Walking the Relleu Route in Valencia

Walking the Relleu Route in the Valencia regio is becoming very popular.

Like everywhere in Europe people start walking in their own country and in the country’s nearby.

One of the most popular walks is the Caminito del Rey in Spain in Andalusia;

The Relleu route is the little brother of this famous route .

Visitors are been asked to make a reservation for the Relleu route;

The route is becoming now famous as a ravine walkway for people who love a challenge.

Till now the route was free. But now the town hall ask 3 euro for the maintain and the cleaning service of the walk ans wooden passage way.

For retired people and groups the price is 2 euro;
The people of Relleu town are free admission to go without costs.


Tickets are available in the town hall or on the website relleuturisme.

So the visit

People are welcome in slots. Each slot is 15 minutes .
With a maximum of 15 people .

Walking the Relleu Route

The full length of the Relleu walk path is 9 kilometer.
You can start at the town hall.

Then the route runs at the beginning along a old horse path .
This old bridle path is called ins Spanish : Cami de les Ripalmes del Fasamis.
When you follow the path yu go to one of the oldest reservoirs in Spain;

Furthermore, the wooden passage way is approximately 200 meter long.
At a height of 60 meters.
So, this is a nice overlook over the ravine and the rover Amadorio.

Also important to known is that you can enjoy a splendid view from the glazen platform at theend off the Relleu Route.


Bring water and something to eat with you .
For instance nuts or chocolade .
Wear good walking shoes.

You are at the Costa Blanca . But it does not means that you can do the walk on slippers.

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