Blossoms in Spring at the Costa Blanca

Blossoms in Spring means that the winter in Spain  is finished.

In the region of the Costa Blanca and Murcia the fruit trees are blossoming. While, this beauty natural spectacle lasts only a month.

almonds Blossoms
almonds Blossoms

Indeed, in the region the fields are covered with white and  light pink flowers

So people like to walk to see the branches of the blossoming trees.

In fact, the trees can be almonds trees, peaches tree, cherry trees….

Blossoms in Spring

As a result that this natural beauty spectacle has become a tourist attraction.
For several  little inland community’s it is a source of income.
So they organize guided visits, cultural events, gastronomic events , …
All based on the this blossom season.
In fact, the beauty of the flowers can be seen in several region of Alicante and Murcia.
After all, Murcia is really the important place for culture fruits for Spain and West Europe.
As said before, the season begins mid February and ends mid March.

Blossoms Cieza
Blossoms Cieza

Because of the warmer temperature of the coast, the beautiful spectacle starts  in  the fields closer to the coast.
For many tourists and locals is the sign that the winter is over.

Tourist attraction

During the blossoms season at the Jalon  valley buses full of tourist enjoying the flowering trees.

Blossoms  in Cieza

Blossoms Peach
Blossoms Peach

Nearby Murcia, several municipalities  like the little town of Cieza offers the  tourist guided tours, food tasting moments or  a visit to the fruit museum.
More specifically in  Cieza it is the blossoming of the peaches trees and the apricots trees. Also the plums trees are blossoming.
As a result , this natural show has become the most important event of the year.
Indeed, it attracts thousand of  visitors and  lovers of photography.
Now, there are several routes to take.  You can enjoy the fields by foot , by car as well on bike.
So it great for young and old.
Tip : don’t miss the trenza ciezana. It is a puff pastry filled with peach and dried fruits.

Almond blossoms

First to blossom are the almonds tree.
In fact, Spain is the one of the biggest almond producer in the world.
From all over the places , people come so see the beauty of nature.
Simular to the cherry blossoms in Japan.
The flowers are white, soft pink or hard pink. Depending the variety and the ground.

For instance , blossoming almonds trees can be seen in  the area of Guadalest.
Also in the valley of Jalon and Jijona.
Want to read more about Guadalest. See our page Guadalest.


Almonds are the main ingredient for the famous sweet Turron .
Many tourist take the nougats home as sweet souvenir, Do you now to read what is the Turron. Than you can see our article about the Gastronomy at the Costa  Blanca or Spanish tradition .

To conclude

When you are living in Spain or just on holiday the natural show of the blossoming trees as amazing to see.
Enjoy the views !


Benidorm, the most popular.

First, Benidorm is one of the most famous places at the Costa Blanca.
It is really the Sunny coast tourist capital and destination for many West European holiday seekers.

Benidorm city
Benidorm city


The city has a typical Mediterranean climate.

In fact, this means warm hot summers. With  temperature who  can be really hot . With maximum from 29 to 35 degrees.
SO, the minimum temperature ( night) in summer are mostly  between 19 and 23 degrees.
Even the winters are mild .
So even in the winter, you can make a walk in t-shirt on the promenade who is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Indeed, the temperatures at noon range from 17 to 21 degrees.
The best is that the city enjoys of more than 3 000 hours of sun a year.
While the  average annual temperature is  19 degrees.


Naturally, there is an incredible choice of restaurants and bars. From fine dining to tapas.
Indeed, a wide range to please all nationalities who are coming to the most popular city of Benidorm.

Benidorm Cuisine
Benidorm Cuisine

How to get there

By air
Now, most people are coming from Alicante airport El Altet.
This airport  is an hour drive.

By car
The highway AP 7
Or the old way ; N 332

By car
By car

More over renting a car ?
The renting of a car in Spain on our website : car rentals.

By bus
Mostly booked with your travel agency.

What to see in Benidorm

First the historic old quarter is worth a visit. There are still some Moorish influences and accents .
It is in the middle of the beautiful promenade along the Mediterranean Sea.
In fact, the old quarter is famous for his three plazas.
From one of them you have a really astonished view  on the two beaches. But also on the skyline of Benidorm.


In the old town there is also a weekly market.

Nightlife in Benidorm

First of all, people come to this city for the nightlife.
As there is a hug selection of every sort of  bars, disco bars, entertainment, cabaret shows and nightclubs.
For example “Benidorm Palace” is very popular for his great shows and dinners.

Golf courses

There are three golf courses in Benidorm. For the lovers: a 18 hole to a 9 hole pitch.

But good to known , the whole Costa Blanca is a golf player paradise.
There are many 18 golf courses.
The best is that  there are nearly all around 100 kilometers drive around Benidorm. Some say that they are ranked amongst the top of Europe.


Water and animal parks in Benidorm

The best, there are several w ater parks and theme attraction parks in Benidorm.
There are even two who are selected as the best of Europe.
Those who like to splash in the water, we recommended sure a visit to Aqua Natura or Aqualandia
Those who prefer more nature and wildlife and dolphins.
Then you can chose between Terra Natura and Mundomar.

One of them is Mundomar, famous for the dolphins . See our page on Mundomar.

Then, there are is an animal parks who are really worth the visit it is Terra Natura. It one of the new generations zoo’s.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

Next for those who like attractions mixed with ancient history of Egypt and Rome the go to Terra Mitica.
Read more about this very nice park on our webpage Terra Mitica.

