When do Spanish people eat

When do Spanish people eat their breakfast or lunch or dinner?
You have already noticed when you are passing through Spain that it is sometimes difficult to go out for dinner at around 7 pm.
Because the typical Spanish restaurants are still closed.
They don’t open until 9pm.
The hour that we rather think of a bedtime tea at home

But we start in the morning

Usually the Spanish breakfast consists of a cup of coffee, a fruit juice, a croissant or another cookie (dulce).
But also very popular is the warm thick tasty chocolate milk with churros.
Churros are elongated sweet snacks with sugar. Crispy in taste.

But the tostados with jamon and tomato and olive oil are slightly heartier.
Clearly something for everyone.

Many Spaniards have breakfast on their way to work.
They then pop into a cafe for their coffee and their tostados or their dulce.
For the price, they should not let them.
Usually this is around three euros.

The breakfast in Spanish is “desayuno”.

Churros con Chocolate
Churros con Chocolate

When do Spanish people eat eat lunch?

The lunch is the meal for the Spaniards to catch up.
With family with friends. They make time for it.
They eat their lunch between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
In Spanish it’s “comida.”
For them it is the most important meal of the day;
Typically, the comida consists of several courses.
Olive oil and bread are on the table.
It starts with a salad or soup.
The second dish is then a fish or meat dish accompanied with potatoes or vegetables.
Then there is time and place for dessert.
You can usually choose between fruit, a Spanish flan (usually made in house), an ice cream or a pastry.

When do Spaniards eat: the evening meal or the cena.

This usually consists of tapas or a less extensive meal than in the afternoon.
The Spaniards eat late.
Especially during weekends and in summer.
Usually it is between 9 pm and 11 pm that you can find the Spaniards in the bars and restaurants.

When do Spanish people eat
When do Spanish people eat