Tiger mosquitoes in Spain

First, tiger mosquitoes are living in Spain. Also known as the forest mosquitoes or “mosquitos de tigre” .
They get their name from the white and yellow stripe at their back and head.

Tiger mosquitoes
Tiger mosquitoes

From origin, they come from Asia. Some say they came with the “lucky bamboos”  or the flowers from the orchids.

How  to prevent a bite from the tiger mosquitoes?

So, the most effective way to prevent a bite is to avoid areas of standing water. Such as baby pools, swimming pools, bird baths or flowerpots. Of course, they are real nursery homes for the “mosquitos de tigre”.

Also a help is , to  put mosquitoes nets on the windows of your camper or house.

If you are sitting outside, wear long pants and sleeves. But also wear white clothes .

Then, the mosquitos like pregnant women. But also people with
obesity. Further more ,they like the smell of sweat.

In particular, they prefer persons with blood type O.

Also use a mosquito repellent containing DEET. Before using read the instructions on the paper.

But, if you are in Spain, ask the advice at the local pharmacy. They know the correct product against the tiger mosquitoes. The best are for sell by the pharmacy. They cost around 10 euro.

Female bitters

First, the bites are from the female  mosquitos. They need blood for their  larvae.
Then, they bite during the daytime. Inside and outside.
Other mosquito bite at dusk and dawn.
Luckily the bites ate not necessarily painful. Often it is just a little red bump at the skin.
But the danger is an allergically reaction of our body.

In Spain, the tiger mosquitoes are active in summer and autumn.

A bite from the tiger mosquitoes

As already mention often a bite means a bump.

But other persons react allergically. If you are sensible as the first help for advice .
Or go to the pharmacy for a anti histamine. They got the knowledge for the bites of the “mosquitos de tigre”.
So, they can help you if it is more sever and give the advice to look for a doctor.

At the first moment, you can put ice on the bite . Put the ice in a towel or handkerchief.
It re-leafs the pain.

Tiger mosquitoes
Tiger mosquitoes


Regions in Spain

Good to known, the tiger mosquitoes like  the regions in Spain we like. So they have been founded in Catalonia, Andalusia, Murcia, Alicante….


Important is that the tiger mosquitoes can transmit several virus as the Zika virus, the West Nile virus…
So it is better to prevent than been biting .