Benidorm Mundomar
Benidorm Mundomar

Then when the water of the Mediterranean Sea is not enough there is also a fantastic water park Aqualandia  next to Mundo Mar nature park.
Are you interested ? Read more about it on our page Aqualandia.

Beaches of Benidorm

The best is that there are two beautiful beaches.
The first is the beach of “Poniente” ( where the sun goes under), the other is the beach of ” Levante” ( where the sun goes up ).
The Poniente is popular by Spanish tourist. The sandy beach of  Levante is most popular by the Belgian and the English tourists.
The beaches have a beautiful walking and strolling boulevards. Also a small but nice  harbor and Marina.

All of the beaches have a Blue Flag. The Blue Flag means the maximum quality standard for the water and the beaches.


Every Wednesday and Sunday large open air market .
Do you like markets ? See our page Markets at the Costa Blanca 

Indeed with everything you want to buy. To sum up : fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes, toys, souvenirs, jewelry….

Benidorm markets
Benidorm markets

Tip for trips

For the shoppers but just out-of-town : a nice shopping center is the “ La Marina Shopping center .

In fact, you find this center between Benidorm and Villajoyosa.

Presently , it has four floors.
The underground floor is the free parking. Then two large floors full of shopping possibilities .
For example: Jysk, El corte Ingles, Sport Zone, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Benetton, C&A, H&M…
But also the nice shops of “Tous” and “Desigual”.
So it is an ideal place , when the sun goes down.
Or when the sun is to warm between the hours of the siesta.

Another nice trip is Alicante city . Read more about on our page Alicante.


Or a trip into the mountains , to the lovely town of Guadalest and the beautiful waterfalls of Algar.  You can see more on our page Guadalest 

Benidorm Guadalest
Benidorm Guadalest

To end

In brief the city has something for any one .
To sum up : Beaches, shops, promenades, bars, restaurants, a splendid climate.
Furthermore : Award winning family attractions
Then, the nightlife : you hate it or you love it .

As a result , Benidorm is surely the Costa Blanca most popular place.

Guardamar del Segura

First, Guardamar del Segura is a town in  the Alicante region of the Costa Blanca.
You find the town between Santa Pola and Torrevieja.
The town is 45 minutes drives from El Altet Airport of Allicante.

Guardamar del Segura
Guardamar del Segura

It has a strategic position on a hill . But also directly on the beach.
In a unique natural environment

First of all , Guardamar del Segura is well-know for  his dunes.
Indeed, the pine forest, dunes and beaches made the town for us like a little paradise.
When we are walking there , it is like we are walking in the Langue-doc in France also a paradise.

The beaches of Guardamar del Segura

Most important is the 12 km natural coastline with white sand dunes . And pine trees.
In the past , the pine forest in Guardamar was planted to prevent that  the town would disappear under moving sand dunes.
Read more about it on our page : Sand dunes of Guardamar.

The dunes are natural formed by the river and the sea.
So of course, there are lots of spots where you can walk en enjoy the nature.
There are lots of spots where you can observe  the local fauna and flora . And of course also the many bird species.
In the pine forest, you can find little squirrels.

Guardamar del Segura dunes
Guardamar del Segura dunes

Of course because of it location nearby the Mediterranean Sea, the town is also popular for water sports.
So you can go sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling and canoeing.
Indeed, perfect for water lovers.

Within a 30 km drive you find the golf courses of Orihuela. Read more about it on the page Golf courses at the Orihuela Costa .


The town has a typical Mediterranean Sea climate.
So it has 325 sunny days a year.
It is protected by the mountains against the cold wind in the winter.
In Summer it has the refreshing cool sea breeze.
So it is not to cold in the winter and not to warm in the summer season.
As you can read an ideal destination all year round.


The many bars and local restaurants offer excellent seafood dishes.
Furthermore, this region is also very popular for the rice dishes. The most important one is the Paella.

The Marina

You can find the Marina at the mount of the river Segura. They say it is a very pleasant harbor to stay with your boat.

Guardamar History walk.

Important, this walking route takes you in the main point of interest in Guardamar.
You can follow this tour with a English guide.
Normally it leavens every Thursday morning  from the tourist Office.
Important also is that groups can also book the tour on others days.

If you are interested in walking routes see also our page walking route at the Costa Blanca.
The walks takes you to the pine forest .
The walking route starts from the Castillo or castle.
On the top  of the hill this castle overlooks  wit a panoramic view the town and further.
On a clear sunny day ( 325 a year ) you can see to the mountains of the Sierra Helada .

In the past , the Castillo  occupies a strategic  place on the coast, close of the river going inside the land and facing  the Sea.
Indeed , the water of the river brings fertility since Roman times. There are remains from the Iberian- Roman period.
Furthermore , there are graves found from the Moorish occupation.

From the castle walk down to the roundabout on the main street.
And walk down to the Calle Dunas.
At the end of the street keep straight. The road into the pine forest is only for walkers.
Then, keep straight  and after 50 meters  go straight to the ruines of the Rabita Califal and La Foneta. There are several signs to the Rabita.
After  visiting the ruins go towards the sea  to the beaches. That is the place where the beach houses, since the storm in december 2016, are reclaimed by the sea.
Then turn back towards the center of the town. There you can walk  the tree lined avenue into ” the Casa del Mar “.
As you can read, you can do this nice walk the all year . The distance is about 4 kilometers.

