Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca

Bicycle tourism  at  the  Costa Blanca and the region of Alicante is very popular . Many professional cycling teams use the region for their training.
Indeed in the winter, you can find several well-known cyclist.

On this page you will find more about the cycling routes.
The whole regions becomes more and more popular by several large names in the cycling sport.
The even buy a house in the mountains. So that they can train often.


Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca
Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca

As known, the Costa Blanca has a sunny and warm climate .
Also in the winter , the climate is very good.
It has also perfect mountains for cycling.

So the Costa Blanca region offers a wide range of  cycling routes.
The routes are different about length and gradient.

The ” ciclo  turismo” is a development project in the region.  They promote the  Alicante province as a quality bicycle tourism destination.

The bicycle roads are fantastic.
If you follow the interconnecting routes , you will encounter very little traffic.


The Costa Blanca region is in the east of Spain . Getting there is easy, with a large number of airlines flying directly to Alicante.
The Alicante airport is very popular by west and north European visitors.

bicycle tourism
bicycle tourism

So the Costa Blanca is famous as holiday destination.  But more and more also as cycling holiday.
The province try to achieve  that  the region will be a quality bicycle tourism destination.
There is more than 1 000 kilometers of interconnected cycling routes.
So cycling tourist can discover every little hidden place of the province.

Low carbon footprint of the Bicycle tourism

Cycling is a form of tourism with a low-carbon footprint.
It has a potential grown in west Europa and Spain.
For this cycling can become an important form of national tourism.

Routes for Bicycle tourism

Important, there are many routes for cycling .
Some are for the professionals, some are for families.
Then, you find good information in the tourist  offices of different towns.
routes at the Costa Blanca are accompanied by a “wikiloc” link.
Thus, contains maps and topographic diagrams.
Also details of bicycle hire  and also repair shops. Accommodation where the visitors and their bike are welcome.
Furthermore cycle tour organizers. Even  taxi services with adapted to carry bicycles.


All in all, there  are nearly 25 routes discovering all the areas.
From Denia to Pilar de Horadada. In the countryside from Villena to Muro.
Important is that the most of the cycling paths are  nearly free of traffic.
Furthermore, the cycling routes are based on the Alicante stretch of the nearly 6000 kilometers  European cycling route network.
Which will run around the Mediterranean Sea  from Cadiz to Athene.

Some prefer that all the planning and the organisation has been take care of. Even the bike hire.
While, there are many organisation who organised cycling holiday. All include .
For example ” The Moorish Spain : Castle of the Levant.
in brief, this cycling tour is a combination of great cycling routes with fantastic historical sites in the Valencia region.


When you go on a bicycle tour plan your breaks for drinks and lunch.
So it easier to have a goal and also a stop.
Always carry some extra cash with you.
You are on the real Spanish routes.
Most Spanish little bar in the small villages on the Valencia  region they will not accept credit cards.

Coll de Rates

This is one of the most popular cycling route in the Alicante region. Of course is is a climb over the ” coll”. It is accessible from the popular Mediterranean sea town of Denia , Calpe or Javea.
The good thing is there is not one route over the coll de Rates. There are several different biking routes, all with a different challenge.
So it is up to you which is your goal. Some are quite gentle, other difficult.
In the winter season, January or February the professional teams are training this climb.
It is the place where you can meet Tom Boonen or Zdenek Stybar from Quickstep team.

bicycle tourism coll de rates
bicycle tourism coll de rates

The most popular climb begins from “Parcent” and is about 7 km long and a gradient of 5 %.
From the top of the” col of the Rates”, you are in the middle of the Alicante country.
This point connects many other climbs in the area.

A nice tour :

Start in El Campello ( Alicante )- Villajoyosa  -Benidorm- Altea -Calpe-  Benissa -Parcent -Tarbena – Callosa –Guadalest -Finestrat -Aiges and back to El Campelle ( Alicante). 190km

Guadalest bicycle tourism
Guadalest bicycle tourism

A more flat tour

Start from Calpe to Benissa-  Ondara- Oliva -Gandia  and back to Calpe. It is about 120 km.
You can easily go more north after Gandia  towards Cullera and for the brave even to Valencia city.

