Harvest of the salt, Costa Blanca

Harvest of the salt at the lakes of Lo Pagan, Santa Pola and Torrevieja starts in October. Then you can see the white salt mountain growing again.

Harvest of the salt
Harvest of the salt

First , the three villages produces salt for the road maintenance.
But also for industrial and gastronomic reasons.

So the amount of minerals changes each year . Because it depends on the temperature and the quantity of rainfall .

Also the way of producing and drying is different .

For instance in Lo Pagan and Torrevieja the water is brought into a lake . Via the channels on the coast.
It can be transferred into a larger lake.
There the water vapores during the summer. So crystals are formed.
Also nice to see: the lakes become pink. What a very nice view is for nature lovers and photographers.

The salt is then replaced at a deeper part of the lake . So it will not dry up in the sun.

The salt mineral is collected by machines.
The machines extracts the salt from the bottom.
Then the mineral is disposed in small boats .

Harvest of the salt : clean up

So now the salt is cleaned . That the moment the salt mountains grow.
Some of then are more than 20 meters .
For instance , in one year the salt lake of Torrevieja harvested 55 000 tonnes of the white mineral.


Most of the harvest is for export. In the winter to Sweden, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Norway.
Of course for melting the ice and snows on the roads.

Gastronomy purpose

But there is also a large amounts to gastronomic purposes.
But this salt is harvest manually. The workers have to take more care of the salt.
The quality depends on the temperature and the rainfall. So they let water in or out to gave a excellent quality.

Also they cheque if the salt has it potassium and magnesium level.
The salt of all three villages become more and more popular for the cuisine.

Harvest of the salt
Harvest of the salt

To end the harvest of the salt

The exploitation of the salt lakes of Lo Pagan, Torrevieja or Santa Pola guarantee the preserve at the salt lakes.

So in this part of the Costa Blanca , the flora and the fauna stays unique.

Markets in South Costa Blanca

Spain is famous for its street markets.
We have put together a great selection of the most popular and best Markets in South Costa Blanca.
Presently, markets in South Costa Blanca are  taking place every day .
Nevertheless, to avoid arriving on the wrong day we made you a list .

Markets in South Costa Blanca
Markets in South Costa Blanca

The best, the markets are the meeting points for the expats and the Spanish people.
While, they are situated at nearly every town and village. In brief, if you want to meet the real Spanish culture. Then go to the traditional villages and towns and you will find what ever you want.
More specifically, try to combine a  visit to the market with the discovery of the village. So you can discover the typical bars and restaurants. As a result, you will have a great filled day out.

Now, the colorful markets are held at the most of the main town and villages. In fact,  trough out the province of Alicante.
As a result, all Markets in South Costa Blanca are visited by the local themselves. Indeed, the markets stalls offer a real taste of the Spanish life. In particular, you can taste the fresh local products. Indeed, there is numerous fruits, the great choice of vegetables. Side by side by a tempting selection of seasonal herbs. Naturally, also the jamon, the chorizo or the cheese.
In short, enjoy the color of the flowers.
Thus, the Markets in South Costa Blanca are the weekly appointment. In fact, feel the the vibrant atmosphere. Indeed,  the stalls are  full of various products .From household to fashion or clothing.
The markets are one of the best places to learn an become familiar with the Spanish diversity.

For the locals and the tourist the nearest local market becomes a weekly trip. It is a part of their lifestyle at  the sunny South Costa Blanca.
The local markets usually set up early in the morning, ready for the sell around 8 a clock.
The markets stops  around 1 pm in the afternoon, before the great heath of the sun.
It nearly never rains, so the stalls are always there.
Like every where else, vehicles have no access to the market place or streets.

The first, Torrevieja’s weekly Market is very busy.
The marker occupies five streets. The largest market in the area with space for over 1000 stalls .
In particular, the market is every Friday morning.

Almoradi has a large market. They selling plants, vegetables, fruits, craft and gifts. But also household items, clothes and shoes.
Situated at the plaza Constitution and the surrounding streets .
The market is every Saturday morning .