Hidden history of the Phoenician period.

On the River Segura archaeologist have found 2800 year old proves of a Phoenician site .
For example , they have discovered  complete metallurgical oven; homes and anti-chambres.
In the past  the site was a leading center for metallurgy.
So important that they exported jewelry all over the Iberian island.
The town hall will do every thing to open the site to the public.

Final thoughts

Guardemar de la Segura is a little paradise worth the stay. There are more interesting things to do in Guardamar.
I hope this article gives you some ideas and inspiration for your holiday stay.
Enjoy yourself !

Costa Blanca Walking routes

Costa Blanca Walking routes .The nature is very beautiful at the Costa Blanca. So it is natural that they are several walking route has been set up.

The Trans Alicante walking route

Indeed, that is a long distance walking route. When you walk this route, you cross the whole Alicante province.

The walking routs is in total 430 kilometers long.
It is normal that you cross all sort of countryside. You can admire the natural beauty of the Costa Blanca. But also  the many natural parks. with even bird protection zones.
Furthermore the GR 330 take you to castles, historic building and little villages.So it is also a cultural walk enjoining the Spanish heritage.
The ” Gran Ruta de Costa Blanca”  leads you to  the Montcabrer ,  Sierra de Aitana and Puig Campana.

Puig Campana
Puig Campana

Also important is that there are  local short distance routes allowing the walkers to do the circular trips.

Information about the Great Route

There are leaflets and maps  at the tourist office around the Alicante province.
Also at tourism fairs you can find information.
But it is only in Spanish.
In the future  the leaflets and maps will be available also in  English , French and German.
Furthermore you can download  the walking route via internet. Wikiloc is the place : Gran Ruta Interior.

Bullas – Caravaca Costa Blanca Walking routes

This walking route is a part of the Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.

Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.
Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.

It is a perfect way to discover the Region of Murcia.
You find a date with the history. Caravaca de la Cruz  is a meeting point for Christianity. Like Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela.
The inland part is delightful.
The walking route takes you trough spectacular scenery. So this walking day give you a good feel for the area . There is much to see.

Bullas has a wine museum and many bodegas to visit. Furthermore the town is situated in fertile plain and has been a wine-producing area since the Romans.
Because Cegehin is crammed on the side of a hill , the town is a delight.With a walk trough the old quarter center with the narrow streets . It is been declared of Historical Artistically interest ( National Treasure ) .To sum up : there is an old palace to visit, a Casino, the town hall and a very beautiful “Plaza del Castillo “.

Caravaca Costa Blanca Walking routes
Caravaca Costa Blanca Walking routes

Carava de la cruz is a very nice city to visit .
It is well-known in Spain for his celebration of the Horse Wine races. This  event is declared by the Unesco as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.Read more about this event on our page Wine horses races of Murcia .
Caravaca de la cruz is dominated by the Castilo of Santa Cruz.
The city is full of monuments, plaza  and museums.For the Spanish people Caravaca is a popular tourist attraction. There is a miraculous cross , for the believers with healing powers.

Distance :  21 km
time : 5 hours

The “Vivas Verdes” walking route .

The vivas verde is a walking route  that runs along the old  Caravaca de la Cruz- Murcia railway. In the past , in 1971 the railway was closed.
The length is 48 km.So it is also very popular as cycling route .

vivas verde Caravaca
vivas verde Caravaca

If you are also  a cycling fan see also our page on cycling in the Costa Blanca.

Distance: 48 km
Time: 8 hours
Time with the bike : 2 hours

The Sierra Helada walking route

A fantastic walking tour is the one of the Sierra Helada.
You can admire fantastic views  on the summit of the mountain Helada.

Sierra Helada means Frozen mountains in Spanish
Fantastic  views can be seen on the summit of Helada. From this point you can see the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful coves
Further away there are the tower blocks of Benidorm.
Most walkers starts from the Albir beach. There you can leave your car at the parking.

Sierra Helada Walking Route
Sierra Helada Walking Route

The route to the summit passes at the ancient  mines and of course the lighthouse of Albir.
You can easily follow the track
Some say that  from the repeater masts the cliff track least you just above ” Mundomar ” Mundomar is one of the famous water parks in Benidorm with dolphins.
So at the right place and hour you can see a dolphin show.
It is a moderate walk.
Distance is 7 km.
Duration : count a 4:30 hours

Costa Blanca Walking routes :The  Guadalest Embalse

First, this walk is pleasant in any season and weather. A Embalse is a dam in Spanish.
So, it provides beautiful blue-green  water for the nature lovers. And of course, very important water for the residents.

Guadalest Embalse Costa Blanca Walking routes
Guadalest Embalse Costa Blanca Walking routes

So, the walking route starts from the dam of the embalse of Guadalest in an against the clock direction.
In the village of Benardia you already can make a stop for a drink or tapa.
Then, you can descend from this little village and follow  the south track back to the Guadalest dam.
Length : 12 km
duration 4 hrs

Ascent 228 meters

Ornithology walking route in La Manga

This path is new . It runs from the Mar Menor ( inside sea nearby Murcia) to the Mediterranean  Sea  at the end of La manga .
Till now,  tourist know La Manga del Mar Menor as a popular holiday destination.

Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes
Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes

But La Manga is special, because of its  unique location in Southern Spain.
It is special in terms of its geographic and environment.
So the government  is also  aware of it.

They want to attract also tourist  who like the nature and like to walk.

The North of the strip of La Manga  is not so full built as the  rest of the nearly island.
So is the home of many kinds of  seagulls, several sort of ducks and many more.
There is a wealth of bird life in this region.

Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes
Ornithology walking route in La Manga Costa Blanca Walking routes

So, in the future there will be a walkway from  the end of La manga  along the  channels which connects the two seas.

Ornithology walking route in La Manga
Ornithology walking route in La Manga

Of course information boards will be installed along the walking path.  With explication about the local fauna and flora.
In the future, the government will  make the link from La manga to San Pedro del Pinitar by a similar walkway

Costa Blanca Walking routes

There are many more routes to discover at the Costa Blanca.
So follow us.

Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca

Bicycle tourism  at  the  Costa Blanca and the region of Alicante is very popular . Many professional cycling teams use the region for their training.
Indeed in the winter, you can find several well-known cyclist.

On this page you will find more about the cycling routes.
The whole regions becomes more and more popular by several large names in the cycling sport.
The even buy a house in the mountains. So that they can train often.


Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca
Bicycle tourism at the Costa Blanca

As known, the Costa Blanca has a sunny and warm climate .
Also in the winter , the climate is very good.
It has also perfect mountains for cycling.

So the Costa Blanca region offers a wide range of  cycling routes.
The routes are different about length and gradient.

The ” ciclo  turismo” is a development project in the region.  They promote the  Alicante province as a quality bicycle tourism destination.

The bicycle roads are fantastic.
If you follow the interconnecting routes , you will encounter very little traffic.


The Costa Blanca region is in the east of Spain . Getting there is easy, with a large number of airlines flying directly to Alicante.
The Alicante airport is very popular by west and north European visitors.

bicycle tourism
bicycle tourism

So the Costa Blanca is famous as holiday destination.  But more and more also as cycling holiday.
The province try to achieve  that  the region will be a quality bicycle tourism destination.
There is more than 1 000 kilometers of interconnected cycling routes.
So cycling tourist can discover every little hidden place of the province.

Low carbon footprint of the Bicycle tourism

Cycling is a form of tourism with a low-carbon footprint.
It has a potential grown in west Europa and Spain.
For this cycling can become an important form of national tourism.

Routes for Bicycle tourism

Important, there are many routes for cycling .
Some are for the professionals, some are for families.
Then, you find good information in the tourist  offices of different towns.
routes at the Costa Blanca are accompanied by a “wikiloc” link.
Thus, contains maps and topographic diagrams.
Also details of bicycle hire  and also repair shops. Accommodation where the visitors and their bike are welcome.
Furthermore cycle tour organizers. Even  taxi services with adapted to carry bicycles.


All in all, there  are nearly 25 routes discovering all the areas.
From Denia to Pilar de Horadada. In the countryside from Villena to Muro.
Important is that the most of the cycling paths are  nearly free of traffic.
Furthermore, the cycling routes are based on the Alicante stretch of the nearly 6000 kilometers  European cycling route network.
Which will run around the Mediterranean Sea  from Cadiz to Athene.

Some prefer that all the planning and the organisation has been take care of. Even the bike hire.
While, there are many organisation who organised cycling holiday. All include .
For example ” The Moorish Spain : Castle of the Levant.
in brief, this cycling tour is a combination of great cycling routes with fantastic historical sites in the Valencia region.


When you go on a bicycle tour plan your breaks for drinks and lunch.
So it easier to have a goal and also a stop.
Always carry some extra cash with you.
You are on the real Spanish routes.
Most Spanish little bar in the small villages on the Valencia  region they will not accept credit cards.

Coll de Rates

This is one of the most popular cycling route in the Alicante region. Of course is is a climb over the ” coll”. It is accessible from the popular Mediterranean sea town of Denia , Calpe or Javea.
The good thing is there is not one route over the coll de Rates. There are several different biking routes, all with a different challenge.
So it is up to you which is your goal. Some are quite gentle, other difficult.
In the winter season, January or February the professional teams are training this climb.
It is the place where you can meet Tom Boonen or Zdenek Stybar from Quickstep team.

bicycle tourism coll de rates
bicycle tourism coll de rates

The most popular climb begins from “Parcent” and is about 7 km long and a gradient of 5 %.
From the top of the” col of the Rates”, you are in the middle of the Alicante country.
This point connects many other climbs in the area.

A nice tour :

Start in El Campello ( Alicante )- Villajoyosa  -Benidorm- Altea -Calpe-  Benissa -Parcent -Tarbena – Callosa –Guadalest -Finestrat -Aiges and back to El Campelle ( Alicante). 190km

Guadalest bicycle tourism
Guadalest bicycle tourism

A more flat tour

Start from Calpe to Benissa-  Ondara- Oliva -Gandia  and back to Calpe. It is about 120 km.
You can easily go more north after Gandia  towards Cullera and for the brave even to Valencia city.

Calpe bicycle tourism
Calpe bicycle tourism

Orihuela bicycle tourism.