Calpe bicycle tourism
Calpe bicycle tourism

Orihuela bicycle tourism.

At the Orihuela Costa there is a bicycle lane  from La Zenia to Cabo roig . Then to Campamor and to Pilar de la Horadada

Bicycle Tourism
Bicycle Tourism

Bicycle tour La Matanza- Quesada

First, this bicycle tour is a circular route from Quesada to La Matanza.
It is a beautiful route, mostly flat with beautiful nature.
Indeed, with beautiful views on the surrounding mountains.

The trip

Start with leaving Quesada and go to Benijofar. There turn right at the town square. The street is cobbled. Then at the second roundabout turn left. You need to cycle over the bridge to go to the next roundabout. Follow the sign to the village of  Realengo . It is time for a stop , a tapa or a drink. Or  Turn right at the junction with the main road. Then cycle along the CV 904 over the bridge.
Then at the next roundabout turn left. Now take the road under the motorway( the A7). Now it is time to go to the village of Albatera. Also in Albetera  there are enough possibilities to take a snack.


Now that you have back your forces, cycle trough  Albatera . Then turn right heading for Los Vicentes and La Murada.
In La murada, the main street is full of bars and cafes.  Time for a break ?
Then up you go to Los Vincentes. Stay on the road till the town of Benferri.
Then take the road to La Matanza.  Time fo a coffee or a menu del dia.  Remember the tip of the extra cash.
After the break you can go for Orihuela. There you have to stay ay the ring roads otherwise you get  in the town center. Take the road to Bigastro.
And return now to Quesada trough Jacarilla, Algorfa, Benijofar.

Duration around five hours
Length of 90 kilometers.

To conclude Bicycle tourism.

Nevertheless the Costa Blanca is an excellent choice for your cycling holidays.
In the  winter season there are more professional riders and cycling training in the Valencia region than anywhere in South Europe.
Nearly more  popular than Tenerife with the Teide and Mallorca.
Indeed, the Costa Blanca offers a variety of routes nearby the coast or in the hinterland.
So, the weather is perfect in the winter: no to warm in summer , not to cold in the winter.


Also important affordable hotels and other accommodations. In winter most offer incredible deals. Which is great for cyclist.

Those are the important reasons of the popularity of the Costa Blanca for bicycle tourism.

Sierra Helada

Sierra Helada
Sierra Helada


Sierra Helada is a national park located in Albir Spain, Sierra Helada means Ice mountain in Spanish .
The park is situated in the region of  ValenciaIt is a natural protect area for Benidorm and Alfaz Albir.

Therefore both cities and councils have joined their forces to protect but also to promote the Sierra Helada park.

The councils of several cities will be introducing it at first  to visitors and locals, through a series of guided tours.

Spain Watchtowers

Throughout the whole coast of Spain there are  coastal watchtowers.
During centuries these watchtowers have been used along the coast of Spain, here more specific the coast of Valencia. The watchtowers on the top of the coastline where the light points where the locals stands looking for invaders and pirates.
As high on the coast the light or smoke signals were passed between these watchtowers at the first sign of danger .

Guided Tours through the Sierra Helada

The guide explains guides you throughout  the parc and will show you the different kinds of vegetation. Beside this you will also get a historic introduction about the region.
The Guides are made possible by the culture department of both councils  in order to put “The Ruta de los Atajadores” more in the picture.

The guides inform the visitor as well of the history of the Sierra Helada, they also give attention to the flora, the plants and the fossilized dunes which are unique to the Sierra Helada .

In fact, geological the Sierra Helada is a part of the so-called Bendidorm syncline. This is a limestone of million years old .
For example, in this area it is no wonder that you find old fossils on the slopes of the Sierra Helada

In fact the walk is very nice and is a must for the nature lover.
The Natural park of Sierra Helada is very unspoiled and there are roads which are semi asphalted so the road is accessible for all kind of hikers.

The lighthouse of Faro.

On the top the Albir lighthouse or Faro is a nice point of view. You can reach it by going into the direction of Albir and then take the path to the lighthouse.
During the walk the views are really are exceptional and some say that with a little luck you can spot dolphins.
Off the coast of Albir, there are lots of fish farms which attract dolphins. These Fish farms help repopulate the fish in the Mediterranean sea by allowing the fisherman to only catch fish from the farms.

