Terra Natura, a zoo in Benidorm

Terra Natura is one  the many family attraction in Benidorm.
To sum up : Terra Natura, Aqua Natura , Aqualandia, Terra Mitica, Mundomar….

The city of Benidorm is a very popular place for many tourists at the beautiful, sunny Costa Blanca.






Terra Natura

The best , in this theme park you sure can spend an all day with the family.
If you like nature and wildlife , it is the place to be.

Terra Natura
Terra Naturait is the place to be.

In other words, you learn more about all the different animals in the zoo, their habitat, their life style.
To start, Terra Natura is divided in different continents to explore . To sum up : Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

So, you can walk from one continent to the other. Explore the  different animals and wild life.
Furthermore, if that is not enough there are also all sort of shows and activities .
Naturally , it up to you to decide how to spend your day.

Some say, that Terra Natura in Benidorm  and Murcia are the next generation zoo’s.

Indeed, with it large collection of wild life, the shows, the  architecture and the amazing landscape it is the worth the visit.
It is an absolute must when you are staying in Benidorm or nearby at the Costa Blanca.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

In particular, make sure with children to plan your day . So they have enough time to explore the whole zoo.
To sum up : Elephants , pythons, water buffalo, scorpions, monkeys, black panthers,…



How to get there

By air
The airport of Alicante- Al Altet .

By car
Follow the high way AP 7. Or the old main road N 332.
Then, exit Terra Mitica.
Side by side is “Terra Natura” and ” Aqua Natura“.
More about Aqua Natura ?

Aqua Natura Slide
Aqua Natura Slide


By Taxi
After all, they know the way.

By bus
Take Line 1

Tickets price

Now, the prices are  :Adults = 30 euro. Children and senior = 25 euro

In addition, you can combined with tickets of the other water park nearby  “Aqua Natura” . Then the price are:  Adult =39 euro and Children = 31 euro.

Opening hours

Also check the hours before going to Terra Natura.
They change according the seasons.

In fact, the park is open the all year round.
From 10:30 till 17:00. In summer season till 20:00.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

Nice to see en enjoy other family attraction

First, Mundomar : the meeting place with sea lions and dolphins. A nice nature park with even a parrot show.

Mundomar Dolphins
Mundomar Dolphins

Then, Aqualandia  One of the oldest water parks.

Next, Aqua Natura : splashy water fun on the slides for every one.

At last not at least = Terra Mitica .
An adventure and theme park, where you can discover the old civilizations of Rome and  Egypt .


To conclude

In brief, it is up to you decide where you are going to. We think it depends on your age and the age of the children.
But they are all worth a visits and the money.

Aqua Natura La Cresta
Aqua Natura La Cresta