At the Orihuela Costa there is a bicycle lane  from La Zenia to Cabo roig . Then to Campamor and to Pilar de la Horadada

Bicycle Tourism
Bicycle Tourism

Bicycle tour La Matanza- Quesada

First, this bicycle tour is a circular route from Quesada to La Matanza.
It is a beautiful route, mostly flat with beautiful nature.
Indeed, with beautiful views on the surrounding mountains.

The trip

Start with leaving Quesada and go to Benijofar. There turn right at the town square. The street is cobbled. Then at the second roundabout turn left. You need to cycle over the bridge to go to the next roundabout. Follow the sign to the village of  Realengo . It is time for a stop , a tapa or a drink. Or  Turn right at the junction with the main road. Then cycle along the CV 904 over the bridge.
Then at the next roundabout turn left. Now take the road under the motorway( the A7). Now it is time to go to the village of Albatera. Also in Albetera  there are enough possibilities to take a snack.


Now that you have back your forces, cycle trough  Albatera . Then turn right heading for Los Vicentes and La Murada.
In La murada, the main street is full of bars and cafes.  Time for a break ?
Then up you go to Los Vincentes. Stay on the road till the town of Benferri.
Then take the road to La Matanza.  Time fo a coffee or a menu del dia.  Remember the tip of the extra cash.
After the break you can go for Orihuela. There you have to stay ay the ring roads otherwise you get  in the town center. Take the road to Bigastro.
And return now to Quesada trough Jacarilla, Algorfa, Benijofar.

Duration around five hours
Length of 90 kilometers.

To conclude Bicycle tourism.

Nevertheless the Costa Blanca is an excellent choice for your cycling holidays.
In the  winter season there are more professional riders and cycling training in the Valencia region than anywhere in South Europe.
Nearly more  popular than Tenerife with the Teide and Mallorca.
Indeed, the Costa Blanca offers a variety of routes nearby the coast or in the hinterland.
So, the weather is perfect in the winter: no to warm in summer , not to cold in the winter.


Also important affordable hotels and other accommodations. In winter most offer incredible deals. Which is great for cyclist.

Those are the important reasons of the popularity of the Costa Blanca for bicycle tourism.

Albir, Costa Blanca

Albir is located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca .

The little town of Albir is sandwiched between the popular Benidorm and Altea .
But also imported to known  is that it  is located between two important international airports.
Below in the south is Altet, the Alicante airport.
North of Albir is the  Valencia airport.

Indeed both airports have a range of different transport options : shuttle  buses, taxis and of course car rental.

Albir beach
The Beaches of Albir.

This town of Albir  is connected with the airport with the old N332 and the AP7 highway.

Albir is popular for it’s beaches and its Natural park of the “Sierra Heleda“.
There fore read also our article about this beautiful nature park.

The best of Albir is  is a very good Mediterranean  climate.
With more than 300 sunny days the town is a excellent stay for tourists .
In the same way the summers are hot and the springs very nice .
Finally the autumn and  the winters are mild.
In brief this part of Spain, the Costa Blanca has very little rainy days.
As a result the little village is an ideal holiday destination all year round for the all family.

Albir beaches

The main beach of Albir  is named” Playa de Raco de l’albir”.
This sandy beach is a nearly a kilometer of length. In the first place the beach is  famous for his splendid view of the famous “Penin de Ifach”,  in the nearby town of Calpe.

Calpe bicycle tourism
Calpe bicycle tourism

Because of the good location, in the summer season  the beaches and the town are very crowded.
During the summer months and september there are life guards  on duty. In fact, this is the case in nearly  all the beach resorts on the Costa Blanca.

Blue flag

Furthermore the beaches  has the “Blue Flag”, so indeed  the water is not only blue but also clean.
Besides on the beaches  their also two play areas for the children.
Furthermore toilets are located on the boulevard in front of the beach.

In the past Albir was a little fishing port and has been developed in the present  to a touristic resort.

Albir Cuisine

Due to the boom there are many bars and restaurants.
They are very popular by the Western and Northern Europeans tourist. But locals or tourist, both are  enjoying their tapa or fresh fish plate on the many terraces.
The restaurants are an international cuisine. Beside the Spanish restaurant there are  also English or Italian or French or Chinese or Indian.As you can see it is up to you to make your choice.
In the neighborhood there are several big supermarkets . Even if you rent an apartment it is easy for your daily shopping .



During the holiday season, there is a little market at the sea front.
Even if this market is mostly for tourists , it is very nice to visit it. On this market they sell local leather, jewelry and souvenirs.
Every Sunday there is a larger street market nearby the “Consum”. Every thing you want to buy, you can find it here.

The most important boulevard at Albir is the stars promenade or ” Pasea de las Estrallas”.
It is perhaps the place to look after the nights stars at the heaven but also other Stars.
In fact, Albir holds a national film festival.
This yearly film festival take places in the month of July. As a result  that on  the “Stars” boulevard, there are stones dedicated to national and international film stars. Come and look for Javier Bardem .

Tips for trips from Albir .

Nearby a 5 kilometers drive, there is the city of Benidorm.
Benidorm is also famous for it theme parks like Aqualandia, Mundomar or Terra Mitica.
First the “Terra Mitica” is a theme park based on the ancient world and the history of the Mediterranean islands with all sort of rides.
Second the “Aqualandia” is a water park for the all family.
Third, in Mundomar you can enjoy the dolphins shows and the nature of the Iberian island.

Further, Guadalest is a beautiful  trip to the mountains. Close to Guadalest there are the Algar waterfalls.

