The Bonfires of San Juan

Bonfires of San Juan are one of the most magical nights in Spain.
In fact, it is also the shortest night of the year.

It is a Spanish way of “Midsummer night”.
The most important : in Spain the bonfires are a ritual welcome to the summer.

This year also, all the coastal town at the Costa Blanca and the Costa Orihuela are getting ready for the celebrations.

Bonfires of San Juan
Bonfires of San Juan

Bonfires of San Juan

With the bonfires, they burn away bad memories and experience.
So, they celebrate a new start.
For example you can admire the bonfires in Torrevieja, in Valencia, in Alicante…
They are already preparing the fiestas of the bonfires de San Juan( Hogueras de San Juan).

We did admire the celebration of the summer at Mil Palmeras , Costa Orihuela.
The streets around the beach are closed for cars.
Because the fire is the centre piece of the celebration.
The fiesta start with coordinated mascleta in town .
Mascleta are loud and explosive fire crackers and fire works.

San Juan Day

The main event is on San Juan day or the Spanish way of “Midsummer night”

There are music bands and DJ in the beach bars.
Young and old come to the beach. The sit down as there where on a festival event.
The highlight of the evening is the burning of the fires at midnight.

Mostly all the beach towns organised the bonfires of San Juan .Mostly with the support of the residents.
Indeed, it is a fiesta for the all town.

Activities on the beach.

Several entertainment activities on the beach are schedules starting in the afternoon. So there are free activities for adults and children.
All these activities are free.

In the evening, around 22:00 hours, there is a massive party on the beaches.
Some with ( free ) paella or grilled sardines . This tapas will be served to all.
Because we are on the beach, sit is a special experience. The moment to socialize.
In fact, the party goes on till the bonfires start.
Some Spanish top dj are coming to the Bonfires of San Juan festivities.

In the South of Spain people jump over the fires to clean their body and soul.
On other beaches in the South, they are jumping into the sea at midnight.
A legend said it wash away evil spirits.
I admit, I prefer jumping in the sea, than over fire.
It is also the moment to make friends.

Further there are also stalls serving food, tapas and drinks as cava and other summer cocktails.
Naturally , some stalls are also selling ” Ibiza style ” clothing and accessoires. To feel free as a bird.

The bonfires are a fiesta for all the family, the moment to enjoy this magical night.

On the beach, be prepared to hear explosions all night.

To end Midsummer night in Spain

So join the party at the beach. You want be able to sleep after all.

So, enjoy the Spanish way of “Midsummer night” or the Bonfires of San Juan