum nearby the Roman Theater. This museum shows how the daily life of the Romans family was in the first century AD.

Conception castle.

Cartagena Torres Park
Cartagena Torres Park

Do you like another view of  the Roman Theater ?
Than you can  walk up to the hill to the Torres park.
On the top is the site of the “Conception castle”.

In the past, this fortress was used as a strategic point.
For instance :  by the Carthaginians, later on the Romans, the Arabs and of course the Castilian.
“Castillo de la Conception” offers audio guide in English, French and Spanish. This audio guides to improve  visitor information.
For a fee of 3 €, the audio guides offers a full history of Cartagena.

More specifically  on the castle itself, which is one of Cartagena oldest defenses.

On top of the hill you can visit the History and Medieval Cartagena Visitor Centre  ( cost : 4€) .
It is worth visiting because you have a  extreme beautiful panoramic view  at  the whole city around you, the harbor, the several other hills with little Fortress.

Cathedral of Cartagena Spain

The ancient Cartagena cathedral will be open to the public on the last four days of each month.
The Cathedral is next to the city center of the  city. It is a very popular tourist attraction . Also by students.
On the  open doors day the cathedral will open from 10.00 till 12.00.
If you prefer, you can hire a guide.

Cartagena Cathedral
Cartagena Cathedral

The mean street.

Besides this nature and culture walk  you can explore the other side of Cartagena.
Indeed take a walk along the Mean street , the “Calle Real”, the Town Hall and The Casino. Furthermore the” Gran Hotel”, the railway station and several other beautiful houses and monuments.

Cartagena Casino
Cartagena Casino

For is the best way to learn about the lovely Spanish city is easy. Sit down in one of the many bars and relax and watch the world go by.

The nature of Cartagena Spain.

On the coastline of Cartagena there is  a popular natural park , Calblanque park.
Visitors can enjoy the guided tours and activities in the park during the last summer season.
Nature lovers can take a walk alone  in this  beautiful natural park.
There are several visitors centers.  Inform yourself before a walk because  they have closing days.
When you take a guided tour, you get excellent information about the native flora and fauna living in the “Calblanque” park.
Bird-lovers can enjoy guided bird watching tours and learn about the nature.


They are others nice parks who are also very popular in the Murcian region.

Like there is the salt marsh natural park in San Pedro del Pinitar. But also the El Valle and Carroscoy mountains nearby Murcia.  And the “Sierra Espuna” mountains near Alhama de Murcia.  Al these are very popular by the nature lovers.

Festival in Cartagena: Historical battles. 

Cartagena Spain has been inhabited for over 2000 years and was called Qart Hadasht by its founder. This was around 200 BC.
Cartagena prime period was during the Roman Empire. It was then known as Carthago Nova.
Cartagena has been controlled by the Moors, the Romans, the Punic and the Christians.
And every year in Cartagena, they celebrate this history by recreating these spectacular battles. This  celebrations takes place during a week,  in mid September.

Roman and Carthaginians Fiesta .

First, the celebrations (fiestas) attract people from all over Spain and also many foreign tourist.
Throughout the week the city is full of events and activities.
In fact , they are all related with the long history of the town.
While the fiesta reconstruct the battles for control over Cartagena.
Now and in the past , one of the most important strategic ports in the Mediterranean Sea.
The best , all events are free, except the Great Roman Circus.
So enjoy the recreation of the battles and the parades.
All in all , they are related to the Carthaginians and the Romans.


Some of the highlights are: the arrival of the Sacred Fire by sea at the port, The roman Senate, the wedding of Hannibal. But also the Nuptial celebrations and Weddings in the Carthaginian streets,the Roman Bike ride and the  Large Craft market.
Also, enjoy the Landing of the Carthaginian navy, the Sea battle, the Large troops and legion parade.
At last but not at least, the  Grand Firework at the Fiesta.

 Roman Festival
Roman Festival

In brief for more information, maps, dates, hours see the local tourist information.

In the past we visited the town already several times with friend and family.
Were are very pleased with our visit and we will surely return once again to the beautiful and vibrant Cartagena.

How to get to Cartagena Spain.

First by rail , the most direct route is Barcelona and Valencia.
The direction Murcia and Cartagena.

Then by air, the nearest  gateway is the airport of Murcia San Javier airport.
Indeed from San Javier to Cartagena it only 30 km drive .
Some well known low coast flight company are landing on San Javier.

