Alquibla, walking trail at the Costa Blanca

Alquibla is a nice and easy walking trail at the Costa Blanca.
The start is in the little village of Bigastro nearby the Pedrera nature region.
Bigastro is in the Valencia region .
Furthermore it is one of the village in the inland of Orihuela Costa .

Walking is an excellent healthy form of exercise. No matter your ages and abilities.


The regio is beautiful. The Pedrera embalse is worth a visite.
Because the water colors change each moment.
It is really 50 shades of blue .

The walk “Alquibla”

The trail makes a circle . So, you start at the same point where you end.
That is easy when you come with the car. It takes about one hour to one hour and half to do the 10 kilometer walk.

The start point is at the “Zona recreativa y ocio La Pedrera”.

To get there, drive into Bigastro.
On the edge of the village there is a sign on the left for “Zona recreativa y ocio La Pedrera”.
Now, follow the signs to the start point.

The trail goes around in La Pedrera nature area.

Further, the trail heads up to a hill. So at this point you can admire the environment.
Around you is the farmland of Vega Baja. Indeed, that is the name of this beautiful region.

Now, you can walk further to the ” Aula de la naturelaza”.
But also you get a nice view on the surrounding mountains.
More specific, this mountains are those of Orihuela.
In Spain it is called the Sierra Orihuela.

From this point you can see the city of Orihuela and the mainland around .
Furthermore Orihuela is a nice city to visit, with lot of culture . Read more about it on our page. Orihuela

So, descend the route . At the bottom of the path, go right.
And you arrive back in the town and the start point.


Tips to do the Alquibla

First, prepare for a walk by warming up.
Then, wear the correct clothing and shoes.
Most important, make sure that you are well hydrated. So take water with you.

To end

So, the walking trail of Alquibla is a nice easy walk when you are at the Orihuela Costa.
Enjoy your walk!
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