Top 5 places to party in Spain

Top 5 places to party in Spain, but beware party’s in Spain never start early and last till the morning.

Seville (Sevilla) is number 5 in the Top 5 places to party in Spain.

Want to party the Spanish way then Seville (Sevilla)  is the place to be. Start your evening by enjoying some tapas with a cerveza, or  go see a free flamenco show.

Drinking bottles in the street is not a rare view in Seville because the have their own bottle street (bottelon ), where people bring the own cups, ice and booze (BYOB) .

You will also find people selling large beer bottles (up to 40 oz).
Be careful Spanish people drink in public but tend to party with responsibility.

Normal Nightclubs are open till 6- 7 am .


Number 4 Benidorm

Although Benidorm is sometimes considered a place for the people of age. The city  has great Clubs and is famous for it night out.

It has some famous clubs and those clubs often book big international names in the DJ Industry like Fedde Le Grand especially in the summer.

With Levante beach and Esperanto Street as the going out area for the Spanish people. We also have the clubs on Mallorca and Lepoanto Street where there are mostly British people.

And for the late night party guests, the party keeps going in the major clubs on the outskirts of the town Down Altea road. The clubs Penélope, Ku, Km and Privilege are just some of Benidorm’s hottest nightspots.

Barcelona number 3 in the Top 5 places to party in Spain.

Top 5 places to party in Spain Barcelona
Top 5 places to party in Spain Barcelona

Barcelona is famous to party in the tons of clubs at the Shoreline. The more underground clubs are located all over the city. Barcelona’s nightlife can be described like the city, varied, trendy and always innovating.  Even if you just want to hangout and enjoy a drink, Barcelona is the place to go.

Look in the shops or at beach for the people who are giving out flyers. This flyers can give you free entrance to club or get you a free drink or a discount.

Beware Barcelona can be quite expensive for its drinks.

Hint:  Early birds get free entrance and/or shots.

Number 2 Marbella

Marbella is getting more and more famous for its buzzing night-life and going out in style. Many British and lately Russians go to Marbella to go partying.

The most famous clubs are Nikki Beach and  Tibu Banus.

The exclusive and classy clubs are located in the Puerto Banus and on the Golden Mile, which is frequently visited by Celebrities and the Saudi royal family.  S you can be sure the clubs are doing everything to keep those customers satisfied.

Ibiza the number 1 in the Top 5 places to party in Spain


Top 5 places to party in Spain Ibiza
Top 5 places to party in Spain Ibiza

Perhaps the best party place in the world, Ibiza has the most famous clubs and bars.

The most famous and trendy night clubs in Ibiza are Amneseia, Pacha,  Privilege, and Space.  The last years, Ushuaia beach has become very popular.

Pre-party starts around 11 Pm and the real party kicks in at 2 am and keeps going on until 8 in the morning. From then  that’s the moment when the after hours clubs open.

With International DJ’s hitting every nightclub almost every night in the summer .

Tip:  Drink something before going out because the average price for a drink in the Ibiza Clubs is 15 Euros.