Torrievieja Carnaval in 2022

Torrievieja Carnaval in 2022

At last, the Torrevieja carnaval is returned. The many tourist in the city are very glad.
It is fun and spectacle for nearly a month.
It starts from the 4 of February.
And then is fiesta and party until the weekend of the 6 march.
Almost a month of activities in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja town is very popular for many tourist. Also the place to stay in the winter months .
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Torrievieja Carnaval in 2022

For instance the festivities will include a Animal Carnaval.

But also a election of the princess of the Carnaval this year.

Furthermore a Fanny dress competition on the 11 February.

On Saturday the 12 there will be a Drag Queen Contest .
This contest take place at the Municipal theater of Torrevieja at 21 hours.

On 19 februari there is the ” Meeting Carnaval“.
This event will take place from the Plaza de la Constitution.
Furthermore you can also expect a Grande Parade on Sunday the 20 February on the same Plaza.

For all ages carnaval

The carnaval “Dance for the Elderly “will take place on 24 febyary at the Municipal Leisure Center.

The very colorful Children parade is on the 25the.

Next day there is the Night parade.

Followed by a weekend of 4 and 5 march of ” Los Carnabares “.
With the participation of many bars and taps bars.
There will be music, dance and costume.


Chirogotas contest

First what is chirogotas ?
Is a folksong , origina of Andalusiƫ .
The most songs are satirical and critical.
Performed by costumed performers during the week of carnival.
You can describe it as the gossip and public comment of the city.
Especialy the moral and the political state of the city.
During the Franco regime is was forbidden.
Since his death it is brought again in the streets during carnival .

The politicians are often the subject of the songs .