Volvo Ocean Race, in Alicante .

Volvo Ocean Race is an iconic race for sailors.

Since 2008 Alicante is the home of the sailing Race, the world toughest challenges for sailors.
The best is that the town will host over the edition 2021.
In fact, the edition will be in Spain Alicante in the October of 2021 .


The  race is the example of months mental and physical roller coaster.
Days and nights of speed, storms and adventures.
During eight months the sailors race over the oceans around the world.
It will be an honor for the city to be the opener of the action once again.
Since the Ocean Race set up his permanent headquarter in the harbor of Alicante.

Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race

Fiesta to start

In the past, there was a full week of action before the Ocean Race set out for the sailing event around the world.
As a result there’s is plenty of things to do before the start of the race.
In fact, in the harbor of Alicante it is fiesta.
So, every time there is a great tapas and paella buffet .
Just follow the smell  when you are walking on the famous Alicante sea boulevard .
As you can read it is not only a breath-taking moment where the boats leave Alicante harbor.
Naturally the start is not be missed. For many sailors it is superb sporting event.

Volvo Ocean Race 2021

Organizers have revealed that the start in Alicante will be  October 2021.
This edition of the race will taking 10 countries.
To sum up, after leaving Alicante, the racers will sail to Cabo Verde.
Second , is Shenzen in China.
Third they are sailing to Auckland.
Then, to Itajai in South America.
Later to Newport in North America.
Later on back to Europe, Aarhus.
Then, the race will go to Holland  in The Hague.
Finally to end in Genoa Italy in the summer 2022.

Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race Museum.

There is also an exhibition which explains why the Volvo Ocean Race is so iconic.
More specifically areal and panoramic views. In the first place is it an example of the skills and talent of the racers.
While a team of 25 photographers  capture superb shots. As a result a report of every drop of blood , sweat and tears on board.
The Museum offers a family friendly tours trough the history of the Volvo Ocean Race.
Naturally they use multimedia  with games, video and a simulator of the race. After all is most prestigious race around the world.
Indeed  the Museum give you a view of the legends  of the race,  the technology, the equipment.

To conclude.

This race is some thing to look forward to .
Most important, it starts in Alicante. And you can be a part of it.
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