The best Spanish coffees

The best Spanish coffees
The best Spanish coffees

On this page we will describe the best Spanish coffees .
First of all the Spanish love coffee. In fact they are drinking coffee the all day.
Everywhere in Spain you will find  a good cup of tasty coffee.
Most important even better than the well known coffee shop chains  and much cheaper.

The best Spanish coffees: Cafe Solo

So, a cafe solo is a small  cup of strong coffee.  When you are in Italy is like an espresso.
But if you want some water with it, you have to ask it .

Coffee solo can be served with a little bit of milk or with no milk.

With a little bit of sugar in it gives you energy during the day.

The Spanish people like to drink it after their meal.

The best Spanish coffees :Cafe Cortado

Another small cup of coffee. Mostly with milk.

The best Spanish coffees : Café Americano

If  you prefer a milder flavor version, then try the Cafe Americano.
The cafe Americano is not so intense as the café solo. It has more water in it.
So West European people prefer the Americano .
When the temperatures is rising  try the next coffee.

The best Spanish coffees: Cafe con hielo

When you order a cafe con hielo you get two glasses.  One with ice cubes. The other the  café solo.
Indeed, you have to pour the cafe solo over the ice cubes. If you like sweet, you can add sugar.
This is one of the favorites in the summer.


The best Spanish coffees : Carajillo

This coffee is the favorite of the working people who need to have a boost.
The Carajillo is a café solo with brandy or whisky or rum.

The best Spanish coffees : Café con leche

In the morning , the Spanish people drink their Cafécon leche  with their breakfast.
A café con leche is a coffee with equal parts of warm milk and café solo.
It is a very popular coffee.
So the Spanish breakfast is a good tasty café con leche , tostadas con tomate and a Sumo de naranja.
If you do not like warm milk then you can order yor café con leche fria ( cold ) . Or if you want the milk on room temperature : leche del tiempo.
Spanisch people  drink the cafe con leche in the morning.
Only tourists ask for a café con leche  in the after noon.

But if you want to try something else: Cafe Bombon.

The best Spanish coffees : café Bombon.

A café Bombon is often ask in the afternoon. It is a café solo with condensed milk. And sweetened with the licor 43. This licor is famous at the Costa Blanca. It has his home in Cartagena.


Now that you know the different taste of  coffee, do as the Spaniards.
Sit down and relax. Spanisch people enjoy their coffee with friends.
There is no café to go . Drink you café on the many terrace and enjoy the real Spanisch life.