Learn Spanish

Do I need to learn Spanish ?

In fact the question is ” Learn Spanish”.  In brief a short answer YES. Because  if you respect the culture and want to have a chat with the locals.


Keep calm and learn spanish
Keep calm and learn spanish


To sum up, the five official languages of Spain are Castilian, Catalan,Basquen, Galician and Aranese.  Indeed , there is a large differences trough the different regions.
Even the primary language of Spain is Castilian also just called Spanish.  In fact the  other languages are regional languages.
As a result , that you can almost always speak Castilian.


How do I learn Spanish ?

In other words, I think it is wise to take lessons.  Throughout West and North Europe  there are nearly everywhere  adult schools. As a result that you can  take group lessons for a reasonable price.
Because the advantage of school and learning in group is that the teacher helps you with your problems.
Instead, you can also start a language course online but is requires a little bit more discipline.
At last , if you want to stay in Spain for example at the Costa Blanca  for several holidays or stay for the whole winter , it is best that you learn the basic grammar and the basic vocabulary.

Believe it or not , in Spain once away from the coast, the locals speak only Spanish.
Nevertheless,  they really appreciated if you try at least to speak Spanish with them.

Practice your Spanish.

In addition, once you know the basic Spanish , you can learn the easiest way by practicing.

For example by listening to the Spanish Music, watching Spanish movies, reading ( children) books, or use an app one your smart phone (Check out our apps to learn Spanish).

in contrast , once you are in Spain try to not speak English in the supermarket or anywhere
else !
Instead, speak Spanish and explain that you want to learn the lingo.
Naturally , in the “bars” with a little “cerveza “ you get relax and its easier to talk in Spanish, make friends, what ever……..
As well join a club or  go to a language school.

In fact , expats who would like to learn Spanish can take free courses in the city where there are staying. More information are available by the town hall.
You can take part of medium level courses of weekly lessons. Normally the lessons starts  in begin September and ends in January.
More information and registration are available in the municipality and are called “Cursus de espagnol para residentes extranjero’s. ”

Don’t by shy. Any one can learn Spanish.

In each large city there are several language schools, so there is no excuse  not to learn a liitle Spanish while you are in Spain for your wintering.

Basic Spanish.

This is a guide with some basic Spanish word and sentences.

Also check out our apps to learn Spanish


¿Cómo te llamas ?


Bienvenido                 Welcome
Buenos  dias               Good day
Gracias                       Thank you
¿Cómo te llamas ?     What is your name?
Yo soy Carmen  :        I’m Carmen
Y tu quien eres ?        And who are you ?
Un momento                          One moment
Por favor                    Please
Una habitacion           One bedroom
Su nombre                  Your name
Su apellido                  Your last  name
¿cuál es su apellido?  What is you last name
Mi nombre es Carmen  My name is Carmen
Mi apellido es Cruz    My name is Cruz
Hasta Luego               See you later
Que tal ?                     How are you ?
Muy bien                    Good
Señora                        Madame
Señor                          Sir

Useful Spanish phrases /sentences.


Déjame pasar, por favor.                              = Can I pass please
Me deja(s) pasar, por favor.                        =Can I pass please
Con permiso. (“met toestemming”)             = Can I have your permission to pass please
¿Me cobra(s)?  Cuanta costa                     = How much is it ?
¡Quédate con la vuelta!                               = Keep the change
¿Tomas algo?                                             =Do you want something ( to drink , to eat )
¿Hay mucho que ver en esta ciudad?        = Is there lots to see in this town ?
Tengo ganas de ir de copas.                      = I like to drink something
Vale la pena visitar el museo                     = It is worth to visit the museum