Next to Albir is the town of “Calpe“, it  is a 15 kilometers drive from Albir.
Calpe is famous for it amazing landmark. This landmark is the ” Penin de Ifach”, a gigantic rock of 600 meters high.

One of the nicest thing you can visit nearby Albir is the Parque Natural de la “Sierra Helada.
In particular the “Sierra Helada “is popular by the locals as the tourist for the splendid walk about and the amazing views. See our article about the Sierra Helada

Sierra Helada Albir
Sierra Helada Albir

How to get there

By air
The Airport of Alicante El  Altet . It is an hour drive.

By car
Take the highway AP 7 Exit Albir
Or the old road N 332.
More about car rentals ?   See our webpage car rentals 

By taxi
After all, they know the way (and the price).

By bus
When you come to the sunny Albir with a your travel agency.
As result, that the bus picks you up at the airport.

To conclude

In brief, Albir is a very nice little town at the sunny Costa Blanca. It is the starting point for your trips around the region. In particular, the place to be to discover Sierra Helada.
Besides, it also has beautiful sandy beaches, nice restaurants and bars.

Beach Bar
Beach Bar

And the weather is splendid.

Thus everything , you want for a nice holiday place.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Tourist Information

Costa Blanca Javea Playa Granadella
Costa Blanca Javea Playa Granadella

The Costa Blanca is a beautiful region and is situated halfway the Spanish coast.
The Costa Blanca covers the provinces of Alicante and Murcia.

Often the tourist guides divide  the Costa Blanca in North Costa Blanca and South Costa Blanca.The North region of the Costa Blanca is situated above Alicante, the south Costa Blanca beneath Alicante.
The Costa Blanca has a coast of more than 220 kilometers, and there are more than 75 beautiful sand beaches.

Costa Blanca beaches
Costa Blanca beaches

In the north of the Costa Blanca is located Valencia with the Costa del Azahar, in the south it ends with  the urbanization of Orihuela Costa.
The Costa Blanca has a mix of long white sandy beaches and rocky coves.
The A-7 toll motorway and the old toll-free  N-332 runs parallel with the beautiful coast.

The N-332 is a very nice road if you got the time, because it crosses many nice villages.

Costa Blanca means in Spanish:  the White coast. some say that the name comes of the many white beaches, well-known by the tourist others say it comes from the blooming of the white flowers of the almonds. See also Guadelest Valley : the Almond harvest

Costa Blanca Almonds
Costa Blanca Almonds


The weather is the Costa Blanca is the all year round very good. There is sun 330 days a year.
Even the World Health organisation has recognized it as one of the better climates is the world.

The Costa Blanca has the all year round very warm temperatures.
The Costa Blanca is well-known by the expats who have problems with arthritis.

Even after a few days many of them already feel better.

In the summer July and August  the weather can be a little bit too warm, but no so hot like in the South of Spain .
But the climate is superb starting from September till June. No wet and cold weather like in the rest of West Europe.

The all year round the temperature  are very good.

The all of the Costa Blanca is loved and famous for its tourism.
The beaches and the superb climate are one of the attractive points.

In the middle of the last century , the most of the villages where little harbors.
Then became the tourist and the large buildings like in Benidorm.
Now more and more the development is restricted so the village can keep their authenticity

In the beginning of the new century the property has got a real boom. People from over all West Europe and Russia now live here . The most of them see a house in the Costa Blanca as their ultimate dream. Some are looking for a better life and work in the sun. Others are looking for a good place for their retirement and to enjoy the good life.

Alicante airport is an airport with a lot of flights coming from all over Europe, and is also good for domestic flight inside Spain to Madrid, Ibiza, Malaga…

Murcia has two airports one is specialized in low-cost flights to England and is called Murcia San javier Airport. The other is being build is called Murcia Cordova Airport. The airport of San Javier is near the Mar Menor.

The Costa Blanca is attractive place for the beach lovers, but also for the lover of culture, for the nature lover.

The North of the Costa Blanca is the region around Valencia . Valencia has wetlands which are well-known for the rice plantation and the nature.

More to the South are mountains with coves and cliffs and little, rural  villages with narrow streets and nice restaurants to discover. There are many places you can visit and enjoy the real Spain.  So the Costa Blanca has something for everyone .

But the major attraction is the blue Mediterranean Sea, with most of the white sandy beaches the Blue Flags. The Blue Flag is a international respected and is a recognized Eco label. Only the beaches and the marinas that meet strict criteria for the water quality, the environment education, safety and services are awarded with a Blue Flag.

Some of the tourist enjoy the beaches and the nightlife like in Benidorm.
Everyone his own taste. Love it or hate it.
The most important is that you enjoy it.

Like we love to go to Spain and we want to help the visitors of the website with practical advice what to do and see in the Costa Blanca.

One of the well-known places from the Costa Blanca are
Calpe visit the page on our website.
Orihuela visit the page on our website
Murcia visit the page on our website

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city. Valencia is a city with cultural, with restaurants and bars, the city also has a vivid nightlife.
Valencia has a fabulous futuristic building the ” ciudad de las artes y las Ciencas” : the town of Arts and Sciences of Santiago Calatrava. It is designed by the same architect who designed in Belgium the railway station of Liège.