Playa Flamenca.
The largest and busiest in the area is the Playa Flamenca market.
Situated nearby many commercial centers and Zenia Boulevard.
Presently, the market is every Saturday morning

Outside Guardamar is the campo de Guardama. It is an inland area of the town.
El Raso is situated nearby Campo de Guardamar. El Raso has a very popular and busy market.
While local people called it ” the Lemon Tree Market” with at least 400 stalls.
Now,the market is every Sunday morning.

San Miguel de Salinas.
San Miguel de Salinas has a busy street market .
On top of the town,the market streets are above the pink Laguna de Torrevieja.
Indeed,take your time to discover the surroundings. After all, from the village you can get  a impressive view over the countryside. In fact, this landscape is  full of orange trees ” entre Naranjos” and the salt lake.
Now, the market is every Wednesday morning.

Markets in South Costa Blanca.

Formentera de Segura.
San Pedro del Pinitar.
Santa Pola.

Daya Nueva.
La Union.
Los Alcazares.
Mil Palmeras.
San Fugencia.
San Miguel de Salinas.


Callososa de segura.
La mata.
San Isididro.
San Miguel de Salinas.
Santiago de ribera.

Gran Alacant.
La Marina.
San Javier.

Los Montesinos.
Pilar de la Horadada.
Torrevieja. The location is changed since Easter 2017. See for more details Torrevieja 

Hondon Las Nieves.
Los narejos.
Guerdamar de Segura.
Playa Flamenca.
Torre Pacheco.

Campo de Guardamar.
Lo Pagan. And the La Sal Market on the third Sunday of the month.
Mil Palmeras.
Pilar de Horadada.
Santa Pola = second hand market on the first Sunday of the month.


Bus Alicante airport Torrevieja, a success.

Bus Alicante airport Torrevieja is a huge success among travelers and people who rent houses in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa.

Torrevieja bus
Torrevieja bus

In the present , there is a daily service.
It takes about 55 Minutes between the airport of Alicante and Torrevieja. Meanwhile the bus is fully capable of taking a lot baggage. So you don’t need to worry about your big bags filled with scuba equipment.

During  the summer season a bus drives every hour but we posted the bus schedule down this page.
In brief the bus is the really the cheapest way of transport  to get Torrevieja.

Costa Azul bus.

The Company of the bus is  called “Costa Azul”. Indeed keep an eye on the buses with Airport Shuttle Costa Azul on it.
Because you can book the bus ticket directly from the bus driver, it is for most people very attractive.
Meanwhile in the summer season there is also a ticket sailing office in the airport. In front of the arriving zone.

bus alicante airport torrevieja
bus alicante airport torrevieja

Indeed the residents or the tourists who go to spend their holidays in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa can use the bus service.
If you want to read more about Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa find more  on our page : Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa  .

Never the less a direct bus service bus Alicante Torrevieja Alicante El Altet Airport is not a luxury. It is even very popular.
About 18 percent of all travelers arriving at the airport, have the region of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa  as destination.

In the past, many of them had to take a taxi for 50 €.
In fact,  it was sometimes more expensive than the price they had paid for their flight with their low coast fly.
As you can read, the new bus Alicante Torrevieja  will even contribute to the growth of tourism in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.

In brief, the bus Alicante airport Torrevieja is a very cheap and easy way to get to your holiday destination .

Bus stop at Alicante airport.

The bus stop is just outside the departure hall at level 2 .
Take the elevator to the departure hall.
The bus stop Alicante airport is at the end of the departure hall.
The bus company “Costa Azul “ is running several times a day the distance  of 63 kilometers and also the trip back.

The service that offers the bus line  Alicante Torrevieja is “direct “with 3 bus stops and its rides 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The bus runs through the A-7 and stops in Santa Pola, La Marina, Guardamar and Torrevieja.
Equal important : the bus is accessible for wheelchairs.
And at least the bus has a large luggage space.

A new look for the Shuttle bus Alicante airport Torrevieja . 

