Spanish white fish, delicious

Spanish white fish is very good.
The most common is the seabream, the salmonete and the sea bass
Very good results can be made when the fish is fresh.
So take care when you buy it in the local market.
You find them in many fish restaurants at the Costa Blanca.

Both fish are delicious. But made with the correct ingredients and cooking skills.

In the local market

Look at the fish. Does it smell?  Are they clear?

Looks after the gills : no stains or mucus  ?
When the skin looks fresh and shiny and elastic : the fish is good.
Spanish white fish can be steamed. But also fried or grilled.
But in the Spanish cuisine the fish is often put into the oven with onions , vegetables, potatoes and of course garlic.

Spanish white fish : Dorada of sea bream

There is a large demand for fish in the restaurants; So to be honest the seabream is farmed in the fish farms in the Mediterranean sea.

Have you ever tried the “ dorada in sal”?
It is seabream in a salt crust. This one of preparing is very popular at the Costa Blanca.
From allicante to Murcia.
The seabream is cookeddddd in a package of sea salt . For instance from the many salt lakes of Santa Pola and Torrevieja.

When the salt crust is  taken of , the skin of the fish  comes off to . So is leaves a tender fish meat  who mells in the mouth.

You can eat this dorada it with bread and aioli.

Spanish white fish Dorada
Spanish white fish Dorada

Other white fish : Lubina or sea bass

How do you recognize a healthy lubina ?

The body is long.
The skin of the fish shiny silver grey.
This firm Spanish white fish is of an excellent taste.
In Spain it nearly the most eaten fish.

Once again the lubina is born in a fish farm in the Mediterranean Sea .
Farmed it the fish is  between the 300 gram and the 400 grams.But sea bass in the wild can grow to  one meter .

Good to known, is that sea bass is a grateful fish to work with in the kitchen.

It can be grilled or steamed.
Important also, is that is separate well from the “bones” of the fish.
You can eat it with vegetables; But also with potatoes  or bread .
In the Spanish kitchen you find it with ( local) saffron potatoes.

Spanish white fish Dorada
Spanish white fish Dorada

Another Spanish fish : salmonete

This is a little, small fish. The salmonete or red mullet has a shiny colour with stripes.
It is a tasty fish.
Mostly it si t cooked in the oven ( al horno) .

Salmonete al horno
Salmonete al horno