Valencia Ciudad de las artes
Valencia Ciudad de las artes

Around Valencia there are wetlands and farmlands.This makes sure the city has a green stock of vegetables. The land has plenty of rice plantation , With which they are famous for the rice dishes like paella.

Benidorm is the Costa Blanca tourist capital , some say that it is Florida of Europe.

Many people spend 6 month in the winter in Benidorm. Others choose Benidorm to spend the summer holiday.
Benidorm is a city that you like or hate. Benidorm has changed the last 50 years from a little fishing village to a major tourist destination.
Benidorm is well known for his beach front promenade and the two beaches, Poniente and Levante.
There is in the middle of the promenade an old historic quarter. The old town center is nice to visit with the narrow old streets and the three plazas.
From the old quarter there are very nice views of either side of the beaches and of course the Benidorm skyline.
In Benidorm there is a huge selection of things to do. There is a theme park Terra Mitica, a waterpark Aqualandia and an animal park Terra Natura and  Mundomar to visit.
With or without kids , this are very nice places for active people.
For the night birds who wants to party the night away,Benidorm offers an incredible  choice of entertainment.


There are many type of restaurants , all kind of bars, cabaret shows Benidorm palace  with topless dancers , flamenco shows.
If you like gastronomy : the restaurants are of all nationalities, you named it, they got it.
Spanish tapas, paella, Indian, French, Russian, Chinese, à la carte, ….and of course eggs , bacon a typical English breakfast
Benidorm small harbor is beside the old town.  In the Marina there are boats who bring the Tourist to Benidorm Island  and to the island of Tabarca.
If that is not enough every Wednesday and Sunday mornings there is a large market.
A nice indoor shopping all with a bowling is the ” la Marina “where they got the most brands of fashion, leisure and a lot of restaurants.
A suggestion for a nice day trip: take the tram north to Altea, Gata de Gorgos and Denia. To the south the tram goes to Villajoyosa and Alicante
Outside the city are a few Golf Courses : Sierra Cortina Golf Course, Las Rejas Golf Course and Villaitana Wellness Golf.
Or spend your days relaxing on the beach, nipping a cocktail in the beach bars and enjoying the Mediterranean Sea



One of the lovely villages in the Costa Blanca is the village of Guadalest.
Crowds are coming with coaches from all over the Costa Blanca.
But get there early by car and the village and the waterfalls are yours.
One of the attractive points of Guadalest, are the waterfalls of Guadalest. Or come when the last bus is away. In the middle of nature you can enjoy the refreshing water.

The little village of Guadalest is situated in the middle of Almonds trees. From the village you have a panoramic view overlooking the mountains, down in the valley up to the Mediterranean Sea. At the other side you can see a reservoir of water with an amazing turquoise color.


In the village of Guadalest there is an Old Castle
The old castle perched on a rock can be reached by a nice walk through a lovely old house.

Beside the castle there is a funny museum with 20 000 of salt and pepper pots  :” Museo de Saleros y Pimenteros”.

The almond harvest.
The Guadalest valley was always famous for the almonds trees. Much of the harvest is going to the producers of nougat or turron.
The year 2015 almond harvest is the double of last year. The almond is a very healthy product.
The nut is now branded a super food by many health food workers like dietitians and doctors.
Many Fitness magazines for women and men, are promoting the almond and other nuts. They are high in protein, vitamin E, fiber. Almonds are good for the skin, import for the digestive and good for your heart.
Yearly a total of 2000 tonnes is collected in the region of Alicante.
Thanks to the rain in the autumn of 2014 and the spring 2015 the almonds flourished.
The farmers are also aware of the hype around the “new super food” so they planted thousands of new trees. The farmers can expect to collect nearly 8 euro for a kilo of shelled nuts compared with only 5 euro last year thanks to the high valued of the almond in the health food market. And the demand will increase further in the future.
During the harvest, the farmers spread nets under the trees. Then the healthy nuts are beaten down from the almond trees. Then the nuts are collected from the nets spread out on the ground.

Costa Blanca Guadalest Almonds



Alicante is the capital of the Costa Blanca with a population of 300 000. In Spain the city is also called Alacant.

Most people arrive in Alicante by the airport. The airport of Alicante is the most important of the region.The others airports in the Costa Blanca are Murcia airport San Javier, Valencia airport and in the future Corvera Murcia Airport
Alicante is the gateway to the region of the Costa Blanca.

The airport of Alicante is called El Altet, and has offers a large selection of European flights and domestic flights.
From the airport there is a regular cheap bus service to Alicante city and to Torrevieja.
More expensive are the taxi’s but they are a faster way to get to your destination.

Alicante is mostly the place where the holiday start and where most tourists drive further to their holiday place.


The city of Alicante has an important harbor. Like every city in Spain it has many beautiful beaches, nice restaurants, cozy bars, many pubs, attractive museums, large parks, old monuments silence witness of the past and hotels in all different prices.

Torrevieja is a 30 miles or 50 km drive from Alicante. Torrevieja is very popular by thousands of Europeans.
The village of Torrevieja is still a salt mining and fishing village. Torre Vieja means  Old Tower.
Torrevieja is located between the sea and two larges salt lakes , in Spanish : Las Salinas. This location gives the town a special charm and climate.
The salt lakes are a natural habitat for protected birds. One of the most popular birds are the Flamingo’s.
The salt industry provides winter road salt for Western Europe and results in white mountains off salt near the lake.
Torrevieja has a large boulevard along the coast with restaurants, bars and shops.
Most fish restaurants are situated in the harbor. There is a large choice of tapa’s bar, little shops and restaurants. The fish on your plate comes directly from the fishing boats . So try the mix of fried fish mix or fritura de pescado.
Torrevieja has a very large Friday street market with fruits, vegetables, which is very popular among the many tourists and the local Spanish people.