In particular Torrevieja has a  new bright and breezy airport shuttle. Presently it is colorful designed by the graphics artists of the town hall’s tourism service.
In fact, they hope that the attractive bus will encourage more tourists to use the bus and visit the region.
Immediately,  it will allow people to identify very quick their bus in the airport.

Bus Alicante airport to Torrevieja

Daily starting from 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00  12:00  13:00  14:00 16:00 17:00  18:00 19:00  20:00 22:00
In blue from 1st April  to 31th October .

Departure and arrival in the bus station of Torrevieja , Calle del Mar 50

Arrival and departure in the Alicante airport in the second floor.

Bus Torrevieja to Alicante airport

Daily starting from 7:00 9:00 10:00   11:00 12:00 13:00 15:00 16:00 17:00  18:00 19:00  21:00
In blue from the 1st April till 31th October
Departure and arrival in the bus station of Torrevieja , Calle del Mar 50

Arrival and departure in the Alicante airport .

Bus Alicante Torrevieja
Bus Alicante Torrevieja

It take you to your destination in one hour to get there. The bus run inland via the A7 highway.
Not on the N 332 ( old route ) . In fact, so the bus avoid traffic delays in the summerseason on the N 332.

Departure and arrival point:bus Alicante airport Torrevieja

The most important,departure and arrival point is the Torrevieja bus station. Calle del Mar, 50.

Ticket Price: € 8 from kinds older than 4 year and adults . The little ones are free. Some drivers ask for the ID.
Pensioners get 30% discount when there are living in the Valencian region.

The tickets are for sale in Torrevieja bus station and in the airport. You can also pay the driver.
Furthermore , you can buy the tickets online.

Also important , the buses are handicap accessible. Furthermore there is free WiFi and enough space for the luggage.

On the one hand the bus is an cheap way to get to the airport or Torrevieja.
On the other hand, when you have a low cost flight it is possible that your plane land after 22:00.
Equally important is that the bus is popular. So sometimes the bus fills up very quickly in the summer season.In fact, then you have to wait for the next bus.

This page on the web is not update daily with the information on the bus Alicante airport Torrevieja.
See for daily details  Costa Azul :  965 710 146

Prices of a Taxi Alicante Torrevieja.

In fact the Price of a taxi from Alicante El Altet will cost you about  65 euros. While the biggest advantage of the taxis are that they can be pre-booked. And will take you quick to your final destination.
Naturally  this might be a good option to consider when you are with 4 or more people and share the price.

Also  Interesting:

For instance visit our webpage  Alicante Airport Car Rental Comparison

On this page we do a Torrevieja Airport Car Rental  Airport Pick up Comparison

Important note : Yourspain is not responsible for the change in the timetables.

Torrevieja Water park

The most famous Torrevieja Water park  is Aquopolis but there are also 3 other water parks in the nearby region of Torrevieja.
The other 3 water parks are a bit smaller but still worth a visit when you don’t want to stay a day at the beach.
Two of the water parks are located in Torrevieja and one is located in the nearby municipality of Quesada.
Keep in mind Aquopolis is the biggest one in Torrevieja but also the most expensive one. So if you just want to enjoy a nice swimming pool with the kids you might want to consider the smaller ones.

Torrevieja Water park =Aquapark Flamingo

Aquapark Flamingo is smaller than Aquopolis but is definitely worth a visit. It is good value for money. Cheaper than Aquapolis. Indeed,it is very interesting when visiting with young children who don’t like the big slides.
Furthermore, there are free sun beds for when you want to rest for moment of all that water fun.
Bringing your own food is not allowed. Unfortunately.

Price range

Good to known, children beneath the age of 4 get free entrance
Then , children ages 4-12 entrance is : 12 euro.
Adults €14 euro.

Torrevieja Water park= Rojales Water Park Quesada.

First, Rojales is bigger than the Flamingo water park, but still smaller than Aquapolis.
Then, it has an area of 21,000 m². and doesn’t get as busy as Aquapolis in Torrevieja.

