Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla

Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla a discovery.

This  wine from Yecla and Jumilla is coming from the inland of Alicante and  Murcia.
The cities are situated on the border of the two regions.
The surrounding area of Jumilla and Yecla produces very good Monastrel  wines.
Most of the Bodega or wine houses are runs by the  families since ages.

Every body knows the Rioja Wine . The most famous vine from Spain.

But there are more areas in Spain who produces excellent vine with a national even international level.
One of this vine is the ecological wine from Yecla and jumilla. They are really worth to be discovered.
Besides there is also an attractive wine route from wine house to wine house.

Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla
Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla

Wine from Yecla and Jumilla

The family’s of wine producers are proud of their product. They respect it. Even love it.
They all work at their wines in compliance with the European regulations for ecological production.
With the accent of providing both a healthy land and region. But also as a wine producers for the future generations.
Several of the wine houses are one of the main producers of ecological wine on a national level.

Healthier way op producing wine from Yecla and Jumilla

So the wine workers go for improving the fertility of the soil. But also the biodiversity of the ecosystems.
Furthermore they do not use pesticides on the grape plant.

Discovering the ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla

With the local wine tasting route you will able to explore.
Of course, you want to taste the wine. But it is also discovering the region, the culture,  the local festivals the habits and the traditions of the wine area.
For example “The grape harvest festival” with parades and Pisa de Uvas ( or Tower of Grapes) .
At the festival you can see the traditional crushing of the grapes with the feet.
Now, in the wineries it is all mechanical.

The most important grape is the” Monastrel “. It is the queen among the grapes.

Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla
Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla

Nearby the wine route is the Regional Park El Carche.  It is a wonderful landscape with even a peak of 1372 meter. So you can even explore by climbing the rocky walls.
The Regional park El Carche is also popular for the lovers of all kind fauna and flora.
They come also for the biking trough paths and trails.

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To conclude

The wine producers of  Jumilla and Yecla are in the back yard from Orihuela and Alicante.
Are you spending you holiday at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea both are just an hour drive away.

So do not miss the chance to discover this beautiful region and its excellent wines.