Gota fria or autumn storm in Spain

The Gota fria or the cold drop is normally a storm in September in Spain. It is bad weather during a day. The next day the sun is back again.

Gota Fria
Gota Fria

Gota fria in september 2019

In september 2019 is has been terribly.
At least 7 dead people.
More than 3500 persones evacuated after a storm of 24 hours.

The deathly storm had strikes into the Orihuela Costa and Murcia region.

The torrential rain and showers hit the part of Spain on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 of september 2019.

Gota fria
Gota fria

The most important river of the region the Segura river has burst its banks.
As a result that every thing on his path of water has cause enormous damage.

In the region more than 100 roads were closed.
Even the motorway, the AP7 was closed. Because four workman, has been trapped inside the runnel at Pilar de la Horadada.

Red alert :Gota fria

The region was given red alert.

Schools, shoppingcentra, public services, markets were closed.

Even the new airport of Corvera Murcia was closed due to the bad weather.

The Spanish Meteorologic Agency said that it was the worst storm since 140 years.


Orihuela region

At Orihuela Costa there was 400 litres per square meter in just 24 hours.

But the storm covered also the Murcia region, the Alicante region. As well as the Valencia region and the Almeria region.

Death caused by the Gota fria

People who drove a car, were overturned and dragged away.
Others where taken by the force of the flood of the Segura river.
One other person was smashed down a road by the torrential water.

Most of the little town as Los Alcazares , San Javier and Torre Pacheco were cut off. Because the most of the roads disappeared under the flood.



Some hospitals were also caught by the flood. Only urgent care was possible.

Tornado twister

In the Alicante region, in Guardamar , a tornado hit the town.

Fish farm

Before the coast of mar menor there are several fish farms .
In the storm nearly 9000 tuna’s escaped . This tuna are large fishes , they weight is nearly 100 kilograms.
In the sea ans at the beaches they found till now 1300 cadavers.
Some say that the tuna’s died of stress caused by the storm.

Gota fria
Gota fria

Storm in december 2016.

In december 2016 there was also a very heavy storm in the Murcia region.
Since then, people said that there is no been action top prevent a repeat of the large damage.