A second home in Spain.

Second home in Spain is still a good investment .

In the past, many West- and North Europeans bought a Second home in Spain.
Indeed, it has become very popular.


Moraira town
Moraira town

Spain is very attractive.

The country has a warm healthy climate.

Furthermore, the local authorities have made great efforts  to attract numbers of foreign residents and tourist.

At the present, Spanish government derives more of its income from tourist than any other country in Europe.

A second home in Spain
A second home in Spain

In short, the European interest rates are low. So now is the time to buy a property in Spain. There is a very large selection of property to buy.
To sum up : villas, townhouses, quarter houses, new apartments and old finca’s ( farmhouse).

Real estate agents

Besides, there are many real estate agents in Spain. 
Before buying, your adventure starts with a good company .
First, many people rent a property in the area.
After all, you are buying a property and it pays to search out a good company who will care for your requirements.
Before, you buy in Spain you can use our website to look at the different areas from the Costa Blanca.
Perhaps then consider visiting your favorites before deciding where to buy.

So you can compare price, the project, the agency.
There are many new projects with higher prices.
But there are still bargain to do with bank- repossession.
In the past, there where the large building company’s who suffered most from the crises begin the millennium

Cabo Roig
Cabo Roig

The location is also important.
by the Mediterranean Sea and a local airport.

The Costa Blanca is very popular

At the Costa Blanca  there are several airports.
First, the airports of Alicante El Altet is very popular.
Then, you can also fly to the airport of Valencia.
Next, The airport of San Javier- Murcia.

The new residents  like to stay  on the Costa Blanca .
To sum up : Denia ,  Altea, Benidorm, Calpe or Alicante. Furthermore  Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa  and Murcia is popular.

One of the mean reasons for the West European buyers is that a second place at their own coast at their homeland  is very expensive.
Sometimes the cost of buying a second home in West Europa is the double of the sunny Spanish coast.
Another reason is that the interest of the savings in f.e. Belgium  in the bank are very poor.

Buying a second home in Spain
Buying a second home in Spain

Now the Spanish economic crisis seems to have a turning point. The buyers or investors in Spanish estate return to Spain.

The market for second homes was totally collapsed by the financial crisis at 2010.

The prices of the Spanish properties plummeted with 40 % and there was an oversupply of the real estate.

Now, many  return to the Spanish real estate. The British are still 15 % of the buyers, followed by the French ( 10%), the Russians ( 9 % ) , the Germans ( nearly 8 %) and the Belgians ( 7,5% ).
There is a rise of nearly 80 % more international buyers in the same period a year earlier.

Indeed, for many European a second home in Spain is profit in many areas: low purchase price, enjoying the Spanish sun, or a rent with a serious capital interest.


South Costa Blanca


There is a recovery in the region. And is is growing fast.
There are new projects at the Orihuela Costa , Guardamar, Pilar de Horadada and around Torrevieja.
Despite a slow down by Britons ( Brexit ) . So , the Norwegians, Swedish, Belgians and Russians are taking their place.

The Spanish property market is flooded with nice homes and apartments offered for sale.

All there is to be added that the villas and apartments with a unique location (seaside, not far from the airport, …) with a price reduction .

Buy Real estate abroad is not so evident.

It is therefore important to inform you well in advance about all possible aspects associated with a property purchase in Spain.
Check also our page to buy a property in Spain

A few tips for buying a second home .

A second home Budget
A second home Budget

Visit the house or apartment that becomes your second home.

Do not buy blind on the internet.

There are a lot of cheap flights to visit the Estates. Go visit them , enjoy the environment, look if the neighborhood  is all right.
Visit the home at least twice before you make a decision.

Talk to your neighbors about the area. is it good to live ? Ask for the community charges.
Take as many photos to take to your hotel or apartment. And look again easy after a night sleep.

If you are unsure about a property, take photos and draw sketches to take home with you.


Set a budget.

Set your budget limit and stick to it even if you see your dream house.
Check outstanding debts on the property before you sign.

Make sure that everything is legal at your Second home .

That the property is not a part of a ghost complex. We means where there is nobody living or that the contractor is bankrupt.


Make sure that at all  the utilities are connected.


In particular the  gas , electricity or water. Water and Electricity supply companies must be requested for evidence that supplies are connected to the property.
and if not ask for the cost to supply the electric or water.

To avoid unpleasant surprises it is better to take  by an expert in the Spanish property market.

You can find these experts both in your country  and in Spain, for example, an attorney, tax advisory or asset manager.

To conclude


A home in the Mediterranean sun is a dream of many European.
In fact, there are many affordable apartment and houses.
In particular, the re sale second hand apartment are still at 70.000 €,  houses 130.000.

New, count the double to start.