Nature park near and under the sea.

The Sierra Helada is a protected nature park with a wide range of fauna and flora.
The coastline is one of the most beautiful in the Valencian region.
This natures park is protect dry land and sea areas .
The Sierra Helada is a high area with a total surface of 5 564 hectares of which 4920 hectares are a marine reserve. A real natural park.
The underwater areas are some of the most interesting of the Spanish coast with an exceptional biological diversity. Therefore for lovers of snorkeling and diving a must

At Punta Bombarda, on the top of the rock,  at the Albir lighthouse in Alfaz del Pi there is a new telescope in operation.
The best is that the telescope allow the people to spot dolphins in the Sierra Helada Natural park .
And the telescope is free to use and will help the  public not only to see the dolphins but also to identify what kind of dolphins they are. The telescope was paid with public donations.

Sierra Helada dolplfins
Sierra Helada dolplfins

People see dolphins often nearby the Punta Bombarda, especially in the area of the fish farms.
Also check out our guide to the Top 5 Cities to visit in Spain.


In short the Sierra Helada is Albir Nature Park and is a wonderful park. To combine Mediterranean Sea and the splendid mountains has never been so easier.

Sierra Helada means frozen mountains. The name comes from the way the cliffs look from the sea on a moon lighted nights. Fisherman on the Mediterranean Sea  found that the rocks looked like an iceberg.

When you walk the paths on the mountain it is better to wear sunscreen and often you wish there was a little bit of ice around in a bar or cafe to cool your body or to drink a cool refreshment.
Indeed, there are various organised routes. For instance  to the summit or to the secrets lovely coves. As a result that flora and fauna is everywhere around you.

Sierra Helada
Sierra Helada

The summit of the Sierra Helada is 439 meters above the Mediterranean Sea and more than 5600 hectares of nature.
Once you get there , the point of view is really breath-taking . On the top  you  can see Moraira and to the south Benidorm.

One walking path leads to the top, another path is less steep but have also very beautiful views
On the summit there is a lighthouse or ” El Faro”.
On the path to the summit there are several picnic areas some with shaded tables.
This is really the best place to relax or to take your picnic and enjoy the very impressing views below.
The view of the bay of Calpe and the “Roch of Ifach” are impressing. And with a little bit of luck, you can spot the dolphins. What do you want more on an unforgettable holiday day !  Calpe see our page on our website

Most important the average walker can make  the journey without danger. More specificcaly, railing prevent the walker to the deep of the below Mediterranean Sea .
So a nice day in the Sierra is accessible for everyone.


Sierra Helada cycle path.

By practicing healthy activities as cycling and walking , you will enjoy incredible beautiful views.
First of all from the sea below when you are on the top. But also when you are in the middle of the splendid nature that surrounds the Sierra Helada.

Naturally, thanks to the warm weather of the Alicante  region, you can enjoy these activities almost any time of year, during all seasons.

Albir, Alfaz del Pi and Benidorm councils are coordinating together a project to design a cycling path along the Sierra Helada . This cycling path would connect Benidorm with Albir.

Why now ? Due to the increase in more active residents and tourist who are demanding more cycling routes.
The planned routes will go along the nearly already hard-surfaced public roads.
On the cycling path there will of course be  a few gradients . As a result that they will be suitable for all cyclist. In the first place for trained cyclist but also for amateur cyclist.
The new cycling path will include several point of interest . One of this stays the before mentioned  the lighthouse. several picnic area’s and different overlooking low down to Benidorm.

Till now , the only available route  for cyclist and cars  is the busy CV 753 road.
The cycling routes  are marked according to their degree of difficulty.  Besides the difficulty also the length and the steepness.

Visit the Sierra Helada, you will be awarded with some impressive views.

How to get there ?

First, by taxi from Albir .
Then, by bus from Benidorm a 15 minutes drive.
at last, by car follow the N 332 direction Sierra Helada.

Tip :
First: wear proper shoes.
Second: take something to drink.
At last:  use sunscreen.