Bank holidays at the Costa Blanca

Bank holidays at the Costa Blanca are different from those in the all of Spain.

There are some national bank holidays. But there are also different holidays in the Valencia and the Murcia region.

Bank holidays in Spain or National

To start januari the first it is New Years day.

Then april 19 is Easter Friday. In Spain it is the week of the Semana Santa .

Semana Santa Bank holidays
Semana Santa Bank holidays

As nearly everywhere may the first is Labour day.
Then we got august the 15 It is the” Asuncion de la virgin.”
Or the assumption of the Blesses Virgin Mary and also Mothers day.

Important for Spain : October the twelfth .
The Spanish people celebrate the ” Dia de la Hispedad. It is Spanish National Day.
The first of November it is also in Spain All Saint day.

Also important on December six it is Constitution Day.

Of course Christmas day is also a bank holiday. It is on december the 25.

So as you can see: there are eight national bank holidays.

Regional Bank Holidays

Valencia region

In the Valencian regio there is “El dia de San Jose“. This is the nine teen of march.
In this region they have their complementary day of on april the eight teen or on Easter Thursday .
Also on Monday after the Easter weekend april the twenty two.

In Valencia there is Fiesta at the nine of October. Also known as the Valencia Region Day.

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Murcia region

Important holiday for the Spanish children.
On January 7 it is “el dia del los Reyes Magos”.
We known it as the day of the three kings :Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar .
On this day the children who are good get presents from the kings.

 Bank holidays
Bank holidays

Also in Murcia , there is “El dia de San Jose“. This is the 19 of march.
It is also fathers day.

In the Murcia region they take a day off april the 8 on Easter Thursday.

Finally als one complementary day on Monday the 10 June.

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Local fiestas at the Costa Blanca

Also important : every town has his local fiesta.
So before planning your holiday, check on the website of the town the local fiestas before you visit it.

To end

So if you are planning your holidays and want to know if the shops ans the musea will be open it good to check the Bank holidays.

Enjoy your trip!