Alpujarras, a valley near the Sierra Nevada

Jamon The valley of the Alpujarras is a must for the nature lover.
It is located in the  South of Spain . Nearby the Sierra Nevada.
It is a region of the well known white mountain villages.
While it is only two hours drive from Granada or Almeria .
Two city who are worth a visit.
In this area you find astonishing  views on the peaks , the gorges, the waterfalls.
Indeed, it is still the real rural Spain.



The white little villages who are clinging to the mountains.
Trevelez , well-known for his ham. More specifically , they dry  in clean open air in the mountains. As a result , the sweet tasting dry cured ham.
The way to the village is beautiful but narrow.
Trevelez village is on the hill top. As a result, it is the highest village in Spain and Europe.
it is located on 1476 meters high.
Trevelez is most famous for is excellent Jamon.


“Jamon de Trevelez” is world wide a synonym for quality.
We bought a mouth watering ham to take back at home with us.
Are you no convinced ?  Then try it yourself at themany tapa bars in Trevelez.
The Jamon are hanging from the ceiling.
While your are in Trevelez  do not stay in the most touristic section with bars, handicraft shops and BB .
But take a walk  to the highest part of the village too.
It worth he climb. This climb leas you to old platform with splendid views over the valley and the village.


Lanjaron in the Alpujarras

One of the nice village is Lanjaron.
A white village but also a famous natural spring water, bottled in the mountains.

Furthermore , not only the water of Lanjaron  and the jam of Trevelez  are famous, but also the wine.
Throughout the surrounding hills, the vineyards surrounds you.

Alpujarras valley

Take the time to  a nice trip to the  narrow roads of the “Alpujarras” and admire the beauty of  Andalousia.

Now, the white villages are the still the  silence witness of the Moorish influence.
In fact, the terraces with olives, chestnut , fig or pomegranate are beautiful.
The water comes from the Sierra Nevada.
In the present , it is even flowing trough the Moorish ancient systems.
As a result, channels are running along and through the terraces and the white villages.

Alpujarras white village
Alpujarras white village

Food in the Alpujarras.

The best is that the “Alpujarra ” food is local and traditional.
As a result , it is fresh and comes directly from nature.  Naturally it depends on the different season.

Jamon Alpurarras
Jamon Alpurarras

For example, the dishes that we did like where the “conejo”. It is stewed rabbit  in a tomato sauce.

There is also “Migas”. A sort of couscous. with a belly pork, beans, sausage,  and spices.

The most famous and important of the Alpujarras is the Jamon. On particular, the ham is dried in open air, who comes from the cold Sierra Nevada mountain. So,  try in the many bars and little  restaurants  an excellent plate of Trevelez Jamon.
And do not forget the superb local figs, the tasty almonds,chestnut, the specific pomegranate, the olive, the cheeses and honey.


If you are a hiker than you can discover the peaks of the Sierra Nevada National park.
One excellent base is the white village of Trevelez.
There is a good walking track leading from the village center into the mountains.
Also, Trevelez is the start point from another nice walk  to the ” Las Seite lagunas” :  Seven lagunas  in the Sierra.

Tips for trips

For instance, go visit Granada and the Alhambra. See our page on Granada.

Then, visit Almeria and the Moorish influence . Read our page on Almeria 

So reasons enough to explore the Alpujarras.