Next a bit further away is the airport of  Alicante.
From Alicante to Cartagena it is 121 km drive. Taking the A 7 and the A 30

La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre, Orihuela Costa

First of all, La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre is the new shopping mall at the Orihuela Costa.
Then , it is the biggest shopping center of the province of Alicante.
Follow it on facebook Follow on La Zenia boulevard On Facebook.

Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre.
Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre.

Indeed, La Zenia Boulevard occupies 161.000 square meters and has about 150 shops.
It offers 5.000 free parking spots to customers.

Mediterranean Mall

It looks a lot like an american shopping mall but with a Mediterranean accent.
The Shopping centre has activities almost every weekend. These activities draws many people from Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja , Benidorm  and even further away.

Most of the shops are located on the first floor and on the second it is full of with restaurants  (Also check out our top Restaurants in The Orihuela Costa).
The Shopping centre is wheel chair friendly.There are 3 elevators: two in the central plaza and one near the Alcampo.

Kids paradise

Also for the Kids there are lots of activities which are open the whole year.
On the top , a third of the Second floor is a real kids paradise with all sort of attractions.
Near the “Alcampo”, there are little small funny cars shaped in the form of animals.
Children  can ride sitting on the animal, while the parents are shopping.

La Zenia Boulevard shopping center is the ideal place to go shopping with the all family.
Indeed, there a many shops but also the many possibilities to have something to eat or just to have fuwith the kids .

La Zenia Boulevard Opening Hours / Times:

Spring and Summer and Autumn : Monday through Sunday, From 10:00 till 23:00
Winter: Monday through Saturday , From 10:00 till 22:00.
In the winter season, the shops are closed on Sunday.
But the bars  and restaurants are open throughout the year.

La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre Detailed Opening Times

Winter time (October till June) Easter / summer
Shops10:00 to 22:0010:00 to 23:00
Alcampo09:00 to 22:0009:00 to 00:00
Restaurants and Bars
Street Level10:00 to 22:0010:00 to 22:00
Kiosks Plaza Mayor10:00 to 22:0010:00 to 01:30
1st FloorFrom 12:00 to 01:0012:00 to 01:30
Playground for the Kids
10:00 to 22:00
Casino Mediterraneo
  Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 3:00 pm and Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays: from 10:00 to 4:00 pm
ParkingFrom 9:00 to 1:30From 09:00 to 02:00

 Map of the Shopping Center

Map Of La Zenia Boulevard
map of the shops in la zenia boulevard

Important openings days 2022

These opening day and the opening hours may change during the year.
Due to the new regional goverment of Valencia.

Sales Rebajas.

The best is ” La zenia boulevard shopping centre” has sales a couple of times.
When its Halloween some shops offer a sale just between certain hours.
The winter sales in the shopping center starts the 2nd of January. And they  last till the 9th of March. So you can enjoy some great sales at your favorite stores with discount of 50% and even 70%.
Zara and other stores start their sales at the 7th of January

Stores at La Zenia Boulevard:

To sum up : Rituals, Zara, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius,Massimo Dutti,Oysho,Bershka and C & A. But also Primark, Mediamarkt and  NorAuto. Then  Alcampo also known as Auchan(14,000 square meters), Decathlon(5,000 square meters), Leroy Merlin(9,000 square meters), Adidas, Blanco,Geox, Guess,seven Camicie, Swarovski, Zara Home, H&M, Lefties..
Scroll down to see all the shops.

Ikea Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

Since 2021 there is a  Ikea space  where you can be inspired.
They can help you to plan .

Ikea Zenia Boulevard
Ikea Zenia Boulevard

Restaurant and Bars.

Indeed  “La zenia boulevard shopping centre” offers a lot of restaurants on the Second floor.
If you’re looking for something more calm not that far from La Zenia check out our Orihuela Costa La Zenia  restaurant guide.

Muerde La Pasta:  is all you can eat  Italian based pasta  and Pizza restaurant.
For a price of  € 9.95 per person  at noon in the weekdays and € 13.95 in the evenings and weekends. It can be quite busy so it’s not the best place to have a relaxing dinner. It offers a wide range of pastas.

Foster’s Hollywood: is an American Mexican styled restaurant offering delicious Steaks and Hamburgers for a decent price. 

Wok Buffet: is an Asian all you can eat restaurant they also offer some Spanish foods.

Che Argentino: offers an excellent grilled meat buffet delivered to your table.

Che Italian: is an Italian restaurant which handles the same concept like the Argentinian restaurant but with Pasta and Pizza.

