With the electric car to Spain

With the electric car to Spain requires some preparation in advance.
But it is certainly feasible.
Especially because many charging points will be added in Spain in the near future.

We start our journey from Brussels with an electric BMW iX3. To drive to Orihuela Costa .
We prepared the route via A Better Route Planner.

This is a free application and website where you can indicate your car type. Important : the application then calculates the ideal route, including charging stops, for your ride.

With the electric car to Spain
With the electric car to Spain

Most of the stops for our car are at Ionity. The fast charging stations ensure that the car is charged enough in 15 or 20 minutes to drive for an hour and a half.

Many of the stops are in major gas stations. That means time for a snack, a drink, a bathroom break.


The route in France is well equipped with fast charging stations.


Once across the border to Spain, the number of charging stations is somewhat more limited.
However, the network is expanding rapidly.
Currently, new charging stations are added every month.

But the charging breaks in Spain are a bit longer because charging stations are available less frequently. For example, the stage from Reus to Torrent is 2h35 minutes and the route planner indicates that we should not drive more than 110 km/h here


Also, the consumption of an electric car is significantly lower at a speed of 110 km/h compared to 120 km/h.
It is therefore important to properly prepare the route in Spain with a route planner.
Once you are on location or for a short trip, you can use the Electromaps application.
So you can download it and here you will find most charging stations in Spain.

Important before you leave:

First : start your journey with 100% battery

Second :use a route planner before you leave: www.abetterrouteplanner.com

Last : download the Spanish application with all charging points: www.electromaps.com

With the electric car to Spain

Most important : we wish you a nice and safe journey!

With the electric car to Spain
With the electric car to Spain