Game of Thrones filming in Spain

The popular tv show from HBO Game Of Thrones will be partially filmed in Spain in the province of Andalusia.  Parts of the show seasons 5 will be filmed in Spain in Seville Alcazar in the old moorish fortress.  It’s should resemble the wealth of people of Dorne and will be the Palace of the House of Martell. Also Osuna is being mentioned as one of the locations where they are filming the new season. The Bull ring in Osuna has been visited by the cast and filming crews so we are wondering if will recognize it in the Tv show.

Game Of Thrones filming in Spain House of Martel Dorne Palace
Game Of Thrones filming in Spain House of Martel Dorne Palace







Due to the popular success of the series the regions tourism is now booming. Hotels are being booked like its new year and are fully booked until the Beginning of November. Also the City embraces the actors and tv show and announced that they will extend the opening hours of the Tourism Information Centre and there are even some rumours about a Game Of Thrones museum being built.

This is also major news for the area of Seville because previous locations of Game of Thrones have led to an increase in tourism to the areas. There should be an increase of 15 % of visitors.

Even the local restaurants are going crazy for the show. Game Of Thrones menus are showing up all around the region and are a huge success.

They offer 8 different dishes according to a Character.  especially the Baratheon menu is fun because he was hunting  boar.

Game Of Thrones Tapas Menu
Game Of Thrones Tapas Menu

Game of Thrones job offers.

Lately there has been 600 jobs offers for people who are willing to take part in some of the tv shows scenes. This has been a huge success among the Spanish people and European People and had led to 86 000 people showing up for a part in the tv show. The show itself will generate around 1000 direct jobs to the people of Andalusia.

On Previous locations Game Of Thrones generated over 19 million euros for the regions when being filmed there.

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