Dénia Classics Festival

To start, the Dénia Classics Festival celebrates his 10th edition.

First, Dénia is one of the most beautiful town at the Costa Blanca.
Nice to known is that the town is well known for is fiesta and festivals. For example “Bous al Mar”.

Denia Bous al mar
Denia Bous al mar

Dénia Classics

So, Dénia Classics means ten years of nationale and internationals artist.
From Strauss to music of Big Bands. From Handel to Gershwin.

When, the Dénia Classics start the music lovers knows that spring is in Spain. So the music is perfect to beat the winter blues.

Dénia Classics blends the master composers from the middle age to the swing and Blues from the last century.

To start : Si Fa Sol Big Band

In January, the festival starts with a performance of a Bigband.
This bigband with the nice name Si Fa Sol Band brings the best of jazz and the blues and boogie woogie of the roaring 20 and 30.
So, it is time to enjoy Swing, Blues, Ragtime and Dixieland music.

Dénia Classics
Dénia Classics

In February 22-02-2019

Furthermore, in February it is time for Mozart.
If you like Paganini suite or the Wolferi Suite Dénia is the place to be.
The music of the great Austrian composer is brought by a cellist Yvonne Timoianu and the pianist Alexander Preda.

Then, March 29-03-2019

First, Claudio Carbo brings live for you on his piano music to yours ears.
You can expect Chopin, Listz, Beethoven or Schuman

To end in april 26-04-2019

At last : It wil be the Vienna New years concert in april.
The Corda Quartet brings to you, the waltz music of Strauss.

Dénia Classics Festival
Dénia Classics Festival

Tickets for the Dénia

Before the start of the show,tickets for the concerts can be bought .
One ticket cost 15 euro.
But you can also buy a combi-ticket for the 4 concerts.
So the pass cost you 45 euro. What means that one concert is for free.

also important : all the concerts start at 19:00 at the Dénia Social Centre.
The Social Centre will be the concert hall for this evenings

Enjoy Dénia and his Classics festival !