Mojacar is located in the province of Almeria.
It is a part of the Costa of Almeria. The south-eastern corner of Spain.
The town is perched on a hill looking down on the Mediterranean Sea.


Looking down from the old center you can see the beautiful beaches.
The town is very traditional , with the white little houses.
Mojacar village and Mojocar beach are very popular  as tourist center.

How to get there

The airport of Almeria is a 100 kilometers away.
The airport of Alicante is 3 hours  drive away.


As the province of Almeria is known as the sunniest region of Spain  it is ideal for a holiday destination.
In the summer it can be hot and dry.
In the winter it is still very good as destination, with temperature around 15 to 20 degrees.


All in all town and Playa offers a fantastic combination of the traditional Spanish town with a lovely modern beach resort. A great place to relax and soak up the local ambiance and culture.


Nearby the village is the Mediterranean Sea. So the many restaurants and bars have a great choice of fish and seafood. And of course also many tapas and nice local wine.

What to do in Mojacar

The village is worth a visit. With white ancient houses. Narrow cobbled streets and alleys. Furthermore romantic, full of flowers, courtyards.
On the plaza and on different point of views you can see superb panorama to the sea , the nearby mountains  and  even the Tabernas dessert.
Once again in this region the name Mojacar is derives from it Moorish occupation. The arab word for Mojacar was ” Munsaqar”.
In the past, in the 12 century there was a  Moorish fortress .
Now, the Arab architecture will be preserved . So when you take a walk in Mojacar  there is still a Arabic atmosphere.

Every Wednesday there is a little street market in Mojacar.
In fact, you find on the market fresh fruit, vegetables, clothing, footwear, kitchenware items,…

Mojacar village
Mojacar village

The beaches of Mojacar

Below at the beaches there is a lively resort. Nearly 10 kilometers of sandy beaches and blue Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore restaurants, bars, shops, apartments and nice villas nearby the seafront.

Mojacar beaches
Mojacar beaches

Nearby, the other local beaches are nearly unspoiled. There are beautiful and quiet.
The beaches are awarded with the ” Blue European Flag”. This means a commitment to people and environment . It is an award for water quality, safety, cleanness and access for all .
What more do you want ?

There is also a good range of beach and water sport. To sum up : sailing , snorkeling, diving, fishing ..

The Indalo

When you walk in Mojacar , you will notice on many houses the symbol of the indalo figure.
It is a symbol of the region of Almeria .
It is a Neolithic painting found in the caves in Velez Blanco.

Mojocar Indalo
Mojocar Indalo

As you see, the figure is holding an arc with magic powers. The figure protect the area against the “evil” eye.
So people paint this symbol on their front doors.
And tourist take this symbol , as luck-bringer to home.

Tips for trips

Especially with children : the desert of Tabernas  and Mini Hollywood.

The capital of the region : Almeria city. read more about Almeria city on our page .

Further away the Sierra Nevada. The mountains of Almeria where there is even a ski resort.

To resume , the village and the beaches offers the sun seekers a great combination of a traditional Spanish village and  modern beach resort.
So, if you  are looking for a great place to relax Mojacar can be on you list.