Fallas in Valencia

Spain is all about traditions. Fallas in Valencia are a traditional Valencian celebration.
The Fallas are without doubt the most popular and crazy festivals in Spain.
This fiesta is in honor of St Joseph. In the past, it was the patron of the carpenters.
in the past, the festival started in the Middle ages. Some say that the carpenters had to suspend wood planks  in the winter while at work. At the beginning of spring they burnt the planks.
This was the end of the dark months.

Fallas in Valencia
Fallas in Valencia

Carnival or Fallas in Valencia ?

Now, Fallas in Valencia is a festival during 5 days in March.From the 15 Th till the 19th march.
The biggest and the best is in Valencia city. But  many towns and city in the Costa Blanca region will have their own. So the Fallas in Valencia is one of the most popular Spanish traditions.
Fallas in Valencia is a fiesta involving fire. Fallas means ‘ fires” in Valencian.
So, in Valencia city they triple their population during this 5 days.
The focus of the Fallas is the creation of huge dolls . Which are made from paper-maché and plaster.

In Valencia the dolls are called “ninots”. This “ninots” are life-like. They picture satirical scenes, corrupt politicians and Spanish celebrities. They cost ten thousands of euros.
The making of the tall creatures takes a year-long work. They are crafted by neighborhood organizations.
It is similar as the carnival in Belgium or Netherlands or Germany. Or the great carnival the Rio De Janeiro.

Fallas in Valencia Dolls
Fallas in Valencia Dolls

Of course it is a non zone for cars.

The burning of the dolls.

At the end of the Fallas in Valencia the 19th March, is the destruction of the dolls.
“La crema” or the burning  of the “Ninots “. This burning is really the high light.  What ts some times scary, so close and large is the fire.
Indeed, fireman are nearby at the moment.
During the early evening  people with axes chop out chunks. So they can stuff the dolls with fire works. Then, they wrap strings and fir crackers around the “ninots”. So take a safe distance as spectator. The people start to chant and the streetlights are turned of.
At midnight  the dolls are set alight. Of course, the heat is extreme.
Of course the fire brigades of the city of Valencia are out in force. The Fallas are a very busy night!

Fallas in Valencia La crema
Fallas in Valencia La crema

To start again for the next year .

During the 5 days, you can enjoy many animations. To sum up : parades, bullfights, paella contest, beauty contest…
Of course spontaneous fireworks explode everywhere .