Costa Blanca Walking routes

Costa Blanca Walking routes .The nature is very beautiful at the Costa Blanca. So it is natural that they are several walking route has been set up.

The Trans Alicante walking route

Indeed, that is a long distance walking route. When you walk this route, you cross the whole Alicante province.

The walking routs is in total 430 kilometers long.
It is normal that you cross all sort of countryside. You can admire the natural beauty of the Costa Blanca. But also  the many natural parks. with even bird protection zones.
Furthermore the GR 330 take you to castles, historic building and little villages.So it is also a cultural walk enjoining the Spanish heritage.
The ” Gran Ruta de Costa Blanca”  leads you to  the Montcabrer ,  Sierra de Aitana and Puig Campana.

Puig Campana
Puig Campana

Also important is that there are  local short distance routes allowing the walkers to do the circular trips.

Information about the Great Route

There are leaflets and maps  at the tourist office around the Alicante province.
Also at tourism fairs you can find information.
But it is only in Spanish.
In the future  the leaflets and maps will be available also in  English , French and German.
Furthermore you can download  the walking route via internet. Wikiloc is the place : Gran Ruta Interior.

Bullas – Caravaca Costa Blanca Walking routes

This walking route is a part of the Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.

Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.
Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.

It is a perfect way to discover the Region of Murcia.
You find a date with the history. Caravaca de la Cruz  is a meeting point for Christianity. Like Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela.
The inland part is delightful.
The walking route takes you trough spectacular scenery. So this walking day give you a good feel for the area . There is much to see.

Bullas has a wine museum and many bodegas to visit. Furthermore the town is situated in fertile plain and has been a wine-producing area since the Romans.
Because Cegehin is crammed on the side of a hill , the town is a delight.With a walk trough the old quarter center with the narrow streets . It is been declared of Historical Artistically interest ( National Treasure ) .To sum up : there is an old palace to visit, a Casino, the town hall and a very beautiful “Plaza del Castillo “.

Caravaca Costa Blanca Walking routes
Caravaca Costa Blanca Walking routes

Carava de la cruz is a very nice city to visit .
It is well-known in Spain for his celebration of the Horse Wine races. This  event is declared by the Unesco as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.Read more about this event on our page Wine horses races of Murcia .
Caravaca de la cruz is dominated by the Castilo of Santa Cruz.
The city is full of monuments, plaza  and museums.For the Spanish people Caravaca is a popular tourist attraction. There is a miraculous cross , for the believers with healing powers.

Distance :  21 km
time : 5 hours

The “Vivas Verdes” walking route .

The vivas verde is a walking route  that runs along the old  Caravaca de la Cruz- Murcia railway. In the past , in 1971 the railway was closed.
The length is 48 km.So it is also very popular as cycling route .

vivas verde Caravaca
vivas verde Caravaca

If you are also  a cycling fan see also our page on cycling in the Costa Blanca.

Distance: 48 km
Time: 8 hours
Time with the bike : 2 hours

The Sierra Helada walking route

A fantastic walking tour is the one of the Sierra Helada.
You can admire fantastic views  on the summit of the mountain Helada.

Sierra Helada means Frozen mountains in Spanish
Fantastic  views can be seen on the summit of Helada. From this point you can see the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful coves
Further away there are the tower blocks of Benidorm.
Most walkers starts from the Albir beach. There you can leave your car at the parking.

Sierra Helada Walking Route
Sierra Helada Walking Route

The route to the summit passes at the ancient  mines and of course the lighthouse of Albir.
You can easily follow the track
Some say that  from the repeater masts the cliff track least you just above ” Mundomar ” Mundomar is one of the famous water parks in Benidorm with dolphins.
So at the right place and hour you can see a dolphin show.
It is a moderate walk.
Distance is 7 km.
Duration : count a 4:30 hours

Costa Blanca Walking routes :The  Guadalest Embalse

First, this walk is pleasant in any season and weather. A Embalse is a dam in Spanish.
So, it provides beautiful blue-green  water for the nature lovers. And of course, very important water for the residents.

Guadalest Embalse Costa Blanca Walking routes
Guadalest Embalse Costa Blanca Walking routes

So, the walking route starts from the dam of the embalse of Guadalest in an against the clock direction.
In the village of Benardia you already can make a stop for a drink or tapa.
Then, you can descend from this little village and follow  the south track back to the Guadalest dam.
Length : 12 km
duration 4 hrs

Ascent 228 meters

Ornithology walking route in La Manga

This path is new . It runs from the Mar Menor ( inside sea nearby Murcia) to the Mediterranean  Sea  at the end of La manga .
Till now,  tourist know La Manga del Mar Menor as a popular holiday destination.

Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes
Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes

But La Manga is special, because of its  unique location in Southern Spain.
It is special in terms of its geographic and environment.
So the government  is also  aware of it.

They want to attract also tourist  who like the nature and like to walk.

The North of the strip of La Manga  is not so full built as the  rest of the nearly island.
So is the home of many kinds of  seagulls, several sort of ducks and many more.
There is a wealth of bird life in this region.

Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes
Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes

So, in the future there will be a walkway from  the end of La manga  along the  channels which connects the two seas.

Ornithology walking route in La Manga
Ornithology walking route in La Manga

Of course information boards will be installed along the walking path.  With explication about the local fauna and flora.
In the future, the government will  make the link from La manga to San Pedro del Pinitar by a similar walkway

Costa Blanca Walking routes

There are many more routes to discover at the Costa Blanca.
So follow us.

Albir, Costa Blanca

Albir is located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca .

The little town of Albir is sandwiched between the popular Benidorm and Altea .
But also imported to known  is that it  is located between two important international airports.
Below in the south is Altet, the Alicante airport.
North of Albir is the  Valencia airport.

Indeed both airports have a range of different transport options : shuttle  buses, taxis and of course car rental.

Albir beach
The Beaches of Albir.

This town of Albir  is connected with the airport with the old N332 and the AP7 highway.

Albir is popular for it’s beaches and its Natural park of the “Sierra Heleda“.
There fore read also our article about this beautiful nature park.

The best of Albir is  is a very good Mediterranean  climate.
With more than 300 sunny days the town is a excellent stay for tourists .
In the same way the summers are hot and the springs very nice .
Finally the autumn and  the winters are mild.
In brief this part of Spain, the Costa Blanca has very little rainy days.
As a result the little village is an ideal holiday destination all year round for the all family.

Albir beaches

The main beach of Albir  is named” Playa de Raco de l’albir”.
This sandy beach is a nearly a kilometer of length. In the first place the beach is  famous for his splendid view of the famous “Penin de Ifach”,  in the nearby town of Calpe.

Calpe bicycle tourism
Calpe bicycle tourism

Because of the good location, in the summer season  the beaches and the town are very crowded.
During the summer months and september there are life guards  on duty. In fact, this is the case in nearly  all the beach resorts on the Costa Blanca.

Blue flag

Furthermore the beaches  has the “Blue Flag”, so indeed  the water is not only blue but also clean.
Besides on the beaches  their also two play areas for the children.
Furthermore toilets are located on the boulevard in front of the beach.

In the past Albir was a little fishing port and has been developed in the present  to a touristic resort.

Albir Cuisine

Due to the boom there are many bars and restaurants.
They are very popular by the Western and Northern Europeans tourist. But locals or tourist, both are  enjoying their tapa or fresh fish plate on the many terraces.
The restaurants are an international cuisine. Beside the Spanish restaurant there are  also English or Italian or French or Chinese or Indian.As you can see it is up to you to make your choice.
In the neighborhood there are several big supermarkets . Even if you rent an apartment it is easy for your daily shopping .



During the holiday season, there is a little market at the sea front.
Even if this market is mostly for tourists , it is very nice to visit it. On this market they sell local leather, jewelry and souvenirs.
Every Sunday there is a larger street market nearby the “Consum”. Every thing you want to buy, you can find it here.

The most important boulevard at Albir is the stars promenade or ” Pasea de las Estrallas”.
It is perhaps the place to look after the nights stars at the heaven but also other Stars.
In fact, Albir holds a national film festival.
This yearly film festival take places in the month of July. As a result  that on  the “Stars” boulevard, there are stones dedicated to national and international film stars. Come and look for Javier Bardem .

Tips for trips from Albir .

Nearby a 5 kilometers drive, there is the city of Benidorm.
Benidorm is also famous for it theme parks like Aqualandia, Mundomar or Terra Mitica.
First the “Terra Mitica” is a theme park based on the ancient world and the history of the Mediterranean islands with all sort of rides.
Second the “Aqualandia” is a water park for the all family.
Third, in Mundomar you can enjoy the dolphins shows and the nature of the Iberian island.

Further, Guadalest is a beautiful  trip to the mountains. Close to Guadalest there are the Algar waterfalls.

Next to Albir is the town of “Calpe“, it  is a 15 kilometers drive from Albir.
Calpe is famous for it amazing landmark. This landmark is the ” Penin de Ifach”, a gigantic rock of 600 meters high.

One of the nicest thing you can visit nearby Albir is the Parque Natural de la “Sierra Helada.
In particular the “Sierra Helada “is popular by the locals as the tourist for the splendid walk about and the amazing views. See our article about the Sierra Helada

Sierra Helada Albir
Sierra Helada Albir

How to get there

By air
The Airport of Alicante El  Altet . It is an hour drive.

By car
Take the highway AP 7 Exit Albir
Or the old road N 332.
More about car rentals ?   See our webpage car rentals 

By taxi
After all, they know the way (and the price).

By bus
When you come to the sunny Albir with a your travel agency.
As result, that the bus picks you up at the airport.

To conclude

In brief, Albir is a very nice little town at the sunny Costa Blanca. It is the starting point for your trips around the region. In particular, the place to be to discover Sierra Helada.
Besides, it also has beautiful sandy beaches, nice restaurants and bars.

Beach Bar
Beach Bar

And the weather is splendid.

Thus everything , you want for a nice holiday place.