Next, it’s especially ideal to go with kids there is good variety of types of slides and has a large swimming pool.
The water park had 4 gentle slides,  3 children pools, 2 kamikaze slide and  1 large swimming pool. The sun beds are free.
In peak season they offer cheaper tickets around 3pm till 7pm.
Parking is free.

Rojales Water Park Quesada  Opening Hours

10.30 am till 7pm
From June till half September

Free parking

Price range:
Children beneath the age of 4 get free entrance.
Ages 4-12 €14
Adults € 16

C/ del Norte, s/n.
Ciudad Quesada.
Tel. 96 671 86 12

Torrevieja Water park = Aquopolis

Also called Torrevieja Water park.
This Torrevieja water park is the second biggest water park the Costa Blanca.
Indeed, the largest is still the one in Benidorm.

The Water park is located in the center of Torrevieja not far from the Shopping Center Habaneras.

The best, it offers a range of attractions for every age.

In total the Aquapark has about 15 attractions.
To sum up : Jacuzzi, Paradise, Speed, Kamikaze, Zig Zag, Zig Zag Mini, Speed Race Speed Race Mini, Rapids, Black Hole, Boomerang, Waves Beach, Blue Lagoon , Zip Line, Waterfall, Mini Park and Amazon River.

While, every attraction has a sign in front of it . So you can see how intense the ride is . More specifacilly, three categories: high, moderate and children.

If you want to take a romantic picture you should definitely take one under the waterfall, so you have an amazing memory of the water park.

When we visited the park lots of Spanish people were bringing their own food and drinks with them not that they are expensive, but it’s good to know.

A disadvantage about the park in my opinion is: you have to pay extra for a laying chair or a big inflatable tube for two to go on the attraction.

Aquopolis aquapark Torrevieja Opening Hours:

Open from the 3rd of June to the 8th of September
From Monday-Sunday 11:00-6:00

How to get to Aquopolis aquapark Torrevieja

First, from Alicante on the National 332 exit at the shopping centre, change direction at the roundabout, the Park is on the left-hand side.

Then, from Alicante on the AP7 Motorway direction Cartagena, exit 745 Torrevieja Norte, CV908 turn left at the Centro Comerciales de Torrevieja Roundabout and the Park is on the left-hand side.

Next, from Cartagena on the N332 exit on the Parque de las Naciones Service Road, second exit to Av. Delfina Viudes, the Park is on the left-hand side.

At last, from Cartagena on the AP7 Motorway direction Alicante, exit 758 Torrevieja Sur, CV95 until connecting with the N332 direction Alicante, exit on the Parque de las Naciones Service Road, second exit to Av. Delfina Viudes, the Park is on the left-hand side.


Aquopolis Prices

Online Price
Adults (+ 1,40 m)23,95 €23,95 €
Child (from 0,90 to  1,40 m)18,95 €18,95 €
O.A.P. (+ 65 years)18,95 €18,95 €


Map of the Waterpark


Map of Aquopolis aquapark Torrevieja Water park
Torrevieja Water park

3 stars – based on 1 reviews
Adress Urbanización Casa Grande II Torrevieja Alicante, Alicante , Benidorm 03183

+(34) 902.345.008

Price Range: $$

Don’t forget to protect your self against the sun!
  • Use sunscreen with protection factor suitable to your skin.
  • Do not spend too much time in the sun. Protect your head with hats.
  • Drink water regularly
  • Avoid alcohol and heavy meals.
  • Resting after eating before going on the water slides.

After all the fun and relaxing of the water what better way is there to finish you day relaxing in on of the Restaurants in Orhuela Costa.

Also worth checking out Mundomar , Terra Mitica


First, Torrevieja is one of the biggest tourist city’s of the Costa Blanca.
It is located in the province of Alicante. From the city of Alicante it is a 50 kilometers drive.
With a population in the region of 107 000 Torrevieja is for most of tourists, one of the place where the love with Spain began.

Because, Torrevieja is not only the town but greater Torrevieja include also La Mata.


