Healthcare for British resident in Spain

To start : Healthcare for British resident in the Spanish region of Valencia at the Costa Blanca will be guaranteed.
Many Britons chose to live are to come on holiday to the sunny Costa Blanca.
The most popular towns are Valencia,Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja …
With more than 300 days of sun it is a magnet for the cold and wet West Europeans.

Healthcare for British resident
Healthcare for British resident

Brexit and Healthcare for British resident

Indeed, there are many questions about the Brexit and the British residents in Europe.

Now, the regional president of Valencia confirms that the British people will maintain their right.

So, the goverment of Alicante region guarantee of ” universal healthcare” to all citizens.
If the Brexit goes one, there will be a bilateral agreement between Spain and the United Kingdom

But in meantime the British resident would continue to receive free necessary treatment.

Healthcare for British tourist: EHCI

Also import as a tourist is the EHCI the European Healthcare Insurance Card.
Of course, this is a very important document in Spain to receive treatment.
Read more about on our page European Healthcare Insurance Card.

European Health Insurance Card

The Valencia goverment says that no British person is going to lose their condition of resident in respect of their basis right to healthcare.

Healthcare for British resident

For the moment, their are 80 000 Britons are legally registered as living in the Valencia region.

Important, of these 80 000, 72 000 have SIP cards which allow them to use the Spanish Health service.
As you know, a SIP card is a personal and non transferable card. So that the Britons have access the Spanish Healthcare System.

For the moment the British goverment sent 75 million pounds a year to the Valencia region.
First, to pay for the healthcare of the British residents in at the Costa Blanca.
But also for the 100 000 tourists who need healthcare in the region.


In the near future , the goverment will ask for a reciprocal treatment.
So that the farmers exports are still able to reach the United Kingdom.
For example vegetables, almonds, olive oil and fruit.

To be continue …..