Healthy Mediterranean herbs in Spain

Healthy Mediterranean herbs and wilderness go together at the Costa Blanca.
The Costa Blanca is one of the favorite holiday destination for several reasons.

Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca

First, 320 days of sun, the ever blue Mediterranean Sea, the sandy beaches, the many nice restaurants and bars.
But also the beautiful nature in the countryside .
Good for walking, cycling, jogging….
While walking at this countryside behind the Costa Blanca you can explore the fauna and flora.
In particular you can find two popular healthy herbs Thyme and rosemary.

Both, good for the cooking and your health.

Rosemary and Thyme plants need a little bit water and plenty of sunshine.
That the reason why both plants are found in the whole Mediterranean region .

The herbs were popular by the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and also the Greeks.
Since ages the leaves and the flowers ad the oil have been used to treat complaints and symptoms.

Today, in the kitchen they are still a part of the famous bouquet of “Herbes de Provence” in the South of France.

Healthy Mediterranean herbs: Thyme

First , I call my little miracle:-).

Because it is very good for the health
For instance with a sore throat. You can use as a tea .

But also in the kitchen. Indeed, it is a majoor culinary herb.
The tast is long lasting . The flavor gives a boast to stews ans slow cooking recipes.
Because thyme has a preservative quality is is also used in potted meats and pickles.
But also in pates and sausages.
Besides, you can put fresh leaves in oil or vinegar and create your homemade flavored olive oil or vinegar .


Health and thyme

Thyme is anti bacterial and insecticidal.
If you have a little cough or sore throat, thyme can be a first home solution

So, drink a tea made of thyme leaves and honey. Because honey has been proven to be one of the best remedies. So it is soothing the dry cough.
Thyme is an expectorant. Meaning it loosens up any mucus.
So it make it easier to cough up.
That why thyme and honey syrup is also a popular homemade first aid.

Healthy Mediterranean  herbs
Healthy Mediterranean herbs

Beauty and thyme

The essential oil is used in scenting soaps and shampoos . But also as a ingredient in deodorant.

People place them often between the layers of their sheets.
So it protects it from insects an d gives an nice perfume .

Healthy Mediterranean herbs, Rosemary


Or “dew of the sea”. How nice is that ! Ros Marinus .
It is an evergreen plant.
It symbolizes since the Greeks love and and loyalty.

As an essential oil the aroma is vibrant.

In the kitchen you can use this Mediterranean herb as a seasoning in a variety of dishes.
First , in casseroles, salads , soups and of course stews.
Next also with lamb or chicken.
But also with mushrooms or peas.
Rosemary helps our body in its digestion of fat.


Rosemary is since ages also important for the beauty of the hair.
As a hair stimulant and anti dandruff.
But it also smells very good in handsoap.

To end

As you can see, is is nice to have a walk in the countryside of the Costa Blanca.
And just find Mediterranean herbs at your feed.
Enjoy !