Torrevieja Beach
Torrevieja Beach



In the past, the city was a small salt mining and fishing city.
This side industry of salt, was harvesting from the salt lakes nearby.
The salt manufacture was an important industry. This industry was the employer of many  citizens.
The salt was produced in the two salt lagoons, nearby Torrevieja. Nearby, there are two salt lakes where you can often see  flamingos.

The city stays famous for it salt.
Now, it has grown to a full size city with its own shopping center and cinemas. The city is a major tourist spot among the Costa Blanca.


Indeed, the climate is a typical Mediterranean climate. Its has a wonderful climate with more than 300 days of sun.
This climate got in the summer temperature of average 25 degrees and in the winter average 12 degrees.

During the summer many people go and visit the Water parks

The half of the 100 000 habitats are if foreigner nationalities.In brief, most of them are Scandinavians, Belgium, English or Russian. As a result, the center of the city is a cosmopolitan meeting point.
The town has developed into a multi cultural city. A city with many nationalities calling it their “place under the sun”.

What to do ?

While, the city is surrounded by golf courses it is very popular by British people.
Close to Torrevieja  are also the golf courses of Orihuela Costa.

The sea front includes a nice Marina and next to it a very nice long promenade.
This promenade is  popular with locals and  tourist.
Each evening , nearby the Torrievieja beach promenade and the Casino there are market stalls.
You gave a great  choice  at the market from the local craftsmanship.
Anything what the craftsman think than can interest a tourist.

Torrevieja streetmarket
Torrevieja streetmarket

For instance : leather handbags,silk  foulard’s, nice jewelry, watches, sunglasses, handmade craft , handmade arts.

The sea promenade is called the Paseo.  This walk in front of the seashore is approximately 1,50 km long.
Sure it is beautiful at night.
One of this excursions from the  Marina is to the island of Tabarca.
This beautiful  snorkeling paradise is only  a half hour from the coast.
There are every day leaving from the harbor.

Another nice thing to do is a museum.But not an ordinary museum but a  floating museum. The floating Museum is the “Albatros III . 
In the past , this  Submarine  was guarding the waters outside Torrevieja.
It is an unusual museum. The entrance is 2 €. So it is nice to take the children to this historical Memorabilia.

Thus, it’s a very vivid town. Many tourists have decide to become a resident and so are staying the whole year. On the other side you have tourists who only come in the holiday’s or rent their holiday homes.

As a result, Torrevieja is quite a busy town with a lot of traffic in the summer season.
There are thousand bars and restaurants to choose from.

The town infrastructure is all that you want hostels , hotels, apartments…
There is also an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Torrevieja Beaches.

First, the main beach of Torrevieja (Playa del cura) is a small beach.
But the beach is accessible for wheel chairs. See below.
In summer season, the beach is very busy.
But ,Torrevieja has a 20 km long coastline. North of  the city, you can find the longest beach with many beautiful dunes. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are often visited by the many families with children.
In the south of Torrevieja, we find lovely beaches and “Calas”. Indeed, much  rougher but the blue water invites you to swim and to snorkel.
The beaches  have a Blue Flag the award for cleanliness.

Blue Flag beaches
Blue Flag beaches

The promenade along the seafront in the city is popular by locals and the many tourists.
The paseo gives you marvelous views on the Mediterranean Sea , the large fishing fleet and of course the  harbor .

Due perhaps to the many  lovely bars, restaurants and little shops .
Furthermore, the sea boulevard is surrounded by palm trees.
A direct holiday feeling .

If  you are a beach-lover, you have to go to the north of city .
There you can discover the quieter splendid beach of La Mata. The sandy beaches are beautiful. But behind them, there is also a very nice nature reserve. In the reserve are different species of birds and waders.
The beaches have all beautiful names: Los Locos, Los Naufragos, La Mata , Playa Acequion, Playa del Cura.
Of course all beaches have his own character.
There is also a wide choice of sports available such as golf, football, tennis,  yoga, gyms…

Water sport

The town has been also promoting water sport  activities.
The trees marinas offer a large choice of nautical experiences.
To sum up : sailing, canoeing,cable ski, jet ski , Banana’s, pedalo’s ,  parasailing and fly boarding.
But also boat excursions.