Tommy Mel : a modern American diner restaurant. Many different milkshakes and an excellent menu. Outdoor terrace with sea view.

Snack bars or Fast Food.

Lizarran : 
Famous for its typical Spanish food and tapas,
Burger King.
Kebab Express.
Mr Pizza..
100 Montaditos is a a true Spanish finger food and small sandwiches bar.


The Bowling at La zenia boulevard shopping centre is called Pleno.
Near  the main plaza on the 1st floor.
Here you can enjoy your favorite sport and fun with friends.


They have all kinds of electronic video games and have a full Bowling.
While, the price is only 3 euro per person and game.
In the back, in the bowling there is also a Irish pub with good Guinness and nice snacks .

Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre. Irish Pub
Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre. Irish Pub


In the past , the Casino Mediterraneo was located in Torrevieja. Now it is  moved to Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre.
Still, they offer a range of activities beside the normal casino activities.
To sum up the table Games offered at the casino : Mini and normal Baccarat, Poker, American Roulette, BlackJack and Texas Hold’em.
While, in summer  holiday season there are shows in the Casino, comparable with the Benidorm shows.

La Zenia Boulevard Casino Mediterraneo
La Zenia Boulevard Casino Mediterraneo

The Opening Times of The Casino are:

In short :Sunday to Thursday: from 10:00 till 3:00 pm
Then: Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays: from 10:00 till 4:00 am

How to get there by “La Zenia shopping center” by bus ?

The best, the Orihuela Costa has a good public transport service to La Zenia.
The buses can be used by all the tourist and residents of the different urbanization of the Orihuela Costa .

In fact, the buses are in two lines : the red line and the blue line.
First the red line departs from the Orihuela Town Hall up to the Torrevieja hospital.
Then, the blue line starts at the Town Hall and go to Villamartin and La Zenia to Campoamor.

The bus price is 1,30 euro.
The frequency depends on the winter season or the summer season.
Between 14.00 and 15.30 there are no buses.

Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre Public Transport Bus
Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre. Public Transport Bus

How to get there by car ?

How to get to La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre. Ap-7 and taking exit 763
How to get to La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre. Ap-7 and taking exit 763

From direction Alicante.

Following the AP-7 and take exit 763, you will have to pay a toll . This toll is 2.10 euro or the double depending on the holiday season.

From Cartagena.

You can take the exit 763 and pay a toll or you can use exit 768 and follow the N-332 until you see the giant billboards at La Zenia.

La Zenia Boulevard in comparison to Habaneras.

Habaneras      <=>   Zenia Boulevard

60 shops         <=>  150 shops.

60.000 m2      <=>   180.000 m2.

About the stores

Primark La Zenia

First , Primark is a store who combines quality and price that everyone can afford.
You are able to do some shopping for fashionable Women clothing  wear, the comfortable menswear and the lovely Children clothing .
They also got some nice things in the Primark to use as home accessories.
The good thing about Primark is, that you can buy a lot for a decent price and they give a share of their profit to an ethical trading charter.
The Primark located in La Zenia is one of the biggest Primark stores located in Spain.
One of the big advantages is that the Primark collection changes frequently and is really popular. So if you like a t-shirt don’t hesitate to buy it because next time you visit it may be already sold out.
Also check out the rest of the Primarks situated in the Costa Blanca.

List of all the shops situated in Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

Hypermarkets /Super markets

“Alcampo” is the biggest supermarket around la Zenia. It offers a wide range of products from house hold appliances to electronics. The Fish department is refilled multiple times a day and offers a region with fish caught from the local fisherman from Santa Pola. Beside the Spanish products the also offer a wide range of international products and especially focused on the English market.

Fashion and Accessories shops (for both men and women)

Inside  the Zenia boulevard shopping centre,  there are shops as Astoria, Benetton, C&A, Cortefiel, Guess, H&M, Inside, Invazio, Laura Ashley.
But also Massimo Dutti, Miss Pinkie, Polinesia, Primark, Pull And Bear, Springfield, Xlusive By Damaldi, Zara.

Ladies Fashion

To sum up : Amichi, Bershka, Blanco, Encuentro Moda, Gerry Weber and Iokese.
But also the Kurukai, Lefties, Mango, Punto Romona, Shana, Stradivarius and  Via di Milano.
And also Desigual.

