Motorhome parking Costa Blanca

Motorhome owners love Spain, and Spain loves motorhome owners.
They in particular love the Costa Blanca.
The white coast of Spain is one of the most popular coastal regions. It is also the home to some of the best campsites.

Motorhome Costa Blanca
Motorhome Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca with towns such as  Benidorm, Alicante, Torrevieja and Murcia.
This sunny coast has hundreds kilometers of sandy beaches .

For many North and West European it is an ideal way to travel and to explore the riches of the Spanish culture.
There is no finer way to see the Costa Blanca. Indeed you can drive and explore  at your leisure and tempo . While you have tour accommodation behind you .
Traveling with a motorhome is a very popular way to travel in Europe. And becoming even more and more popular.

As a result, you meet new people of all nationalities when driving and camping with your motorhome . You can meet and make a number of new friends with Germans, Swedish, Dutch , Belgian…and English people.
The South East of Spain offers some of the best camping and leisure opportunities in Europe.
So a great holiday is never too far away.

Camping  is a pastime that can be taken up no matter what stage of live you are in.

For the first timers however try you motor-home first on a vacation in your on country.

Although, driving a motorhome in the Costa Blanca is just the same as at home in your country.
The main roads in Spain and the Costa Blanca are fine. However in small town in the countryside the width of the roads can vary. Sometimes even be very narrow at times.
Perhaps it a good idea to take your cycle with you.Because often cycles can be a real bonus. Campsites can be located in rural areas and sometimes cycles are a good way to get around.
It is a pastimes that can become a way of life.
It is perfect for young couples to start expanding their horizons.

Security for the motorhome.

Make it easier and safer and chose an official campsite .
Indeed, the security on official campsites are very good. Especially when there are busy. For instance in spring and fall.
However, do not take risk that you should not take at home either.

Motorhome parking
Motorhome parking

Never leave the motorhome unlocked.
If you have an alarm, use it.
Lock your doors at night.
Secure valuables. For instance cycles using padlocks.

Popular season for motorhome drivers.

For drivers of motorhome the winter is most popular season.
In fact the winters are so mild in comparison with the West and North European winters.
Nearly everyday sun and a temperature about 15 degrees.
The beautiful roads are also much quieter than in the summer.


motorhome parking
Motorhome parking

There is a great network of campsites available in the Costa Blanca region.

The beauty of caravanning is that people can base their involvement on their budget.





Where to stay with you motorhome ?

Naturally is better that you can stay at a registered campsite at the Costa Blanca.
But it is not essential.
There is a growing network of places. Most are official, some are unofficial.
The most important is a place where you can park safe for the night.
Consequently many of this places have facilities for fresh water and for waste.

In most parts of Spain and the Costa Blanca the water is drinkable. Even if it is ok, it is still better to boil the water first. Of to use bottled water.
Water that is not drinkable , often nearby the beach is labelled ” no potable”. The water nearby the beach us often recycled seawater.

Some have electricity. The electricity supply is 240 v . The same as in the most European countries. Sometimes it drops to around 220 v. The heating can take longer to do his work, that all.

Some of these stops are rights on the beach. As a result, that they are very popular with owners of  a motorhome.

Motorhome welcome in Pilar de Horadada.

The town hall announced at the end of december 2016 that they will organised more facilities for the motor-home.
On the site there will be a water tap and electricity. And also a facility to dump  the waste of water.
The plan had been launched after many request in the tourist office by the owners of motor homes

The site will stand  at the park next to the watercourse.
A total budget of nearly 5 000 € has been budgeted for the works for the site.
If the town want to attract the many European visitors with a motor home, the need to offer this service. So the journeys of the tourist will be longer in Pilar de Horadada.
Pilar de Horadada is a very nice little Spanish town nearby the Sea. It is a part of the Alicante region. It is situated between Torrevieja and Cartagena.

Official campsites for the motorhome.

The official campsites for motor home in the Costa Blanca are generally of a high standard. As a result, they have all the facilities that you need.
Most of the receptionist speak English. Your spot can be pre-booked online or by phone

Not correct parking motorhome .

There is a seasonal problem of not correct parking of the campers on the beautiful coast.
Because some campers chose the seafront locations instead of the official campsites.
In other words they have their little favorite spots nearby beautiful places.
Some times they are encroaching on the coastal protection area which , by law, has to remain free.
To allow unrestricted public access for the nature.

Enjoy your motorhome holiday.

In conclusion, traveling with a motorhome in Spain is a unique experience.
The winters in West Europa are long, wet and cold.
So go for it and enjoy !

Campervan Park of Alicante  city

The Playa de San Juan campervan park in Avenida Costa Blanca  is the first area parking where motor homes are welcome. It is located in the Alicante city.
You are allowed to stay overnight at the parking area.
It is open from June 2017. The parking area is  5 300 m2.

This thanks to the change in the Valencia legislation which allows each town to decide  it self. It is up to the municipality to decide whether motor home are welcome.


Furthermore the town of Montesinos  also will open a second parking area for campervan. On the southern side of the city there will be a parking area with facilities.

Santiago de la Ribera

Will open 1 january 2018 . With 250 spaces. It will be one of the largest motorhome parkings of Spain.
With all sort of facilities. This facilities will be : showers ,electricity, drinking water, green area, petanque courts and  also a dog park. Indeed many travellers take their best friend with them on vacation.
So Santago de la Ribera will  do everything to let them feel welcome in the town nearby the Mar Menor.


An example of a beautiful camping : Marjal Costa Blanca Camping.
Many west and North European people  come to the camping to enjoy the winter sun.

A lovely site with plenty things to do , even in the winter there is animation team . A camping is always  great for families.
The reception is well staffed and friendly.
The sanitation blocks are very good and clean. Warm powerful showers and a heated floor in the winter.
There is also a bar and a restaurant. Both with an area outside when it is summer season.

The camping is only a half hour drive from the coast and the sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca.
The places are large and have water, drainage and connection for television.
There is also a Spa wellness and beauty center.
This complete Spa offers hydro massage, neck jets water and lumbar beds, special heated pools for children and for the adults a heated pool.  But also sauna, steam sauna, foot bathes, relaxation zones….
Cost for the place is 17 € a night. There are winters offers for a month ( 336 € per month  winter 2017).
The nearest town is Catral.


Camping ” Lo Monte” Pilar de Horadada.

A nice play for motorhome.
The camping is very attractive. The pitches are large. For children and adults there is a nice swimming pool. The ablution bloc is good and clean ( more than 3 times a day).
The restaurants offer the international kitchen.
It is a short walk from the main road to the beach.
There are different cycling paths into the town of Pilar , but also  along the coast.
The camping offers all sort of activities, a gym, a pool, a bar, a restaurant.
The staff is very friendly. The internet signal strong.

 The price is around 20 € a nights. Because it has medium and large size plots.
There is also a health and wellbeing center at the camping. They give  sport , therapeutic and relaxing massages.
If you want a facial or body treatment it is also possible.


At last but not at least

Live your dream and travel around with a motorhome.