In fact, the town has  an ideal climate  for the water sport. So they can be practiced all year round.


Torrevieja  mobility friendly beaches.

The first mobility friendly walkway was installed at the end of 2016.
This will facilitate the access to the sea for wheelchairs users.
In the future additional facilitates will be installed. Such as a special adapted shower and also platforms. This platforms with areas of shade so users can escape from the heath of the sun.

Torrevieja friendly beaches
Torrevieja friendly beaches


The beach with the  mobility friendly  walkways is the “Playa del Cura”.
This structure is not permanent and as stipulated in the Coast law of the Costa Blanca, can be dismantled. This can be the case with sever storms, like the one at the end of december 2016.
This initiative is making the beaches in Torrevieja accessible for every one. Also older people with reduced mobility.
A good initiative.

All those facility are already installed in Mil Palmeras a nearby town.


As a result from the many tourists, there are some Camping’s near and around Torrevieja.
Some are perfect for motor homes. If you are coming to the Costa Blanca see also our page : motorhome at the Costa Blanca.

“Camping Florantiles” is about 268 pitches big. The camping has its own swimming pool and super market. Each place is around 90 m2 and has electricity.
The Address of the camping is  CV-95, 95, 03186 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain.

Camping La Campana ,  Ctra Torrevieja  N 332 Alicante Cartagena a 4;5 km

Camping Mare Nostrum Ctra Guardamar Guardamar del Segura
n 332 Alicante – Torrevieja

Camping Marjal Crta Guardamar N 332 Alicante Guardamar .

Torrevieja La Mata nature park.

La Mata is a nature park in Torrevieja in one of the two salt lagoons. click here to read more about la Mata.
Now, these lagoons attract a wild variety of birds. Such as flamingo’s and  herons.

Mar Menor

But also a nice quieter suburb of the city.
You can find the museum of Sea and Salt  on the sea front.
This museum shows the history of Torrevieja and his salt industry throughout the ages.


Torrevieja celebrates many festivals and holy days.
Most of them are with very beautiful parades and events .

Torrevieja auditorium

On the programme a large  selection of  music, ballet, theater and opera.
For instance, the “Nutcracker of Tchaikosky”  with the classical Ballet of St.Petersburg.







Torrevieja Auditorium
Torrevieja Auditorium

But also  a balletshow ” El Amor Brujo by Victor Ullate.
It is a part of the Spanish culture, so enjoy it.


In the present, march 2018 the virgin del Carmen culture center from Torrevieja will act as a box office .
And this, every Wednesday from 11:00 till 14:00.

So, it will be easier  to purchase tickets.
But tickets are still available in the auditorium two hours before the spectacle.
For more information about the programme of the auditorium  you can  find more details on their website.

Ruta de las Tapas or Tapas Route

Each year in April  and October the city celebrates the  route of the tapas, small dishes :” Ruta de las Tapas “.
It is good is held twice a year.

Tapa Route
Tapa Route

Of course it was inspired by the business and restaurants associations. But is became a success by residents and tourist.
Sample the best of Torrevieja’s tapas!
During this dates you will able to try in many restaurants and bars a homemade tapas.
Enjoy a walking /eating tour of the city center.
A homemade tapa and drink is for you for 2:00 euro.
Some bars presents a Gourmet Tapa and drink at the price of 2:50 euro.
There are nearly 50 establishments  offering a selection of nearly 200 different tapas.
A free map of the participating bars and restaurants is available.
It is a nice way to discover Torrevieja in a relax atmosphere.
It remains fun and cheap way to sped an evening or afternoon  walking the center.
With the change to discover some of Torrevieja’s hidden bars and restaurants.
There is also a “Tapas Route card”  with official stamps.


How to get to Torrevieja ?

