Tarragona, a historic city

Tarragona is an ideal stop on the way to the south of Spain.
For instance the Costa Blanca .
The city is little less known, but no less worth the visit.
For instance , the town is 100 kilometers from Barcelona .
But also close to Salou and the Costa Brava.
This part of the Spanish coast is called the Costa Dorada.
To be honest, we choose Tarragona for its rich history.
But we let us also be tempted for the Costa Dorada because one of the largest amusement parks in Europa is located withing driving distance: PortAventura World.

A little bit of history of Tarragona

In the past, this region was a Roman province.
Of course, we speak in the time of the ” Gladiator”.
Then Tarraco was the capital of that Roman province.
Still, you can still the silent witness of this past.
Then came the visigots , the moors and the Christians

They too had an influence on the city . On the monuments and the museums.
The old city center has several Unesco world heritage monuments.

Now the city is a student city.
But it is also important as a port. Yacht and fisher port
The old Tarragona is located on a hill.

So that means that you have a beautiful panorama of the nearby Mediterranean sea in different paces in the city.
But in the old town you can also enjoy the narrow streets, the many bars and little restaurants.
Take your time to look at the people passing by on the nice plazas on a terrace with your tapas.


The roman Amphitheater

Also one of the remains of the Romans near the coast.
In the past, there were seat for more than 15 000 spectators.
Can you imagine ? If you have seen some of the historical movies ….
I do

As already mentioned , there was also a port.
So exotic animals could arrive there by boat from Africa. There were lions, tigers, rhinoceroses….. All used in the spectacle fights with the gladiatoren.
So this amphitheater is definitely worth a visit

Rambla Nova

Everywhere in Spain, the ramblas are the main streets.
So in Tarragona , the Rambla is one kilometer long road through te center of the city.
Walking on the Rambla , there is a well known work of art. “El Monumento a las Castellers”, it shows a human tower, one of the ancient tradition in Catalonia.

If you walk trough the entire Rambla , you will arrive at ” El Balco” at the end.
From there you have a beautiful panorama of the sea.
But there is also a very beautiful cathedral ” Cathedral de Santa Maria “.
Built between the 12the en the 14the century.

This is the highest point of Tarragona. The cathedral is built on a ancient Roman temple.
Next to the cathedral you will find a monastery.
Take a walk into the monastery garden…..
There is always something magical about it.

Pont del Diable or the Roman Aquaduct

This aquaduct or bridge of the devil is located 5 kilometers outside the city.
You can see it from the A7 motorway.
It is worth visiting if you are by car.


Old town or the casco antiguo .

It is nice walking . The streets are traffic free. They are narrow. Even at times steep.
Take a walk to the plaza de la Font. The plaza is voted the most pleasant square in the city.

Mercado Central

Located on Plaza de Corsini . Sure the market is the place to be to buy local food.
But also to taste the local beers, wine and tapas.
Do you like markets then have a look at our page Markets at the Costa Blanca.

In the city center there is also a lot of street arts ?
The most famous is at the Plaza del Sedassos .

Port and beaches

At the harbor is a nice fishing neighborhood.

Why ? You can eat , go for a walk and admire the yachts and the boats in the harbor.

So Tarragona is located nearby the Mediterranean Sea .
As a result, there are also beautiful beaches near the city.
The most famous is the one near the amphitheater.
Nice to known, it is a beautiful sandy beach of a half kilometer long.

PortAventura World Tarragona

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PortAventura World
PortAventura World

To end : Tarragona

Most important : it is a beautiful city to visit.
Also nice for the children and family.
But also for them who like’s a little bit of history on their holiday.