Gandia Water Park

Gandia water park will open according the Spanish press in 2017. The park will be located near the main beach or Playa of Gandia.
Gandia is located in the region of Valencia. Gandia is situated between Valencia and Alicante at the Costa Blanca. So they are sure of a very good climate.

The water park will be built and operated by the White water group. This investment group has already enormous water parks. The parks are located in Dubai, California and Ibiza.
The water park will cost between 25 and 40 million dollars. The most of it has been invested by private sponsors.
According to the latest plans, the park will be an investment of 35 Million euros.
Lately a design of the park has been released.

Gandia Water Park
Gandia Water Park

The park will generate between 300 direct jobs and 1800 indirect job. So that is good news for the region.
This will also increase the possibilities for local investors and shops to open new businesses.

The water park will be built and operated in less than 30 months which is quite ambitious.
Until then the closest water parks are in Benidorm and the water park in  Torrevieja .
This water park could be a major tourist attraction in the region. This would generate a lot of indirect income for the local people.  Hopefully the plans for this water park will continue so we can soon update the article. We will give you more information about the attractions and opening hours.

Opening date Gandia water park.

According to the latest rumors the park should be opened for the summer season of 2017.
But this mostly depend on the problems. Such as with permits and delayed due to the construction firms.  Local governments have agreed to get the permit ready before May 2015.
Hopefully this doesn’t become another problem amusement park that will be never build. Like it’s happening with the current developments in the Paramount Park in Murcia.

We follow the news on the Spanish press and hope to report further developments.

Gandia Water Park
Gandia Water Park