Men’s Fashion

In fact  there are different shops with a men department worth checking out.
In brief,  Jack & Jones, Bershka, Springfield, Lefties and Blanco.
While 7 Camicle, Colores, Forecast  and Macson are strictly men’s fashion shops.
Now there is also a new shop :  ” Piel de Toro”, a real Spanish branch. In short, worth a visit.

Childrens Baby Shops

Again we sum up : Zippy, Tutto Piccolo, Mayoral and Baby Center.


In brief, Calcedonia, Oysha and Women’s Secret.


As you can see , the Spanish love shoes : Geox, Boticellin, Deichmann, Cuplé, Di Marco, Mayka and Marypaz.
But also Nichi Sejio, Pewter, Primichi, Salvador Artesano, Saxo, Tino Gonzalez, Ulanka,

Accessories Shops in Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

More specifically :Bijou Brigitte, Claire’s, Greenwich, Inspiral, Misako and Paco Martinez.
But also the ALEHOP for the perfect gift.
Also typical Spanish :PARFOIS . With nice jewellery.
Further more : Greenwich and Oh Juliette.


Presently there is Decathlon, Adidas and Decimax.

Perfumery, Health and Beauty

You find also in La zenia boulevard shopping centre shops like Druni, Marvimundo and  Supperfumerias.
Furthermore :  Equivalena, Fashion Nails, Fragola, Kiko, Patpelo and Unica.


For example : Multiopticas, Roberto Martin and Soloptical.

Jewellery Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

There we go gain Gold Rush, Joyeria, Time Road/Festina (watches) , Two Dos and the well-known Swarovski.

Culture Toys and Gifts

In fact also for children are some shops in La zenia boulevard shopping centre : Don Dino a Toy Store. Bluster Store and Santos Ochoa.

Home /Decoration Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

For instance : Bedland, Conforoma, Decoquality, Leroy Merlin and Procomobel.
But also Zara Home, Conforama and Rituals.

Electronic stores shops

To summarize : Teleabla Movistar, Teleast, The Phone House and OLÉ.
Further also :  Communication, Telstra, Orange and the Media Markt.

Varia /Other

Outside there is a Car wash, Florist The Flower Shop, Gas Alcampo and Norauto.

Activities at La Zenia boulevard shopping centre

Around the central plaza , there are mostly every day activities.
Most events start at 18:00 unless it is mentioned otherwise.
In the winter, from the 1st of December till the 12 of the January, there is an ice skating rink.
In front of the “Leroy Merlin”,   on the outside front parking you can find the ice skating rink.

Meanwhile there is also a “Playing Playstation” on the huge screen. In fact, this is  located in the center of the plaza of La zenia boulevard shopping centre.
Now you can play some games on the huge screen in the middle of the plaza.
Most of the times,  it are racing games.

For example:  Entertainment in May

To summarize :   Mothers day with free gift for all moms, market of artisan with more than 50 artisan stand.
While for those who love music :  Ben Acoustic  a Violist , “Matt Blackwood ” a Guitarist and also the  Campoverde Reef Band. Or else :”Irina “singer.
Instead for the children : Clowns,Play station,Children Face painting, a Caricaturist but also a workshop “Hip Hop”.

.Solidarity event ” Hep at Home ” with
“Zancudo” Show.

Entertainment Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

Again we sum up : Dance Every m dance, Irena International Singer, Mat Blackwood Guitar and Tony Bright ” Mentalist” . But also the  Talent Show .
While only in aprul “Feria de April”:  Fiesta  with Flamenco. In fact activities about  Flamenco for all and a special Show Flamenco.

Furthermore for the children :  Hip Hop, Once a time a circus, The adventures of the cowboy rat, Play Station, games for Children and face painting for children .

Flamenco La Zenia
Flamenco Fiesta in La Zenia

Some of the permanent activities in December in Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre

For example : “La Banda Just Brass”  is a brass band who plays from the 1st of December and the 29th of December from 18:00 til 20:00 h.
Besides, there is also an important person in the mall  : Father Christmas.
Indeed the good man has his home at ” La Zenia” from the 1st of the December till the 24 st of December.  He comes to his little red house near the English corner , nearby the entrance of Alcampo.

Further, there is a nice Christmas parade, perfect for children every day in December from 11:30 – 13:30.
Meanwhile in January , the “Three kings” comes from the 26 of December till the 5th of January. In fact “Los Reyes Magos” are very famous is Spain, and more important for the children than Father Christmas.

La Zenia Reyes Magos
La Zenia Reyes Magos

As you can see, there is something for the all family in the La zenia boulevard shopping centre.