The healthiest country on earth is Spain

The healthiest country in the world is Spain. According to the Bloomberg Health index Spain is on the first place.

This ” Bloomberg health index” ranks nearly 170 countries according to factors that contribute to the overall health.
The index takes also consideration of the environmental factors. Such as access to clean water and sanitation.

The eating habits, the Mediterranean dieet, haven been signalized as one of the importants factors in a good health .
Also the life expectancy and penalties on the abuse of tobacco and over weight.

It depends where you are born, how old you can get.
When you are born in Spain, you have the highest life expectancy.
Even higher than Japan and Norway.
So, in Spain you can become more than 80 years.

What is the Mediterranean dieet ?

The Mediterranean dieet is the way of eating in the countries around the Mediterranean sea. Such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

The people eat the local products. Such as fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts.
And of course extra virgin olive oil so season the products.
So it depends region by region.
Mostly fish, as tuna and salmon, is eaten at least two times a week. Meat only once a week.
Moderate consumption of alcohol is advised.
This way of eating had a lower rate of cardiovascular events.

The healthiest country
The healthiest country

Excellent healthcare :the healthiest country

The primary healthcare in Spain is provided by the goverment.
The teams are doctors and nurses who cure but also give preventive services.
Specific, they take special care to children, women and older people.

The best is that the past decade , the cardio vasculaire diseases have declined.
Also the campagne against drugs and alcohol was very important for the Spanish national health.

The other countries in the top 10 are : Spain, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Norway and Israel.

So reason enough to live at the Costa Blanca or the Costa Orihuela.

Enjoy your healthy life in Spain !

The healthiest country
The healthiest country