Almeria city, capital of the region

Almeria city is the capital of the sunniest region of Spain  Almeria.
In the past, the name Almeria came from the Moorish word “Al Mariy yat” :  the watchtower.
It is in the center of the most fertile agricultural areas in Spain and even of  Europe.

Almeria port
Almeria port


The best, the climate is  very good.
The region is the sunniest region of Spain.
In the summer season, the temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees.

While, in the winter it is still an ideal destination with temperature at noon of 15 to 20 degrees.
Of course, in the summer , there is a cool sea breeze from the Mediterranean Sea.

How to get there

The airport of Almeria is 10 kilometers of the capital.

What to see in Almeria city

Nearby the  city the Mediterranean Sea Coastline .
With beautiful beaches.
And in the countryside :  deserted ecosystems.

The Alcazaba

In the past, Almeria was one of the most important harbors of the Moorish civilization..
More specific of the Caliphate of Cordoba.
This past, you can admire at the Alcazaba or Moorish citadel .

Almeria city Alcazaba
Almeria city Alcazaba

But, the Alcazaba or citadel was not only a Arab deference system for the city it was also  the biggest of Spain.
In this citadel, there are still proves of the palaces and the mosques.
In the past, the 10 century was also a commercial harbor. With a beautiful Medina.

On the top of the “San Christobal” hill you can have a splendid panorama not only over the old historic quarter but also over the sea and the harbor.

The cathedral

Almeria city is also famous for its cathedral.
The cathedral is in the heart of the old quarter.
The cathedral looks more like a fortress.
In the past, it was also built against the attacks of the pirates.
Nearby the cathedral there is the Episcopale Palace.

Almeria city Cathedral
Almeria city Cathedral

In the shopping street , there is another important church worth the visit .
More specific the church of Santiago the Elder.

The most of the churches in Almeria city are built on the remains of old mosques.

Historic old center

Nearby the harbor  you can stroll into the nice old narrow streets .
So this narrow streets and the many white facades of the houses brings you back in to history.
But the capital offers not only history and shops.

In addition to all of this,  the city is famous for his bars and little restaurants.

Furthermore , the city has also a traditional food market open every day.
On this  nice market local people sells fruit, vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses, olives, sausages, flowers, large hams ” Jamon”.
So it is busy and it is loud. Like a market should be.
Enjoy the smells and the colors.
Do you like markets ? Check our page  Markets .

Fortunately is also very popular by the locals , so it is not a tourist trap like the food market in Madrid or Barcelona.
In fact, you can eat so much as you wish , with a very low-budget.

The nearby restaurants are also wort a  visit for  their menu of the day ” Menu del dia” .

For instance  you can enjoy a starter, a main course and a dessert for 10 a 15  euro. including a drink and bread.

Almeria city Plaza
Almeria city Plaza


Along the seashore there are not only excellent  beaches.

There is also a beautiful Palm tree park ” Nicolas Salmeron Park”.
It is the place to be for tourist and locals. You can  see them walking and enjoining Almeria.
Also, from the park you can see the port and the marina.
Make also a walk by the “Paseo de Almeria”  and enjoy the beautiful weather .

Nearby, there are beautiful beaches, coves, mountains .
Furthermore for the natural lover very interesting natural reserves.
The beautiful  reserve of the Cabo de Gata is one of then.
The nature reserve of Cabo de Gata is the first marine land reserve in Almeria.

Almeria city
Almeria city


Indeed, the kitchen is very good. With the influence of the nearby Mediterranean sea and the countryside.
Many restaurants offer fresh seafood and fish.

Tips for trips

First, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada is not far away from Almeria.
Also worth the drive : the Alpurajas valley , a chains of valleys nearby the Sierra Nevada.


And even Granada is only a drive away.

Nearby Almeria city , a 5 kilometers drive the Shopping center Gran Plaza .

A little bit further away Mojacar, a little beautiful village.

Tip with children: the Tabernas Desert and Mini Hollywood.

As a result, Almeria city is an ideal holiday destination.

Granada Alhambra
Granada Alhambra