First, the nearest airports are Murcia / San Javier  ( 72 km ) and Alicante Airport ( 50 km )
Then, there are several buses from the airport of Alicante to Torrevieja. The bus stop is just outside the terminal. The ticket price is 7 € available by the driver. The buses leave nearly every hour.
Next, there also buses from Murcia Airport to the city. In spite of the bus the line is not direct.
The first change to Torrevieja is in the central station of Murcia. Therefore, it is better to rent a car, a taxi ( 60 €) or a private shuttle to Torrevieja.
Indeed, if you want to see the surrounding regions, it is better to rent a car.
Book in advance on the internet, but inform yourself about all the options and prices.


In Spain, most shops are open from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 21.00. Due to the heath in the summer season.
Nevertheless, in the large shopping malls like “Habaneras” and supermarkets like Carrefour are open all day.

Bars Restaurants 

Now, there is a large choice of restaurants and bars. So,calling the 300 restaurants by name is impossible.
Some are specialists in fish and seafood. While others in meat and rice.
As you can see, the restaurants are from over the all world. The tasty cuisine that can be found are Asian, American, Spanish, French or Belgian. but also Italian, British, Scandinavian or Russians. Some of them are excellent.
In the future we will try to put more details of the restaurants  on Yourspain.


A new Location
Torrevieja most busy Friday street market is going to move to his new location before Easter.
Stall holders have already been visit  the new location. They know exactly where  and how to sit up their stalls.
The new location  is the “Antanio Soria” park.  Close to the sport facilities of the city.
Nearby the public transport with the C line .There will also be a taxi parking at the market site.
There will be enoug parking place  for the shoppers but also for the  stall holders.

There will be improvements. For instance, to the security with the pick pockets.  Indeed , there will be a permanent police present at the market place.£And the police will be helped by volunteers from the civil  protection.
The location  has rooms for 630 stalls  and is 5 000 m2 large.

So this will be the end, for the problems for the residents on the old location with a market on their front door .


In the past the municipal swimming pool was closed.
Improvements have been made for important health and environment legistation.
A better heating systeem is also installed.
Now the pool is open the all week.
Saturday and Sunday open from 8:00 till 14:00.
On Monday it is open from 15:00 till 21:30.
Next, on Tuesday to Friday from 8:15 till 21:30.






You can find 20 hotels in different classes of prices. Or perhaps find a holiday home to rent.

Autobuses Torrevieja

In addition, autobuses are driven by Costa Azul and are running from the main bus station in the city.
The bus station is situated at the Avenida de Habaneras in Torrevieja.

Autobuses Torrevieja Costa Azul
Autobuses Torrevieja Costa Azul







Bus Schedules from Torrevieja:

To Alicante.
Monday till Saturday   :
7.15 7.35 8.30 9.15 10.55 12.15 12.50 14.05 15.15 15.50 16.05 17.15 18.25 19.45 21.40
Sunday and Holiday.
7.30 8.30 10.15 10.56 12.50 14.05 15.50 16.05 17.15 19.45 21.40.

Check out the Torrevieja to Alicante Airport Bus Schedule .

Direction Murcia.
winter schedule.
Every day  7.00 9.00 15.30 19.00.
Holiday  11.00 19.00.

Direction Orihuela city.
Winter schedule.
Every day :  7.00 9.00 12.00 14.00 15.30 19.00.
Saturday  : 7.00 12.00  15.30 19.00.
Sunday holiday : 11.00 14.00 19.00.

To Cartagena.
Every day  : 8.00 12.15 15.10  17.10 19.10 21.10.

To Elche.
Every day : 7.00 10.30 14.05 18.00.
Caution : on Sunday and holiday there are no bus services  to Elche.

To Hospital Callosa.
From Monday till Sunday  : 9.00 10.30 18.00.

To Quesada Rojales.
From Monday till Saturday  : 13.00.

To Almoradi.
From Monday till Friday : 9.00 10.30 14.05 18.00.

People often leave a same small change behind but it is not obligated .

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