Santa Pola Fortress and Castle

Santa Pola fortress and castle is one of the things to do in Santa Pola.
First, Santa Pola is a beautiful city at the Mediterranean Sea.
Situated at the South East coast of Spain.
In the north of Santa Pola is the city of Alicante.
But also the most touristic city of Benidorm.
Further away the nice beach town of Calpe.


In the south there is Guardamar and Orihuela Costa.

Beaches of Orihuela Costa
Beaches of Orihuela Costa

Because Santa Pola is a seaside town, you can enjoy all the good things of the sea.
In brief the sunny sandy beaches, the important harbor, the many fish restaurants.

Santa Pola Fortress

Now, the enormous watch and defense tower is usted by the local people.
But it is also a tourist attraction.

As a tourist attraction housing one museum. Furthermore also popular is it little Chapel. Where the believers come and pray to “Virgin de Loreto”.
But the fortress is also used for all sort of fiesta’s , exhibitions and other cultural events.

In fact, the fortress is in the centre of Santa Pola.
So people cross the main place of the fortress to go from one part of the town to the other.
In fact, some call it the “fortress of the people“. Around the fortress, there are wide open spaces.
Many of the locals come, sit and talk in the plaza’s at the banks.
Indeed, it is really the beating hart of the neighborhood.

In the courtyard , there are also different local Fiesta’s.
In Spain , all village and city’s have different events trough out the year . With paella buffet and sangra. Of course , also with fireworks.
But also in the Semana Santa the fortress is very important as a meeting point.

Asset of Cultural Interest

The fortress has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

During the 16 century the fortress was build as a strong castle .
In the past, it was a part of the plan to defend the coastline.
For instance against de Berber pirates.
For example, its structure is typical for this purpose.

Now, you can walk around the courtyard and enjoy the view.
In and out the gates, at either end.
Also important, that the walls of the fortress are still intact.
Of course, is also a part of the historical heritage of Spain.

The best place to see the fortress is from outside. On the plaza in the front of the main entrance.

Santa Pola Fortress
Santa Pola Fortress

Open the gates

Indeed, the gates are open from 10:00 every day.
At the evening , the gates close , depending the season.

The culture centrum is open from 11:00 till 13:00 and from 18:00 till 21:00.

Medieval market

In a weekend in spring, the fortress is transformed to a medieval market. Naturally very nice to see .

Santa Pola
Santa Pola

To conclude Santa Pola Fortress

As you can see, Santa Pola is a beautiful seaside city.
Do you want to read more , please look at our page Santa Pola.

Santa Pola
Santa Pola