Costa Blanca more than beaches and sun

Costa Blanca more than beaches and sun alone is the context of this page on our website.
The whole region has a rich history in architectury  and archeology.

Costa Blanca more than beaches and sun
Costa Blanca more than beaches and sun

More specific in the region of  Marina Alta and the Marina Baixa. There are monuments, museums , and sites to explore .
We are thinking as activity such as  visiting exhibitions, listening to music, enjoying a film festival, exploring cave paintings.

This part of Spain is strongly linked to music.
For example think of the many festivals en fiesta with the local musiec bands.
But also fantastic perfomerces in the different auriorium. Sich as the Concerthall in Torrevieja.

Ther are several music bands contest, performance and festivals.

Costa Blanca more than beaches and sun : Film

There is also a film festival at the Costa Blanca. Not so famous as the festival of Cannes.
But national is one of the most wanted date. So the festival of de Cine de lAlfas de Pi is famous in Spain.  The most important  professionals , actors and producers are on rendez-vous.
Some say that even Javier Bardem and Penolope Cruz have been here.


Costa Blanca more than beaches and sun : Cave paintings

Most people know the cave paintings in Lascaux France. But Spain got also his cave paintings. For example in “The Pla de Petrascos ” situated in Castell de Castells.

Costa Blanca Castel de Castells
Costa Blanca Castel de Castells





The cave paintings are  an example  odf cave paintings in Europe.
The painting has been  declared Wordwide Heritage Site.

The city of Relleu has also intresting cave paintings.
It is known as ” AbricI Cabeco d Or.  The site is for the moment the place where the students of the university of archelogy get their information.

Costa Blanca   = Medieval village

This  unique site is located in Calpe. Read more about Calpe on our website.
The medieval village is situated at the foot of the Penon de Ifach.
It is a fortified village.  In the past, the village was a look out for pirats.
In the present , you can get a good idea of the access streets , the houses, the storage rooms and the necropolis.

Costa Blanca Medieval village
Costa Blanca Medieval village







Costa Blanca : Roman villa’s

In the past, the romans where the rulers over the Iberian Island.
So, every where in Spain there are still witness of the Roman.
For example in Cartagena Roman Theater .

But in Calpe , you can visit the Queen Baths of Banos de la reina.

So visiting the place  you can see how the Roman  had their rest place in front of the Mediterean Sea.

To conclude

Costa Blanca is the place to be  for the beautiful beaches and the sun.
But also a lot more. It is up to you to discover on our website our in real life.