What to do in La Mata

What to do in La Mata the suburb of Torrevieja?
First it is seaside village. There is a long street with shops.
A very nice sea boulevard. Beautiful sandy beaches. But also many restaurants and bars.
Nearby is the “Molino de Aqua park”. Read more about Torrevieja waterparks

La Mata Natural park

The most important is the village Natural Park. It is a bird reserve at the other side of the N 332.
Also, you can visits the visitor centre.

Read more about it La Mata natural Park .

Torrevieja La Mata
Torrevieja La Mata

But The village has also famous wine ranks . So you can enjoy a wine walking route. The wine is a dessert wine. So it is sweet.
Furthermore the village and environment is also popular for the walking and the cycling trails.


On Wednesday morning .

What to do in La Mata ? International pork day

On the last Sunday of January there is : ” La Mata international pork day.”

A total weight of 800 kilogram meat , 150 liters of local wine and 150 kilogram of breads are served tot the visitors.
In 2020 this pork day is the 20 ste edition.

The last years it has a huge succes. People are coming with buses from the nearby villages.

The events start at 12:00. The visitors can enjoy a free meal. Of course while stock last.
But there is also a performance. This can be dance or singing.

During the international pork day there is also a draw with at least 10 hams as prizes.
So is it really “a fiesta of pork ” for every one and free .

This day is organised by ” Pena el Cerdo”. In collaboration with the town hall of La Mata and the local bars and restaurants

So you are welcome. Enjoy this fiesta !

Tip for Trips

Nearby on Sunday the lemon tree market at Quesada.
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