Terra Natura Murcia

The location of Terra Natura Murcia is perfect . Between the crowded “Costa Blanca “in the north and the “Costa del Sol” in the south.

Terra Natura Murcia is a paradise zoo

Like his twin in Benidorm. More about Terra Natura Benidorm on our page.

Terra Natura Murcia is open since 2007.
The quality of the wildlife and the visitors are a priority for the “zoo”.

The park that has over 50 species of trees and plants and more than 320 animals.

Terra Natura Murcia
Terra Natura Murcia

This 166 000 square meters park is split into two zones. The  African Savannah and the Iberian Peninsula.





In brief, Terra Natura is a new generation animal park. So you can discover Zoo immersion. This is a new concept in habitat design.
This design allows you nearly to touch the animals trough barriers  nearly invisible to the human eye.

The kids or the parents can feed certain animals. The animal food you can find in the shops.

This is not the largest Zoo in Europe, but it is interesting. There is a good range of animals.

Terra Natura Murcia
Terra Natura Murcia

Kids are impressed with the giraffes, when they can feed them.
So we think it worth a visit because it always pleasant to visit a nature park.
Because there are experiences and educational shows with the animals, it is better to plan ahead.
What can you see ? To sum up: lions, giraffes, wolves, otters , bears ,meerkats , rhino’s , the elegant giraffes, sea lions, all sort of birds and much more.


There is a large parking.
Furthermore, in the Terra Natura there are many shades area. In the summer season you will need them . For example, temperatures in July 2017 =45 degrees in the sun.
Then, there also picnic area’s.
There is a nice shop.
Equally important for us, there is a special parking area for people who need it.
People using wheels chairs gave no problem to visit  Terra Natura.
And there are reserved seats at the educational shows. Dumb up to Terra Natura !

Terra Natura Murcia
Terra Natura Murcia

Furthermore, there is a big cafeteria. And vending machines in  the park.
But , Spanish people like a picnic. So foods and drinks are allowed in the park.
Terra Natura ask to eat at the picnic area’s .
Dogs are not allowed in the park.


Opening hours

Important is that the park is open the all year round.

Of course , the hours change depending the season.
It opens always at 10:00 and it close at  in the winter season at 17:00 and in the summer season at 20:00.


The prices are  for children and senior 10 € and for adults 14 €  in the winter season.
In contrast , in summer season an adult will pay 20€ and Children and senior will pay 20 €.

How to get there

By air
The airport of Murcia /San Javier is the nearest.

By car
Take the highway A 7 Murcia Alicante , exit  University Murcia  ( 36)

By taxi
Indeed, they know the way.


Calle Regidor  Cayetano Gago
30100 Espinardo Murcia

Terra Natura Murcia
Terra Natura Murcia

To conclude

Terra Natura Murcia is a “zoo” for every one. So it is worth the visit and the money. It is a good day trip with the family and the children.