Wine routes in Murcia region

Wine routes in the region of Murcia are not so well known as for instance the wine routes of the ” Rioja” wine.
But they deserved to be discover.

ecological wine at Yecla and Jumilla
ecological wine at Yecla and Jumilla

The Murcia region

First the Murcia region is a part of South East Spain. The region is becoming more and more popular for tourists .
Why ?
First 320 days of sun.
Nearby a sky blue Mediterranean sea and the many sandy beaches.
Also important, good and healthy food. Furthermore, the many bars and restaurants
All by all, a cheap way of live.
But also a great style of live.

Furthermore the beautiful nature at the coast and in the country side.

Wine routes

Wine is popular in Murcia since centuries.
In the past, the Romans did introduce the grapes and the wine production in Spain.
But also the olive trees and cereals.
When the Moors came, the grape was a piece of fruit at the table.
Now, wine and is a part of the history and the culture of Murcia.

The region has three D O.
In fact, D O means Denominacion de Origin.
Wine have a DO label after the name of the regio. Indeed, it means that this is a quality appellation.
As a result, the wines are awarded.
Besides did you known that you can recognize a DO wine by the black label on the back ?

Yecla, Bullas and Jumillas

Murcia has three D O.
First the wine of Yecla . Then the wine of Bullas. At last Jumillas.
The three villages are located in the country side of Murcia.

Wine routes
Wine routes

As we already mention they are classified wines.
They are really good and tasty wines.

Also, they are a good Spanish export product to different countries in Europe.
But also to the USA .

Some of the wines are Ecological wine. Of a excellent quality.

If you follow the wine routes of Murcia it is a other way to discover the country side and the little villages.
Besides, if you want you can have a guided tour.
So you can discover a cooperative of wine. Or the vineyards . But also the wine museums.

We are in Spain so there are also different fiesta de vino . Events with wine tasting and of course food tasting.

Wine route
Wine route