Above of Torrevieja is the village of Guardamar del Segura. Beneath Torrevieja to the south is Orihuela Costa with Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Campoamor and Mill Palmeras.

Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca

Orihuela city is located a 30 km from the sea nearby the Sierra de Orihuela.
Orihuela is a very typical Spanish town, where the locals work, live and play.
The city of Orihuela stretches all the way between orange and lemon trees and plantation of artichoke down to the coast.
At the coast is Orihuela Costa, and became very popular the latest years by the tourists.
The Orihuela Costa has sandy beaches but also very nice rocky coves. There is a small but very nice promenade from Playa Flamenca to Mill Palmeras.

South Costa Blanca

South Costa Blanca

The South Costa Blanca begins beneath the city of Alicante.
This coast is much drier and flatter than Norther part of the Costa Blanca.
The southern part of the Costa Blanca is flatter and is has the beautiful large sandy beaches.
South Costa Blanca is also well-known for its good golf courses . Most of the best golf courses are situated around Orihuela.

This part of the region of Valencia and a small part of Murcia is much drier with very beautiful sandy beaches. The vegetation consists of palm trees, orange trees and lemon trees. The south Costa Blanca is also more typical “Spanish”.  The coastline of the South Costa Blanca is flat  with salt lakes and even mud lakes.
The touristic regions can be found in Torrevieja, Cabo Roig, Villa Martin , La Zenia, Campoamor. Mil Palmeras. The Spanish tourist can be found in Lo Pogan, Pilar de la Hordada, Santiago de Ribera. All villages nearby the Mar Menor .

Alicante is the gateway for most people who arrive in Alicante airport.
Starting from Alicante airport people take the road to North Costa Blanca  towards Benidorm, Altea, Valencia….. or South towards Orihuela and Torrevieja….or West towards Castilla La Mancha.
The region of Castilla La Mancha ( towards Madrid ) is the region of many old towns and castles.
It is the region of the legend of  Don Quixote from Cervantes. The important cities are Albacete , Ciudad Real , Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo.

In the South of Alicante, Santa Pola  is located with endless sandy white beaches.
Santa Pola is an old harbor where you can take the boot to the island of Tabarca.
South to Santa Pola is the first salt lake of Santa Pola , the Salinas de Santa Pola.

Further away there are many coastal resorts. All with nice names like : La Marina , La Escuara, Bonavista , Las Oesqueras , the village of Guardamar del Segura,  Portic Playa , El Moncaio, Portic Medeterani, Pinomar, and nearby Torrevieja La Mata .


Map of the South Costa Blanca
Map of the South Costa Blanca

Map of South Costa  Blanca

Inland the south Costa Blanca,  is the town of Elche also called Elx famous for its thousand palm trees and  Dama d’Elx. Dama of Elx of the Lady of Elche is a piece of Iberian sculpture from the 4the century BC with Greece influences.
Nearby there are different golf and country clubs well-known by the expats . The village of Rojales is surrounded by orange and lemon trees . Buts Rojales have very attractive cave houses.
Ciudad Quesada is a modern town built for tourist since the ’70.

Nearby the coast line after the salt lake of Santa Pola, there are two salt lakes nearby Torrevieja : the salt lake  of la Mata and the salt lake of Torrevieja .
One of the salt lakes is blue -green color the other is an impressive pink color.
These salt lakes are a natural park with a rich fauna and flora  but also the storehouse of the winter salt of Western Europe.

Both lakes are very nice locations for walk  or picnic and superb photos !
The are a lots of developments inwards in the area of Torrevieja like Lomas de Don Juan, Los Dolses, Villa Martin, San Miguel de Salinas, Los Montesinos,  Las Calas, Los Balcones.Castillo de Don Juan, …

The area of La Zenia is know for its golf courses. The most famous golf courses in La Zenia are:  the well-known Villamartin Golf Course, the Campoamor Golf Course and Las Ramblas golf Course .

Near the coast line beneath Torrevieja are Punta Prima, Playa Flamenca, Zenia Mar, La Zenia, Cabo Roig , La Regia, Campoamor and Mil Palmeras.

The next town of the South Costa Blanca is the town of Pilar de Horadada with many beautiful beaches popular by the locals .

When you reach Pilar de Horadada in the south Costa Blanca , you are leaving the region of Valencia and are entering the region of Murcia. All the next towns and villages are situated near the Mar Menor , a large inside sea, The first town in Murcian region is San Pedro de Pinitar, Lo Pagan, San Javier , Santagio de la Ribera , Los Alcazares and finally  the coastal strip of the Mar Menor La Manga

The Mar Menor, or Little sea , is a unique area in South Costa Blanca, and have the fortune to have at one side the Mediterranean Sea and at the other side the salt water lake. The Mar Menor is the largest salt lake in Europe.  Over the last hundred years the region of the Mar Menor has become very popular among tourist. One of the most important and oldest attraction are the mud bath of Lo Pagan , because they have a therapeutic value for ages.